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Both of those reasons diminish the wilderness experience of solitude in a remote natural setting. The woodland sound of a barred owl, the flute-like song of the veery, and the hammering of a sapsucker all add to the wilderness experience. The trail to the top is a completely isolated trek and due to its remote location, gives a complete wilderness experience. Modern access is difficult and a visit is a wilderness experience requiring much preparation and survival skills.

Expeditions are designed to provide a safe-and-sound wilderness experience that balance challenging adventure and exploration with fun. Its steep valleys and dense stands of timber offer a rare wilderness experience so close to the city.

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Visitors to this area are treated to a true wilderness experience in a rough, remote land that provides outstanding opportunities for solitude. The wilderness experienced a large wildfire in , which destroyed almost 90 percent of the ponderosa pine forest, which today is slowly rebounding. How can a good God turn a strong, agile, able bodied prayer warrior to a vegetable? For his own Glory!

Was there a scarcity of glory in heaven? That God must glory in putting her family through pain and misery?

It is only a matter of time but everybody will lose somebody to death How could Christians be so blind to sense? Apostle Paul and Timothy also had documented afflictions! The brother in Jeans and T-shirt stood up abruptly! She was still crying!

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He started attending to other people She wanted to leave but one of the ushers told her to stay because the brother in Jeans and T-shirt would still like to see her She waited another 45 minutes The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told her to come with him She did He told her to please take him to see her husband She was eager to do so He had to see for himself in order to understand that his teachings were not grounded in the word but in wishful thinking!

He had to see! Husband: I want to die a martyr! I want the crown of life.

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She: Jesus! You are doing this according to your own will and you will lose your testimony if you die in disobedience The husband started crying Husband: Lord, why do you count me unworthy to be a saint! Why he refused any form of treatment while claiming God afflicted him and only God can heal him She begged him and pleaded that he should not die in disobedience! He took his time but eventually agreed to pray for his healing The brother in Jeans and T-shirt laid hands on him and instead of praying for healing, he rebuked the spirit of affliction, infirmity and religion Her husband, though frail suddenly became strong!

His bones gained strength from nowhere He jumped up from the mat and started barking like a dog! If ever there was a holy man in the world, that man is her husband!


She had seen people with demonic spirit manifesting before but she never thought in a million years that husband was possessed by a spirit After a few minutes Her husband started vomiting a greenish substance It was over in twenty minutes Her husband collapsed backwards The brother in jeans and T-shirt caught him from injuring himself and laid him down The brother in Jeans and T-shirt then commanded the body to start healing, reversing the damages done by the demonic affliction upon the body Within an hour the prayer session was over The brother in Jeans and T-shirt gave her husband Holy Communion Prayed for the whole family and left!

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