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What a person does behaviorally will tell you who he is at the level of his heart. The point is that none of us are inconsistent. Who we are and what we do are two sides of the same coin, whatever that coin may be. You may try to alter your behavior outer self to fool people, but over the long haul, you cannot disguise your true self inner selves to those who know you best, especially those who live with you. Fear has many biblical synonyms. Here are a few.

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Maybe some of these ideas represent you. If they do, fear may be your animating center. It should not be a stretch to understand how a single thought like fear can set the entire course of your life, even how you think about God or religion.

The secret to a meaningful life is simpler than you think

One of the most common temptations with the fearful person is to hide the things that are wrong with them Genesis Being honest with God and others is a daily battle that can undermine the fearful person and their relationships. As you know, the gospel is the good news, and the good news is Jesus Christ.

Jesus was the promised Deliverer who was prophesied to come to set the captives free Isaiah ; Luke You were some of those captives—assuming you have been rescued Ephesians If you have been born again John ; Romans , 13 , you have experienced the Good News: you have experienced Christ. You could say it this way: The gospel is the person and the work of Jesus Christ. The gospel is everything that Jesus Christ was, is, and will forever be. The gospel is everything that Jesus did, does, and will ever do.

The gospel reaches into two eternities—past and future—through the person and work of Jesus Christ. What if the gospel Christ was the animating center of your life? What if He was the one who defined who you are as a person? If Christ were the main thing 1 Corinthians who defined who you are as a person, He would be the one who would have the most impact over everything else in your life—all of your thinking and your behaviors.


May your ambition in life be that simple. May the immediate and long-term goal of your life be a desire to be like Christ. Though you may have a long way to go, if you desire that, you have figured out the most significant secret to life. A lifelong pursuit of Christ should not be discouraging.

What is discouraging is to try to be something other than Christ Proverbs For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul. A wasted life is a person who spends his entire life defined by and pursuing anything other than Christ. How awful would it be to get to the end of your life only to realize that you made that crucial mistake? It does not have to be that way for you Hebrews You can decide right now to who or what you are going to submit your life. May I recommend Jesus?

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. In addition to these things, you may find it beneficial to also connect with a small group of friends or at least one other person who are passionate about allowing the Word of God transform them into the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Transformation happens best in a community. As you do these things and as Christ becomes the animating center of your life, you will have found the secret to life. The animating center of your life should be a growing, adventurous, powerful, satisfying, and reciprocal relationship with God.

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If you are not incrementally and consistently heading in that direction, stop and turn around because you are going the wrong way. Also published on Medium. Rick Thomas leads a training network for Christians to assist them in becoming more effective soul care providers. Net reaches people around the world through consulting, training, podcasting, writing, counseling, and speaking. His organization is a training center for IABC.

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Let me explain how to do that. The first grouping is mostly about your relationships. The second group is more about things you do. The third group is about things that you do for yourself. The fourth group is about matters of your heart.

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Biff Is Selfish Biff is a selfish man. Mable binges on T. She has out-of-control debt. Not long after, on 10 May , the Nazis also invaded the Netherlands. Five days later, the Dutch army surrendered.

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Slowly but surely, the Nazis introduced more and more laws and regulations that made the lives of Jews more difficult. For instance, Jews could no longer visit parks, cinemas, or non-Jewish shops.

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The rules meant that more and more places became off-limits to Anne. Her father lost his company, since Jews were no longer allowed to run their own businesses. All Jewish children, including Anne, had to go to separate Jewish schools.

How 'The Secret' Changed My Life And Ended My Severe Anxiety

The Nazis took things further, one step at the time. Jews had to start wearing a Star of David on their clothes and there were rumours that all Jews would have to leave the Netherlands. They did not believe the call-up was about work and decided to go into hiding the next day in order to escape persecution. He received help from his former colleagues. Before long, they were joined by four more people.

The hiding place was cramped. Anne had to keep very quiet and was often afraid. On her thirteenth birthday, just before they went into hiding, Anne was presented with a diary. During the two years in hiding, Anne wrote about events in the Secret Annex, but also about her feelings and thoughts. In addition, she wrote short stories, started on a novel and copied passages from the books she read in her Book of Beautiful Sentences.

Writing helped her pass the time. When the Minister of Education of the Dutch government in England made an appeal on Radio Orange to hold on to war diaries and documents, Anne was inspired to rewrite her individual diaries into one running story, titled Het Achterhuis The Secret Annex. Anne started rewriting her diary, but before she was done, she and the other people in hiding were discovered and arrested by police officers on 4 August The police also arrested two of the helpers.

To this day, we do not know the reason for the police raid. Via the offices of the Sicherheitsdienst the German security police , a prison in Amsterdam, and the Westerbork transit camp, the people from the Secret Annex were put on transport to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp. The train journey took three days, during which Anne and over a thousand others were packed closely together in cattle wagons.

There was little food and water and only a barrel for a toilet. Upon arrival at Auschwitz, Nazi doctors checked to see who would and who would not be able to do heavy forced labour. Around people from Anne's transport were immediately taken to the gas chambers and murdered. Anne, Margot and their mother were sent to the labour camp for women.