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Globalization has extended social relationships beyond country borders. Transnational marriage has become a new trend in Asia. But every trend has its drawbacks. There are dozens of secret groups on social media dedicated to both sides.

Mixed marriage in Canada: Forces for and against

Foreign men who had a bad experience with Vietnamese women turn to secret groups to lament. Many of them, both Vietnamese women and foreign men, have said they had felt cheated or mistreated. Sometimes, dating to the men is just a fling. Meanwhile, foreign men complain about money. While in the past, most married someone from their own community, nowadays, our choices are limitless.

While in the past, a relationship was strongly dictated by shared cultural norms, nowadays it's not necessarily the case. If you speak English and know how to use the internet, falling in love with or marrying a total stranger is no longer a mission impossible. And since each person comes from a different side of the Pacific, they are bound to have different if not conflicting cultures and mindsets.

4 Interracial Couples Share Their Stories – The OkCupid Blog

While many Vietnamese women continue to be romantically involved with foreign men, there are signs that the rate of disappointment is rising. Both sides at some point experience self denial when thinking that cross-cultural relationships are more simple than traditional ones. The truth is, relationships have never been simple. Whether he or she is foreign or Vietnamese, happiness only comes when both take time to genuinely get to know each other. You guys I said intravels when I was trying to say intervals.

You guys I am tired. Going to bed now. I love you oh so much and I'll SEE talk to Also I've been a Youtube kid for 13 years. Not Jamie Grace, go to bed!! Proverbs 12 literally sounds like my parents could have written it! But that's the beauty of the Word of God and it's ability to speak to us in a personable way! Do we always have the chance to find closure? What does the bible say about gossip? About being hateful or negative toward our neighbors friends, family, schoolmates, coworkers, social media contacts and more? In this episode, I dig deep into Proverbs 11 and wow!!!

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I really enjoyed this chapter so much. I also share a story from the late Bible teacher Barbara Johnson. She has some incredible insight regarding Proverbs What happens when we put sex on a pedestal? When it's the only thing we want or it's the only thing we preach against? This chapter was so convicting for me, you guys!!! Ahhh Proverbs will be sketched on my wall, haha. So often women may be interested in a guy that doesn't like them back, but he still wants to be friends.

Girl - you don't have have to hang out with him. It doesn't make him the enemy. It doesn't make him the bad guy. It simply means that you are setting the boundaries that you need for your life. That's O. Hit me up on social media!

What one culture considers normal may be seen as cheating by another.

I recently asked you all if you could ask me anything about any of those things - what would it be? In this video, I answer a ton of your questions from my experience of facing mental health challenge, physical complexities and being a person of Faith through it all. Thank you so much for listening!!! Some people do have tic disorders without having Tourette Syndrome. These obsessions and compulsions interfere with daily activities and cause significant distress. He asked her out. She didn't want to say yes. Yo, I've been there. Except she definitely recanted right away.

So she fixed it What's the next best step? How do you recover? This week the top 14 became the top 10 after America begin to vote for American Idol! Here is a quick recap of that episode and some of my thoughts! American Idol Top 14 Recap. Last night's episode was the kickoff of the traditional American Idol episodes! The top 14 performed! What did you think? Proverbs 9: Life vs. Death - The Choice. Wisdom AND Folly are yellin' in the street.

Which one will we listen to?! What can we learn from both?! She liked him. Well, she's pretty sure she did. Then everyone found out. So she told him. Then it got weird She tried to get over it. But she can't. Or maybe she can? Truth is, she's not alone. The complex feelings or "Do i or don't I? Is it wise to be intentional before you start dating? Hit me up on insta if you wanna send in a question about what's up in your life! American Idol Duets Recap Part 2.

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American Idol Duets Recap Part 1. American Idol - Top 20 Perform Recap. My thoughts on the top 20's performances. Next week there will be a top 14 and SIX contestants go home. It's moving so fast. And I'll be here every episode of the way! American Idol - Hawaii Top I'm trying to be all sweet and stuff but they're sending home my favorites and that's not okay!!

Here are my thoughts on American Idol's Hawaii episode from this weekend! When you have lost the love of your life, you are facing the unimaginable. Today's question comes from a listener who isn't sure she's ready to date again but feels the pressure from those in her community to try. She is raising her daughter by herself and worries that she's being selfish by wanting to alone.

What should she do? A brother emailed me, heartbroken seeing his sister seemingly fall apart. Since their dad left, she was unable to find much hope and Faith. She had an understanding of her mother's love and sibling's support, but was having a hard time filling the void that needed to be filled with a Father's love.

Every day, for 91 days, I shared an original song usually written the day before inspired by YOUR stories. Be sure to subscribe to my podcast to hear a new song every week on The Jamie Grace Podcast. Based on performances so far, I have a strong feeling of who could and should win American Idol. She literally has one of the strongest voices of the entire competition and deserves the title!! Proverbs 8: The Most Significant Relevance. Proverbs 8 came just at the right time for me, friends. I love the ability Proverbs has to not only bring the hope for wisdom, but the peace in the waiting, as well.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! He keeps asking her to send him pics of her - but she doesn't want to. And she's told him that.

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  6. Over and over again I caught up on the final audition episodes of American Idol and give you the full scoop!! What do you do when a guy likes you but you just straight up don't like him back? Starla was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Now a thriving 5th grader, Starla's Faith continues to inspire everyone she meets.

    Hey friends! Proverbs 7 is so relatable for all us no matter what walk of life. Where do you find your confidence? Where do you find your joy? If we don't find it in the right place, we may end up making choices we aren't proud of. Let's dig in to Proverbs 7 together! Looking for a new physical bible? Here are some of my favorites! She told me that her sister is dating her ex. AFTER she and her sister have openly talked about his negative behavior. What in the world is she supposed to do now??! American Idol - Auditions 2 Recap.

    I have three favorites - again, haha. This week featured a lot of great talent, strawberry fields forever , push-ups cause military and a throwback to a beautiful Wish. Listen up for a recap of episode 2 of auditions! American Idol - Auditions 1 Recap. American Idol Season 17 is here and I have so many thoughts!! Here's my recap of episode ONE! I would love to hear what your thoughts are. Hit me up on social media jamiegraceh! Proverbs 6: Laziness Isn't An Option. Can a man take fire to his chest and not get burned?

    Do you find yourself only dating a particular race?

    Can you walk on hot coals and your feet not be scorned? Proverbs goes DEEP with the analogies as it lays out clear plans for us to live lives of wisdom. Let's dig in together! I often get messages about how to share your Christian Faith without feeling like you're scaring people away. Ultimately, you should never be ashamed of what you believe and what your Faith means to you.

    With that, what should you share? And how? And when? And when is it too much? Or is it? The Masked Singer was so good you guys!!!! Here's our recap from this Wednesday night's finale!! I wrote this song for all of the kids in foster care and in temporary homes, waiting for a place to call forever. It may be easy to think that Proverbs 5 is only for married men.

    It's not. While written to a man about his wife - and not sleeping with anyone else, there is SO much to be learned by both men and women, single and married. What do you think of Proverbs 5?! Let me know - jamiegraceh. We're only ONE episode away from the finals?!?! How did that happen so fast?!?! Hear our LIVE recap of the semi-finals and predictions for the finals here! I am soooooo excited about ALL the things, y'all!

    Now that we've officially told the world that it's a GIRL!! I wanted to share some of my list with you!! Be sure to listen in for all of the sappiness and my dramatic interpretation of Arielle Estoria's story. Wanna chat more?! Hit me up jamiegraceh. This week really goes more into the importance of seeing our relationship with God as a relationship with a parent. They dated every year throughout high school but now she's going off to college and isn't sure if they should still date.

    Here are my thoughts! He wants to be in the military but she isn't sure moving around is the life she wants to live. How do you decide if you should be together when everything else is falling into place? My thoughts! Hit me up on Instagram - jamiegraceh. If your boyfriend spends a ton of time with his ex - when do you tell him it's gone too far? She's worried she scared him away. They had a great Christmas, a break in January, and now there's practically silence.

    Instagram - jamiegraceh. Married people - I can't with you right now. We want people to grow up and be intentional and the second they admit it isn't the easiest, we blow up in their faces. Please oh please. Can we hush? This one might be my favorite so far! Proverbs is incredible, y'all. Here's Chapter 3 and my thoughts! The Masked Singer: Ep6 Recap. My voice is coming back so daily episode are coming back! Be sure to subscribe! Our guesses! The Masked Singer: Ep5 Recap. The program documented Jackson's basic training and service as a reserve police officer with the Muncie Police Department.

    We hoped this would give them strength when they did experience occasional prejudice, usually from white families. If you could give a younger interracial couple a piece of advice, what would it be? I would advise young interracial couples to build a strong relationship, and to be very open and honest with each other. Race is only a small part of who you are, and respect and love can strengthen you in the face of adversity. Curtis: You were attracted to each other by some common interests.

    Cultivate those interests. Wilmington, DE. Start at the beginning of your story. We both happened to work at the same school, so we started out as friends and confidants and after life threw some obstacles at us, we ended up falling in love. But he later told me it was because he thought I was pretty and he was nervous. Was there a particular moment when you knew you were falling in love? Cristina: I tell myself I knew he was the one when I realized he was going to stick around and be persistent.

    Jamie: The Latinx culture from my experience says you are rich based on family, love, and caring, rather than the number in the bank. When you get enough of us together it really is just one big, loud, warm, and welcoming party. Written by Matthew Schmid. All photos provided with permission by the people interviewed.

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