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They are still trying to get L eo McLaughlin. Wakelin; Who told you? Akers; I was jip to Li -tie Rock and they told me. They are willing to put Jake W. Jacobs back in business, but they want to put someone else in charge of the pause money. They are shooting at Leo through Earl Witt. I have been doing a little work for them and I told Leo McLaughlin but he says we ought to sit tight.

Another man quit us yesterday and went with Level, that B. It sure ruined phonetic the department. Yes, but Williams did most of it. There were a few faint clicks on the line at this point and Akers stopped 6hort They have got taps on this damn thing. I can hear someone on this line. As Wakelin started to say something Wait a minute. About a half minute's pause I can hear them every once in a while. There is a tap on G D Thing.

As I was saying I did'nt get a thing ofi that car. I'll stop and see you and talk to you. Hung up. The wr ter did not hear anything over the tap of a suspicious nature but Akers suspicions were for some reason aroused and after he apparently was satisfied that there was a tap on the telephone he almost immediately terminated the conversation and hung up. Un der the belief that Akers would personally Or through the Telephone Company have the lines of the Police Department checked, to ascertain definitely whether they were tapped, it was believed advisable to temporarily disconnect the taps on telephones , and , especially since the tap on the residence telephoB of W.

The taps were disconnected by Special A gent J. Jones at 6. The main telephone junction box where the taps were located and the area about the Police Department was kept under surveillance from the tine of the above conversation until the taps were disconnected. No telephone men were seen in the vicinity. This surveillance will be maintained tomorrow and in case, there is no unusual activity in the vicnity of that junction box where the taps were located they will again be connected on the morning cf February 5,1S Respectfully submitted D. Sullivan ; S pecial Agent. J' j Vr at Mojave, California for the past tsfe t.

He further advised that MR. MIZE calls for the 4ail occasionally. MIZE, bat that he would endeavor to ascertain idle re they were residing. Dttr tlrt On February 2, , Mr. Xn furnishing traalnga to this off lea, kindly refer to L. File T Investigation , at Toledo, Ohio disclosed that JoeJfRoseoe, was in Miami, Florida, which led to his y apprehension in that city; also that BensoiXOroves was supposed to be on the Brennan farm neer Canton, Ohio, but in- vestigation in Stark, Wayne, Tuscarawas, Columbiana and Jefferson Counties pro- duced negative results in this regard.

These two girls again called at the office of the Cleveland Field Division on January 14, , at which time they were interviewed by Special Agents A. Kitchin and X. Wynn, and still continued to assume a reluctant attitude with reference to testifying, although they were not as recalcitrant as they were at their first interview.

It is believed that in the event they are desired as witnesses they will testify upon the issuance of a subpoena. Dill and A. Dickstein, oft January 18, , at J Toledo, Ohio. Miss Frances Selander, Marion Street, Toledo, was contacted and interviewed with reference to the present where- abouts of Joe Roscoe. Miss Selander stated that about a few days prior to Christmas, , she discontinued her employ- ment at the haae of Joe Roscoe, River Road, Toledo, Ohio. She stated that since the latter part of November, , Joe Roscoe was in a very worried state of mind, 'and hi6 actions did cot appear te be the same as always; that during the month of December, , Ganey Roscoe, wife bf Joe Roscoe, began drinking to excess and became quite abusive; that a few days before Christmas, Mrs.

Miss Selander stated that because her dishes were not yet washed, and as she wished to get home early, she declined to sit with Mrs. Roscoe, at which ' ahe became very angry and abusive with her language. Because of -these actions by Mrs. She stated that she had worked at the home of the Roscoes for the past two and one-half years, and this was the first time Joe Roscoe left for Florida without his wife.

Lulu Selander, mother of Frances, advised that she is a relief cook at the 42nd Street Cafe, each Monday night, and that while there she will endeavor to ascertain the exact location of Joe Roscoe. Detective Kanson further stated that Detective Hartung was very friendly with Roscoe, and on many occasions visited kiddle Island. The best he could gather from the conversation between Detective Hartung and the Toledo Blade reporter was to the effect that Roscoe is believed to be stopping at a resort which is located across the river from the town of Everglades; that there is a point located at Everglades from which one may "holler" for a boat to take them across, and that this particular Island upon which the resort is situated-.

She stated that' about one week ago, Joe -Roecoe shipped to Jack Broadway, Broadway, a crate of Florida oranges, and prior to this shipment, a box of fiah was also shipped to the 42nd Street Cafe, and that both of thesa shipments had eoms from Joe Roscoe. Agents re—- - quested that Miss Julert endeavor to obtain the return address of Joe Roscoe as might be noted on the shipping crates. The time of this inter- view with Miss Julert was 6 P. However, she did observe a label on the crate which indicated the name and address of the fruit company vfoich shipped the oranges.

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Ellwood, requesting that Agents of this Bureau contact him with reference to information he possessed concerning the present whereabouts of Benson Groves. Agent Ellwood conveyed this Information to reporting Agents. Haas stated that since his recent Interview with Agents V. Ellwood and D. Sullivan, he had conducted discreet inquiry at the 42nd Street Cafe, Broadway, in an effort to obtain information in connection with the whereabouts of Benson Groves.

Haas further stated that his inquiries were unproductive; that he contacted Detective Art Langendorf of the Toledo Police Department and requested him to endeavor to obtain Information relative to the present whereabouts of Benson Groves; that two days subsequent to his request Detective Langendorf came to Mr. During this conversation with Mr, Haas, he stated that Detective Langendorf also told him that Joe Roscoe was at the present time in Florida, probably Miami, and that he, Roscoe, was endeavoring to secure a passport to Italy, where he was planning to visit his mother.

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The foregoing information was furnished immediately by telephone to Special Agent E. Wynn at the Cleveland Field Division. She stated lhat upon exonining the crate in Which the oranges were shipped from Florida by Toe Roscoe, she noted the following return address: Johnson Fruit Corporation, ' v Shippers of Florida Citrus Fruit, Miami; and that in all probability Roscoe may have ordered the oranges from the aforementioned company. In further discussing the instant matter, she stated that when the Toledo Newspapers carried items reflecting that Joe Roscoe was wanted, someone at the Cafe went to the cellar of the 42nd Street Cafe and destroyed the label which was pasted on the box, and that this label no doubt bore the return address of Joe Roscoe.

She stated that Jack Broadway, father of Ganey Roscoe, is planning to retire within the next few weeks, and fran all indications it appears that the 42nd Street Cafe may be closed or turned over to new owners. Eiss Julert stated that no - pertinent information was heard during these discussions other than the remark made by the Broadways, that "Joe was going to get into trouble for doing a friend a favor".

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B, Dill and A. Dlcksteln on January 23 and 25, Agents informed Mr. Haas that investigation to date failed to disclose the location or identity of the Brennan fam. He then stated, that to his best recollection his informant definitely told him that Groves could be located at the same house where he was last arrested, the location of ; which may be obtained from hii criminal record.

The place where Benson '. Groves was apprehended a few years ago was located in the vicinity of Canton, Ohio, so stated Mr. This information was tele- phonically conveyed to Special Agent X. Wynn on January 23, This information was furnished to Special Agent in Charge J. MacFarland at Cleveland, Ohio, by telephone. Murphy conducted a thorough search of his records for January 13, , but failed to locate any telegram received from Miami, Florida for any Individual at the Algeo Hotel, Toledo.

Agents thereupon re- contacted Detective Harry Manson and he was advised that after a careful search made by the Postal Telegraph Company authorities they failed to locate any telegram coming from Miami, Florida, to the Algeo Hotel. Detective Manson thereupon advised Agents in strict confidence that the Instant telegram was dated the 13th of January and was addressed tp.

Detective Art Larigendorf. Agents again contacted Mr. Murphy, Manager at ; the Postal Telegraph, and upon conducting a second search under the name given, the following record was disclosed. Zahrly, who is President of the Elks Club, Toledo, is a vet-y close friend of Joe Roaeoe, as will be noted in the files of this case and from previous interviews conducted with Mr.

Berthlemey, W. Saxton of the First National Bank and Mr. Clark Metzger, an abstracter of forty- three years experience in Stark County, Ohio, Were interviewed; the city directory for Canton, Ohio and the rurair directory for the immediate -, vicinity were examined; marriage records checked, Probate Court dockets! On January 22, , Special Agent E. Wynn contacted Mr. Sheets, Superintendent of Mails, Canton, Ohio, who caused a thorough search to be made of all rural delivery records of the Canton Post Office. Sheets at that time failed to result in learning the exact location of these parties on the rural route.

Kitchin again contacted Mr. Sheets, and he advised that he had checked the records further, and had also talked with all mall carriers on rural routes out of Canton, Ohio, but had been unable to obtain any infonnatlon with reference to a farm known aa the Brennan faxm, or the location of any persons by the - name of Brennan living in the rural vicinity of Canton, Ohio.

He further advised, with reference to Glenn Brannan, that the records disclosed that this party had not. It wad the opinion of Mr. With reference to Albert Brennan, he stated that he could find no record what- soever of this individual being on Route 4 at the present time, and that Albert Brennan was not personally known to the carrier of Route 4. Ho forwarding address was found for this individual. Kltchin and B. Irene A. Brenn, - 17th Street, N. Brenn, thq latter being generally known as Eddie Brennan, the underworld character referred to,.

She stated that she is presently divorced from him, and that the last she heard of him he resided some place in Akron, Ohio. Brenn also stated, with reference to the associates of her former husband, that she knew he associated at one time with Eddie Seamon and lake Gilmore, and also with Joe Rich, all of idiom had at one time resided in Canton, Ohio. She stated that this is the only farm, to her knowledge, which her former husband frequented, but that this farm was never known as the Brennan farm.

He stated that he, together with the Post Office Inspector, arrested Benson Groves on a fans about three miles from Canton, Ohio, which was at that time occupied by George Green; that George Green had since moved to Toledo, Ohio, exact address unknown; and that he under- stood that the farm was deserted at the present time, calling attention to the fact that George Green did not own the farm, but had occupied it as a tenant. Swope advised that he was acquainted with Benson Groves, having, in years gone by, met him and observed him in Canton, Ohio.

Further investigation with reference to this angle appears subsequently in this report, - On January 20, , information was telephonically re- ceived from Sergeant Ulmer of Massillon Barracks of the State Highway Patrol, by Special Agent in Charge J. MacFarland, to the effect that the Chief of Police at Dover, Ohio had received information from some woman residing in or near Dover, that a partfr greatly resembling Benson Groves had been to her house on that date. On January 21, , Special Agents A. Kitchin and E. Wynn contacted Chief of Police Frank H.

Javens of Dover, Ohio, who ad- vised that fcrs. Myrtle Harrison at her residence, and she advised that at about noon on January 20, , a man called at her home begging for food and money; that he appeared to be a man of somewhat past middle age, about S' 6" in height, with noticeable brown eyes and poor testh.

She especially noted that he had one enaggle tooth on the left aide. She advleed he wore a long dark overcoat, blue denim overalls, and on the whole did not appear to look like a regular hobo. Upon leaving her house he walked down the street in the direction of New Philadelphia, Ohio. She stated that later in the day she observed a picture of Benson Groves in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and because of the striking similarity between' the photograph and the man who had called at her house, she immediately notified the Chief of Police. She bad no further information to offer, and idiile she would not make S' positive identification, she did state that there was a strong resemblance.

Glntz was contacted and furnished with e photograph of Benson Groves. He advised that be had received no complaints with reference to a person such as the one described by Mrs. Harrison, and that no such person had applied to the jail for sleeping quarters. Wills, Superintendent, and his wife, were contacted, and advised that no such person as the one described by Mrs. Harrison had applied to the Infirmary for refuge. Wills was furnished with a photograph of Benson Groves, which he examined very carefully and also exhibited to various employees of the Infirmary.

At the time investigation was made at the Infirmary, there were several "bums" quartered there, and they were viewed by Agents, but none of them answered the description of Benson Groves' or the man described by Mrs. Fred Justus, Postmaster of Massillon, Ohio, which town is located approximately ten miles from Canton, Ohio, was contacted, and advised that he knew of no Brennan family living in the rural vicinity of Massillon, Ohio, nor did Post Office rural records indicate any such family living in that community. As set out earlier in this report under investigation con- ducted by Special Agents H.

Dlekstein at Toledo, Ohio, information was received that the Brennan fapn referred ip by their informants at Toledo, Ohio, was that of the brother of turk Brennan, or was the fans on which Benson Groves was arrested at Canton,' Ohio in the past. Malone and A. On January 25, , the above Special Agents again contacted Mr. Barthlemey stated that this would be the only farm of which he has any knowledge that could be the fam in question. Ira A. Fife, under the pretext of a young couple. Fife at Third Street, S. He searched his records 12 r but could not find, the name of this couple who at present occupy , the farm.

Accanpanled by Ms nephew, id Fife, Agents proceeded to the above mentioned farm where, under the pretext of purchasing same, made a thorough examination of all buildings located on this farm. It should be noted here that Tip O'Neil is at present residing in Cleveland, Ohio and has been Interviewed relative to the harboring angle of this case, and that he is a known friend and associate of Benson Groves.

Due to the facts related above. Deputy Jfleyfer stated that he has known Benson Groves under the name of "Soup" Groves for several years, and that he has known Groves to associate with "old timers" in Tuscarawas Comity. He stated that he had not seen this individual for at least twenty years. He stated that he was of the opinion that Joe Burch is now deceased, having been killed in Chicago. Myrtle Harrison in Dover, Ohio, that it waB his opinion that Benson Groves would not come to Tuscarawas County as he was too well known, but that in view of the above facts he would immediately conduct a thorough investigation in the surrounding counties to ascertain from his contacts whether or not Groves had been seen in the vicinity recently.

Accompanied by Deputy Sheriff Hartin Meyer and Sheriff Wayne Host, Agents proceeded to the above mentioned farm in anticipa- tion of raiding same, but upon arrival at this place it was ascertained that Hussel Strohyer and his wife were occupying the premises, having rented same from Ur, Leggett about five days prior pc this occasion.

Strohyer stated that upon his arrival at the , farm he had found evidences of same having been occupied, due to some old bed clothing and cigar- J ette stubs on the floor of the front room. Warstler stated that Prank L. Warstler' discreetly interviewed E. Barden, carrier for the above mentioned rural route, add ascertained from Mr. He stated that according to Berdan, Barden has occasion to go to this house almost dally with deliveries of mall, and that he has not observed anyone other than the tinkle family residing at this place.

Inquiry was also made of Ur. He stated that William J B. Kinmel resided with his family on Route No. Hochatetler, carrier for Burel Route No. He stated that he had noticed an old man residing at this fans, but that this old man had been. Hochatetler referred Agents to Ur. Booth ' who resides directly across the road from the Kimmel farm. He was shown the photograph of Benson Groves, and stated that he had not seen any individual in the community who resembled same.

Booth also related that the old man living with William B. Postmaster C. Greenameyer at Alliance, Ohio, informed Agents that his records did not disclose anyone by the name of Brennan residing in the rural vicinity of Alliance. Charles A. Camp, Assistant Postmaster, was interviewed.

He stated that inquiry had been made by Ur. Justus of the rural carriers out of this Post Office with reference to the Brennan fam, but that these inquiries resulted negatively. Ifinnie M. Brennan was receiving mail at Fifth Street, S. Minnie IT. Brennan, Fifth Street, S. Notman had no information whatsoever relative to any Brennans in the County. According to both Chief Yofet and Sheriff Mills, Ed Crowley has a good reputation for the past two or three years, and apparently is operating a very respectable place.

Sheriff Mills stated that there were two or three epots in the County which he would have a peputy in plain clothes contacts, on the following Saturday night, and that he iwwld advise the, Cleveland Field Division In the event any information whatsoever was obtained. Agents proceeded to the place operated by Id Crowley, where "the'premlses were observed, and there was no evidence "that anyone resembling Groves was residing at this place. Benedum stated that Brennan is very closely connected to the present Administration, and that any contact with the Sheriff's Office or Police Department in East Liverpool would immediately be re- layed to Phil Brennan.

Benedum stated that he knew of no one on the present — - police force who could be trusted to obtain information relative to Phil Brennan without such inquiry becoming known to Brennan himself. He did state, however, that George P. Curran, formerly on the East.

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Benedum was also asked whether he knew of any farm in the County owned by either Phil Brennan or his brother Turk Brennan, whereupon Benedum stated that he knew of no property owned by either Phil Brennan or Turk Brennan other than a home in which Phil Brennan now resides at Vest Fifth Street in the City of East Liverpool.

Grayson, or Grayson was re Trooper Scott stated to Agents that although he has bad occasion to go to East Liverpool on investigations, he has never contacted anyone on the Police force due to the rumored reputation of the individuals employed in that Department. Trooper Scott stated that he knew of no one who could assist Agents in Bast Liverpool who would keep confidential any inquiries made by Agents.

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He stated that he would endeavor to obtain some information relative to Benson Groves and would inform Agents if he were contacted at a later date. During the time of this interview Investigator Curran waa engaged in testifying in a murder case which ms being tried in this city, and therefore no extended inter- view could be had at this time. He did state, however, that Ffcil Brennan, together with several parties from Wellsville, Ohio,' had rented a place on Highway No. He stated that he had ascertained thst Hap Webster is at present operating a gambling house in or near Jlint, Michigan, and that he is of the opinion that should Groves go to Flint, Michigan, he would contact Webster.

It was observed that the lower portion of this two story dwelling was unoccupied, but the second etory windows contained curtains and it appeared from the outside that the upper story was either being used intermittently, or that someone was occupying this portion of the house. Kessel advised Agents that former Postmaster Earl Ewing and several other gamblers in the City of Vellevllle bad been frequenting the above mentioned place, but that for the past several months it has been rumored that this gambling establishment had been closed.

Kessell searched the rural records of the Wellsville Post Office, with negative results as to any Brennans located in the rural vicinity of Wellsville. She also stated that no one by the name of Groves, Grayson or Greyson was receiving mail through her Post Office, with the following exceptions, but that she would maintain a watch and would notify the Cleveland Field Division if any infonnation was received. She stated that she had reoeived mail at this Office for one Troxel Groves, and presently had a letter directed to Troxel Groves, General Delivery, from Dr.

Groves and also one J. Crawford , who operates the Hillcrest greenhouse j located nert door to the residence of D. Proves on Route Wo. She stated that D. Groves was an elderly man and resided at the above address with his wife, and that they had lived there for ebout two or three years. She also stated that she had seen no strangers at the D.

Brennan was questioned at length with reference to his knowledge of the Whereabouts of Benson Groves, but It was apparent at the outsfct of the Interview that Brennan would not divulge any information which would assist in locating Benson Groves. In fact Phil Brennan frankly admitted that even if he knew the present whereabouts of Benson Groves he would not divulge same to Agents.

Be stated that even if he had seen him he probably would not divulge any details with reference to the fact, but that he could truthfully say that he had not seen Groves in the above period of time. Brennan stated that for the past thirtyrfive years he has been operating some form of illicit business in the City of East Liverpool, and that due to the fact that he operates a "square joint" he has done so with the sanction of the present Chief of Police wham he has known for the past - thirty— five or thirty-six years.

Brennan stated that prior to Prohibition he and Hap Webster, who is at present in Flint, Michigan, operated a bar room, and that during that period of time Benson Groves was a regular v customer. Be stated that he recalled when Turk Brennan, was a fugitive because of a. Post Office job in Kentucky which - was perpetrated by him and a man by the name of Webb, that Turk Brennan. When questioned as to where the ease was tried or where Turk Brennan was arrested, he refused to divulge any information in this regard. Brennan frankly admitted that should Benson Groves return to East Liverpool, which he stated was not likely due to the fact that he was too well known, he would probably coma to Phil Brennan immediately.

Brennan then stated that should he obtain any information with reference to Groves, he would not divulge it to any Police Authorities, hut would advise Groves not to contact him further, as he did not desire to become involved in any of his troubles. Brennan was then specif ically advised that there was a Federal warrant. Brennan was Interviewed at length, but no further information of value could be ertrected from him. He stated that JackdWoods is alive, that he had heard a short time prior to this interview that Woods was somewhere in West Virginia, exact place unknown.

He stated that he had heard two or three years ago that Turk Brennan was in Detroit, Michigan, but that he knew of no address for Brennan in Detroit and knew of no way to assist Agents in locating Turk Brennan in that city. He stated Turk Brennan was either arrested on this occasion by the Terre Haute Police, or that the Terre Haute Police obtained photo- graphs of Turk Brennan from Bast Liverpool, having suspected him of being implicated in the above murder.

A lead is being set out for the Indiana- polis Field Division to conduct an investigation at the Police Department at Terre Haute in an effort to obtain a photograph of Turk Brennan. Chief McDermott also stated to Agents that he has known Phil Brennan long enough to know that Brennan would not lie- to any Officer, but that if he possessed information he probably would refuse to give any answers to questions asked bf him relative to same.

Meyers" from Canton, Ohio. He informed Agents that for thirty-five or forty years he and his brother Jim Crowley, better known as "Jumbo" Crowley, had operated a gambling bouse in Canton, Ohio, and also a roadhouse near tTooster, Ohio, which he presently operates. Crowley Inquired of Agents as to any reward outstanding on Benson Groves, and was advised that the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not offer any reward for this individual The name and address of Special Agent in Charge of the Cleveland Field Division, and the telephone number, were left with Bd Crowley, who premised that if he obtained any information with reference to Groves he would immediately eonraunicate same to this office.

Ducommun at Mansf ield, Ohio. Unkle, Chief of Police of Mansfield, Ohio, who furnished the following information to the Bureau, Inasmuch as this memorandum submitted by Agent Ducommun was written in longhand, and not yet incorporated in previous reports in connection with the Instant case, the facts in detail contained therein are being set forth herewith, and for reason that will be noted by subsequent investigation conducted by Special Agents E.

Dill and A Dicksteln at Toledo, Ohio. Unkle, Mansfield, Ohio, advised that. The time Campbell was held at the Algeo Hotel was just prior to the time that he was appre- hended In Toledo in May, Unkle further stated that Berning is a Communist and is involved in Black Legion activities, and is ''worried that he may get ipto trouble because of his Black Legion activities. Unkle requested that if Berning is picked up and questioned by Bureau Agents, extreme care be used so that no inference is made that the information came from him about Berning.

Uhkle further stated that jteraing bad told him that he knew that Bureau Agents were in Toledo conducting an investigation concerning these matters. Dickstein at Toledo, Ohio. In connection with the information furnished by Chief of Police Merle D. Hanson stated that to hie knowledge Berning has never been Connected with any pert of the Communist Party, nor has he ever taken any active part in labor union activities; that Berning is well known and has a brother who is a Sergeant in the Toledo, Ohio Police Department; that Berning is at the present time associated with W.

Thurstin, a practicing attorney, Nicholas Building, Toledo, Ohio; that, however, Berning is not an attorney, hut is associated with Mr. Thurstin with reference to the "Legion of Action". S' f 1 Thurstin further advised that George Kepp, Jr. Kapp' or bert white in connection with this investigation.

Thurstin and Mr. This application is 'being retained in. Field Division. Thurstin and Bay Berning of Toledo, Ohio. It should be recalled that Jack Woods is a past colleague and associate of Benson Groves and will probably have valuable information relative to his present whereabouts. If Investigation in Elm Grove discloses that - Benson Groves is not in direct touch at present with Jack Woods, he should be openly interviewed and his co-operation solicited. If this report is unfounded, information should be obtained from him that would assist in the location of Dada Mahood.

Klmmel; and due to the fact that the Post Office Department has Issued circulars designating that Benson Groves is at present wanted in connection with the Garrettaville Mail Train Robbery in November, , these people should be openly Interviewed and advised that a Federal warrant is outstanding for the apprehension of Groves. Will keep in touch with Chief of Police Hugh KcDeimott for such information as he might obtain fran Phil Brennan with reference to the present whereabouts of Benson Groves. Curran for such information as he may be able to develop with reference to the whereabouts of Benson Groves.

On Jhn. Conversations over- heard through taps and related herein, dis-. Snow, and 0. John R. Allegation No. TJeoobs Hello. How do you feel? Aw - pretty good. Yeah, I read it. How, he elaloa It will cost about SO. While he's there he ean devote hla entire time In contacting hie friends, that do you think? It was ascertained on -January 14, through the placing of a fictitious call to that number, that the same Is assigned to V. CeopboU tbero?

State Representative of Garland County, Arkansas. I can't believe than. I wish that you ; and I and Jim Campbell can get together on this and discuss bon we can handle this situation. That thing was wrlttsn hers in Hot Spring. I got wind of it a couple of days ago. If the newspapers -- get a bold of it, they'll blast the bell out of us dov there, even if the danm thing doesn't reach the House. Can't we discourage the thing in some say? That's what I want yon done bare for. Cbnft we get the bead man down bore to drop It? I would suggest that you, Jim Campbell, and I got to- gether and talk with John Bransford about this.

Better come over this afternoon or tomorrow. Till you be able to have Jim and John thara? That's fine. I'll round up John and Campbell, and wa'll ba all eat when you get here. McLaughlin also resides at - this hotel. Bransford, referred to, le Speaker of the House John Bransford. Outgoing on No. I feed all right today, Ira you coming dovn tom boob? I'll call you. Well, drive up by the side of the building and blow, jairidht. Outgoing on Bo. Mayor: Joe, this ia Lao. Have you beard anything? Schneider: Yell, I talked with Carl yesterday about that.

I don't think he has a personal Interest but he says he doesn't want me to go poking around. Carl told me he didn't order it. He had talked to Carl and now that leaves free to go to him. How is the brother? I'm not sire. I'll call Guy now and have a talk with Veil, O. I saw Quy yesterday and Nichols was there. He said it wouldn't be brought up for several days and hs assured ms he would see me before then. Vhat about this fellow Hollingsworth?

He Isn't in the way I don't believe. Scott Tiood is over here mingling around with everyone. I don't mean he's trying to do anything but he's here with and about everybody. I'll keep in toueh with you and let you know if I see the red flog ocmlng up. All right. Bare you heard anything? JARU1R7 13, ?. J I. Bilags are in better shape than they've been for some time. I've got to he up there Triday. I'll get right after him. I'll call you book in u half hour and eee what he had to say. I wish you end Sunny would eons over here. I went to talk to. Tou and Terns Jump in a ear and oome right orer.

I hare a party out checking mi him now. Outgoing on Ho. I called Joe a while ago to oontaot Guy to gat hie reaction on that thing we were talking about. Manning: All depends on the attitude of the boss about this. Mayor: Tou mean Carl? Manning: Tee. Mayor: Veil, that has a lot to do with it, I admit. I don't know what got Into Jin. Veil, I'm going to get around and see whet I can do and pick up.

If I hear of anything new I'll call you. Yeah - you neon Lea Hobols? Yes, I know him by sight. Bo vou know a. Can you give us any advice en this? You know who this Is soiling from, don't you? Mall, our information la that he was non-committal on It, they.. It Is absurd and silly. They got a couple more backers today.

Mayors Outgoing on Bo. Too, I heard oil Obout it today.

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Sid that preaeher introduce that resolution this morning? Ho, They are going to pat it in this afternoon, Hon does it lookt They're going to pass it all right - there's no way of stopping it now. I told Jim Campbell last night that it oan't be stopped. No, you can't stop that thing now with a double-barreled shot gun. It'll go through ell right. Els fellow Thompson has all sorts of law books end evidence on hie desk, and the - popularity of the thing indicates it wLll be passed.

Veil, if it gees through, I wish you would cell, so I can talk to you and see what else can be done. I wish you had sailed me several days sooner - I night have j. I'n down at the frill - are yen easing down that way? Strive by here and blow your horn. He said they are going to pass it. Running order: 1. Mexico 4. Asia - South and Southeast 9. Europe - North, Central and Caucasus plus Russia Middle East incl' Egypt Ireland Cooper Devereaux W.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Author Jennifer Chase. Skip to content. Visionary This type of serial killer is compelled by voices or visions they experience and are considered psychotic. Hedonistic This type of serial killer makes a strong connection between personal violence and sexual gratification. Here are some honest, thought-provoking observations about serial killers made by professionals from: Behavioral Analysis Unit-2 National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime Critical Incident Response Group Federal Bureau of Investigation Predisposition to serial killing, much like other violent offenses, is biological, social, and psychological in nature, and it is not limited to any specific characteristic or trait.

The development of a serial killer involves a combination of these factors, which exist together in a rare confluence in certain individuals. They have the appropriate biological predisposition, molded by their psychological makeup, which is present at a critical time in their social development.

There are no specific combinations of traits or characteristics shown to differentiate serial killers from other violent offenders. There is no generic template for a serial killer. Serial killers are driven by their own unique motives or reasons. Serial killers are not limited to any specific demographic group, such as their sex, age, race, or religion. The majority of serial killers who are sexually motivated erotized violence during development.

For them, violence and sexual gratification are inexplicably intertwined in their psyche. More research is needed to identify specific pathways of development that produce serial killers. Like this: Like Loading About jchasenovelist Published thriller author, criminologist, and blogger.

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