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That is to say they incorporated Astrology, spirit worship and the family trinity of Ancient Babylon to form the current belief system. These elements coupled with a blend of Buddhism rounds out their religious experience along with the addition of the worship of dead ancestors and praying to them. This system takes God completely out of the mix. National Public Radio did a report on the ghoulish phenomenon.

In the piece the reporter stated that as an ex-pat who has lived in Japan for several years, he finds the Japanese among the least religious nations in the world. You may be wondering if there is any reality to the ghostly manifestations, apart from the imagination of the people? There is an account in the Old Testament where King Saul asks a witch to conjure up the ghost of Samuel, the dead priest, when he was in need of counsel.

Based on this passage, I would venture that it is possible to wake the spirit of the dead, or some spirit imitating a deceased human, but it is ill advised to trouble such waters. Those who spiritualists and fortune tellers who are involved in such matters are consorting with actual spirits that ought not be trusted and they surely do not know their origin. Even more concerning, is that the practice is declared to be witchcraft, which is an abomination to the Lord so it is neither holy nor Godly and would put one in opposition to God.

However, it seems in the case of the current reports from Japan, these are uninvited visitations and are being used to provoke fear and mental illness or even total madness. As one who might believe in the Living God and Jesus Christ, why should one be concerned with this unusual phenomena? It is one more sign to point the believer to comprehend that these are the last days and it is time to get our spiritual house in order.

These spiritual manifestations are going to get more common and will become even more terrifying and dangerous. We are told in the last days it will be as dark and evil as the days of Noah and will be fraught with seducing spirits. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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