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Abgunst f envy; jealousy; ill-will; spite. Abhall m decay. Abhang m -"e slope. Abib m Abib month. Abigajil f Abigail. Abimelech m Abimelech. Abiogense f abiogenesis, spontaneous generation. Abjunktion f abjunction. Ablauf m -"e sequence, course of history, time, etc ; development; termination; outlet; expiration; nach A. Ablaufplan m operations plan. Ablaufplanung f scheduling operations planning. Ableitbarkeit f inferability, deductibility, derivability. Ableitbarkeitsbeziehung f derivability relation. Ableitbarkeitsfrage f question of derivability.

Ableitung f deduction; derivation, derivative. Ableitungsregel f inference rule, rule of derivation. Ablution f -en washing, ablution. Abmachung f -en agreement, stipulation, arrangement, contract. Abnahme f -n taking off or down; diminution; decline; decrease; shrinkage; shortening; die Abnahme vom Kreuze - the descent from the cross.

Abneigung f antipathy; aversion. Abner m Abner. Abrahamit m -en Abrahamite member of a Bohemian sect in the 18th cent. Abreaktion f abreaction. Abreption f abreption. Abrichtung f training, drill; conditioned reflex. Absage f -n cancelation; calling off; refusal, decline; repudiation, renunciation. Absalom m Absalom. Absatz m -"e new paragraph; pause; step, landing on a staircase. Abschaum m scum, dregs. Abscheiden n departure; dying. Abscheidung f parting; separation; death. Abscheu m abhorrence vor - of ; disgust for - against ; aversion to, for, from ; distaste; Abscheu haben vor - to abhor, to detest.

Abschied m -e parting, departure, farewell; discharge, dismissal; leave, resignation; retirement; discharge. Abschiedlichkeit f abschiedlichkeit; readiness to depart. Abschiedsrede f -n farewell speech. Abschirmeffekt m screening-off effect. Abschnitt m -e passage, section, paragraph; phase, stage, period time, age, etc ; segment; Mus: section; Lit : pause, rest, caesura. Abschreckungsfunktion f deterrent function. Abschreiber m - copyist, transcriber; plagiarist.

Abschrift f -en copy, duplicate; transcript; likeness. Abseite f -n side room; back side; lateral vault or aisle of a church; vertical wall under a slanting roof. Absicht f -en intent, intention, purpose, motive; object, aim, end; plan, scheme; in dieser H. Absichtlichkeit f intentionality; deliberateness; purposiveness. Absolute n the Absolute; die Behre vom Absoluten - absolutism; die Dialektik von Absolutem und Relativem - dialectic of the absolute and the relative.

Absolutheitsanspruch m -"e claim to absoluteness. Absolution f -en absolution; remission of sins; A. Absolutismus m absolutism. Absonderung f separation; division; isolation; segregation of people, etc. Abspringen n jumping or leaping off; chipping or flaking off; baking out from, dropping disscussion, topic, etc. Abstammung f -en descent, lineage; ancestry, extraction, birth; origin, derivation; hohes A. Abstammungsgruppe f -n ancestral or descent group. Abstammungslehre f theory of evolution or descent, descent theory. Abstammungstheorie f theory of evolution or descent, descent theory.

Abstand m -"e distance away from ; space; interval; fig aloofness, distance; difference; diversity. Absterben n withering away. Abstieg m -e descent; drop; going down, coming down ; fig decline, descent, fall. Abstinenz f abstinence, abstemiousness; temperance; fasting. Abstinenzler m - total abstainer from. Abstractum n abstractum, the result of abstraction. Abstrakte n the abstract. Abstraktheit f abstractedness, abstractness. Abstraktion f abstraction. Abstraktionismus m abstractionism. Abstraktionsebene f -n level of abstraction.

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Abstraktionsgrad m -e degree of abstraction. Abstraktionsklasse f -n abstraction class. Abstraktionsstufe f level of abstraction. Abstraktionstheorie f abstraction theory. Abstraktionsverfahren n method of abstraction. Abstraktor m abstraction, operator, abstractor. Abstraktur f tracker action organ. Abstrich m -e Mus : downbow.

Absurde n the absurd; Philosophie des A. Abt m -"e abbot. Abtei f -n abbey. Abteilung f -en division, separation; department, section; class, rubric, category; Theologische A. Abtreibungsgegner m - anti-abortionist; pro-life activist. Abtrennungsregel f -n rule of detachment. Abtretung f -en cession; abdication; surrender. Abtropfsieb n -e Archaeol: colander.

Abwaschung f -en washing -up ; ablution, purification. Abwashchung f -en washing -up ; ablution; purification. Abwehr f defense; resistence; guard, protection; repelling. Abwehremechanismus m defense mechanism. Abweichung f deviance. Abwendung f estrangement, alienation; prevention danger , problem, to ban, forbid. Abwertung f -en devaluation; downward adjustment; derogation, depreciation idea, person, etc. Abwesenheit f absence.

Abzug m -"e deduction, subtraction; retreat, withdrawal; decampment; vent, outlet; channel, conduit; Lit, Art: proof, pull, galley proof ; offset, transfer; copy; print, positive; Mus: flue; scordatura. Achsel f -n shoulder; Arch : haunch. Achsenzeit f axial or pivotal age in history ; time of crisis and change in world history or of a new age. Achtsamkeit f mindfulness, heedfulness. Achtung f attention; respect, esteem, regard. Acker m -, -" field; farmland, arable land; ground; soil; hist: acre of land. Ackerbau m agriculture; Bibl : farming. Ackerleute f farmers; husbandmen.

Ackermann m farmer; bibl: husbandman. Adam m Adam. Adamianer m Adamite. Adamit m -en Adamite; Lit: pl human beings; sons of men. Adaptation f adaption, adaptation; accommodation; adjustment. Adaption f adaption, adaptation; accommodation; adjustment. Additionstheorem n addition theorem. Adel m nobility; aristocrats; der A. Adept m adept. Adjazenz f adjacency. Adjunktion f adjunction. Adler m - eagle.

Adlerfeder f -n eagle's feather. Adonija m Adonijah. Adria f the Adria, Adriatic Sea. Advaita n non-duality. Advent m sg Advent; advent; coming of the Christ or Messiah. Adventfasten n Advent fast. Adventismus m Adventism. Adventsonntag m -e Sunday in Advent.

Manual Chirurgische Bücher und Schrifften - (German Edition)

Adventssonntag m -e Sunday in Advent. Adventszeit f advent, advent season. AEF abbr. Aeneolithikum n Eneolithic, Copper Age. Affe m -n ape; monkey. Affekt m emotion; affect; affection; passion. Affektambivalenz f affect ambivalence. Affektenlehre f theory of affections; theory of affects; doctrine of emotional expression.

Affektentheorie f theory of affections; doctrine of emotional expression. Affekthandlung f -en act s committed under the influence of emotion or passion. Affektion f affection, affectedness. Affenmensch m ape-man. Afferenz-Efferenz f afference-efference. Affirmation f affirmation. Agape f agape. Agapismus m agapism.

Agende f -en agenda; book of liturgy order of the Lutheran church service ; ritual. Agens n agent, agens. Aggregat n aggregate; das A. Aggressionsneigung f inclination to aggression. Aggressionsverhalten n aggressive behavior. Aggressor m -en aggressor. Agieren n acting out. Agitproptheater n agitprop theater. Agnosie f Gr : agnosia, ignorance, state of not knowing. Agnostiker m agnostic. Agnostizismus m agnosticism. Agon m agon; game; contest. Agrargesellschaft f agrarian society.

Agressionskrieg m war of aggression. Ahne m -n ancestor; predecessor. Ahnen n presentiment. Ahnenbild n -er picture of an ancestor.


Ahnenerbe n ancestral heritage. Ahnenkult m ancestor worship. Ahnenreihe f line of ancestors. Ahnenverehrung f ancestor worship. Ahnherr m first ancestor. Aitiologie f aetiology. Akademismus m academicism, academism. Akatalepsie f acatalepsy, incomprehensibility. Akazie f -n acacia. Akazienholz n acacia wood. Akklamation f -en acclamation; cheering. Akkolade f -n accolade, brace, bracket. Akkordbenennung f Mus: chordal terminology. Akkordbestimmung f Mus: chord analysis, harmonic analysis.

Akkordfolge f succession of chords. Akkordzither f autoharp; chord zither. Akkulturation f -en acculturation. Konst abr Pseud- Apostolische Konstitution en. Akosmismus m aconsmism. Aktivismus m activism. Aktmaterie f act-material, act-matter. Aktuale n the actual, that which is actual or real. Aktualismus m actualism, actual idealism, topicalism. Aktualwert m -e actual value. Aktulisierung f actualization. Aktutilitarismus m act utilitarianism.

Akuta f acuta organ. Akzentuierung f -en accentuation, stress; emphasis. Akzentverschiebung f -en shift of accent or stress; Mus : change of beat. Akzentzeichen n - grammatical accent, accent uation sign or mark; Mus: accent or stress mark. Akzeptanz f acceptance, acceptancy. Akzeptanz-Nutzen m acceptance-utility. Akzidens n accident. Akzidentalien pl accidents, accidentals. Akzidentalismus m accidentalism. Albe f -n alb. Albeitbarkeit f derivability. Albigenser f pl Albigenses. Albumblatt n -"er albumblatt, album page; album piece poem or instrumental composition for an album.

Alchemie f alchemy. Alchemist m -en alchemist. Alchimismus m alchemism. Aleatorik f aleatory. Aletheia f Phil : aletheia, disclosure; unconcealment; unhiddenness; disclosedness; discoveredness. Alethiologie f alethiology, alethology. Alethologie f alethiology, alethology. Alexandriner f pl Alexandrians. Alexandrinertum n merely derivative scholarship; remoteness from reality. Alexandrismus m Alexandrianism.

Alibi n -s alibi; excuse. Alienation f alienation; derangement of the mind. All n universe, cosmos, world; oniter spaces; Phil : the sum of things; noun-prefix universally, all; as prefix of adv it is archaic and affects the meaning. All-Einheit f Phil : universal unity or oneness. Allaussage f Phil : universal sentence or statement. Allegorese f -n allegorical interpretation.

Allegorie f allegory. Alleinherrschaft f autocratic rule; absolute dictatorship. Alleinvertretungsanspruch m -"e claim to sole representation. Allerbarmer m the All-merciful, God of mercy. Allgeber m God, Giver of all. Allgegenwart f omnipresence; ubiquity; die A. Allgeist m Phil: universal spirit. Allgemeinbegriff m -e universal concept; universal or general term, notion, or idea; pl common notions; Lat : notiones communes.

Allgemeinbildung f all-round or general education. Allgemeine und das Besondere n the general or universal and the particular; allgemeine W. Allgemeinheit f generality, universality; general public. Allgemeinheit f universality. Allgemeinheitsstufe f level or universality or generality. Allgemeinverbindlichkeit f generality; universal or general validity. Allgemeinwissen n general or common knowledge. Allgemeinwohl n public good, interest, or welfare; general good; common wealth.

Allheit f allness; the universal. Allianz f -en alliance; die Evangelische A. Allmacht f omnipotence; unlimited power; A. Allmactswunsch m -"e desire or wish for omnipotence. Allmende f commonly owned by a country, village, etc. Allmenge f Phil : universal set; universe. Allokation f -en allocation. Allopathie f allopathy. Allquantor m universal quantifier. Allsatz m universal proposition, statement, or sentence. Allseitigkeit f universality of development. Alltag m -e ordinary working day; everyday life routine ; work-day. Alltagsdenken n everyday thinking, common sense.

Alltagserfahrung f everyday or common experience. Alltagserkenntnis f everyday or common-sense knowledge. Alltagskommunikation f everyday communication. Alltagskontext m -e everyday context. Alltagsleben n everyday or ordinary life. Alltagsobjekt n everyday object. Alltagspraxis f everyday practice. Alltagspsychologie f folk psychology. Alltagssprache f everyday language, ordinary language. Alltagswelt f workaday world. Alltagsworte f pl household words. Allweisheit f infinite wisdom.

Schendel, Volker H.

Allwissenheit f omniscience; A. Allzeitlichkeit f omnitemporality Husserl. Almosen n - alms; charity; pittance, handout. Almosengeben n almsgiving. Aloe f -n aloe. Alphabetisierung f alphabetization. Als-Ob n Phil : as if. Als-Struktur f Phil : as if regularity. Altapostel m - early apostle. Altar m -"e altar; communion table;. Altarbild n -er altarpiece, altar painting. Altardiener m - acolyte. Altarkelch m -e chalice. Altarraum m -"e chancel; sanctuary. Altarschelle f -e hand bell. Alter n age, old age. Altergenosse m -n person of same age; contemporary.

Alterierung f Mus : alteration. Alternation f alternation. Alternativ n the alternative. Alternativbewegung f alternative movement; counter-culture; sub-culture. Alternative f alternative. Alternativgesellschaft f alternative society. Alternativhypothese f alternative hypothesis.

Alternator m alternator. Altersstruktur f age structure or pattern. Altertum n ancient times, classical antiquity; early history. Althegelianer m Old Hegelian. Altistin f -nnen alto singer , contralto. Altruismus m altruism. Altstimme f -n contralto voice. Alttestamentler m - OT scholar; professor of OT. Altweiberfabel f -n fables fit only for old women. Am abr Amos - Amos. Ambivalenz f ambivalence. Ambo m ambo. SIG Ambrosius. Ameise f -n ant.

Amen n Amen. Amerikanistik f American studies. Ametrie f ametry. Amme f -n wet nurse, children's nurse, nanny. Ammoniter m - Ammon. Amnesie f amnesia. Amnestie f amnesty. Amoral f amorality. Amoralismus m amoralism. Amoriter m - Amorite. Amorphie f amorphism. Amorphismus m amorphism. Amos Amos - Amos. Amphibiennatur des Menschen f amphibious nature of man Nietzsche. Amphibolie f amphiboly, amphibology, amphibolia. Ampulle f -n ampulla. Amt n -"er office; post; task; official duty; ministry, ecclesiastical duty or office. Amtmann m -"er, -leute bailiff; district administrator; district magistrate.

Amtsenthebung f -en defrocking; unfrocking; deprivation of benefice. Amtshandlung f -en official pastoral act or function; ministration; religious ceremony. Amtsverlust m -e loss of official position. Amulett n -e amulet; lucky charm; talisman. Amusie f amusia; motorische A. Anabaptismus m Anabaptism.

Anabaptist m -en Anabaptist. Anachoret m -en recluse, hermit or anchoret. Anachronismus m anachronism. Anagnorisis f anagnorisis; recognition. Anakrusis f -sen anacrusis or anakrousis. Analogie f -n analogy zu - to, with , similarity to , parallelism to , correspondence to ; leveling; counterpart; analogy form; harmonische A. Analogieargument n argument from analogy.

Analogiebeweis m -e proof by analogy. Analogiebildung n analogy or analogical form; analogy formation, formation by analogy; leveling. Analogieform f analogy or analogical form; analogy formation, formation by analogy. Analogielehre f doctine of analogy. Analogieverfahren n method of analogy Aristotle. Analogiezauber m sympathetic magic; imitative magic; voodoo magic ; hom o eopathic magic.

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Analogismus m analogism; analogical inference, argument by analogy. Analyse f -n analysis; inquiry, investigation; parsing a sentence ; test. Analyseparadox n paradox of analysis. Analysis f analysis. Analytik f analytic s ; A. Analytiker m - analytic philosopher etc. Analytisch-Allgemeine n the analytic universal Kant.

Anamnese f anamnesis; recollection. Anamnesis f anamnesis; recollection. Anamnesislehre f doctrine of recollection. Ananke f destiny; fate. Anapher f anaphora. Anarchie f anarchy. Anarchismus m anarchism. Anarchokapitalismus m anarcho-capitalism. Anarchokommunismus m anarchocommunism. Anathem n anathema excommunication; ban; curse. Anathema n anathema excommunication; ban; curse. Anbeginn m earliest or first , beginning, from the outset, origin. Anbeter n - to adorer; worshiper, ardent admirer; A. Anbetracht m considering, in consideration or view of.

Anbetung f -en adoration, devotion; idolization; worship of a god ; divine worship. AnBib abbr Analecta Biblica. Anblick m look, sight, view; aspect; spectacle. Anbruch m -"e starting of; opening; beginning; crack; chip; break of day ; dawn of era, day, etc. Andacht f -en devotion; devoutness; devotional service , devout meditation; devotions, prayers. Andachtsbild n -er devotional picture or image, icon. Andachtsbuch n -"er devotional book or manual; book of meditation; prayer book.

Andenken n - memory, remembrance; memento; souvenir. Andere n Phil : the other object, idea, etc. Andere m Phil : the other person. Andersgerichtetheit f other-directedness Heidegger. Andersheit f Phil : otherness Plato. Andreas m Andrew. Androgynie f androgyny. Androphobie f androphobia. Androzentrismus m androcentrism. Aneignung f appropriation Marx ; assimilation Jaspers ; Aneignung - aesthetic appropriation. Anerkennung f acknowledgment; recognition, A.

Anerkennungserwartung f -en expectation of recognition. Anfang in der Zeit m beginning in time. Anfangsgrund der Erfahrung m starting point of experience Kant.

Die Wahrheit über Astrologie

Anfangsgrund der Erkenntnis m starting point of knowledge, antecedent ground of knowledge Kant. Anfangslosigkeit f beginninglessness.

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Anfangsmenge f Phil : initial set. Anfangszustand m initial state. Anfechtung f -en temptation; trial, tribulation. Anfeindung f -en persecution; enmity; hostility, ill will. Anflehung f supplication, invocation; imploration, entreaty; beseediment. Anforderung f -en demand: requirements; request; claim. Angeborenheit f Phil : innateness. Angeborenheitshypothese f Phil : innateness hypothesis Chomsky.

Angeborenheitsthese f innateness thesis; innatism. Angel f -n fishing rod or line; door hinge. Angelegenheit f -en matter; concern, business, affair;. Angelologie f analogy, doctrine of angels. Angelus m - Angelus angel, messenger. Angemessenheit f appropriateness; adequacy; fittingness; A. Angenehme n the aggreeable Kant. Anger m - village green; meadow; pasture; lawn. Angleichung f -en assimilation; adjustment to ; adaptation to. Anglikaner m - Anglican. Anglikanismus m Anglicanism. Angriff m -e attack; assault; invasion; aggression. Angriffskrieg m -e war of aggression. Angst f -"e anxiety; fear; anguish; phobia; dread; existentielle A.

Angstgeschrei n cry of terror or anguish. Angstlust f angstlust, thrill. Angstneurose f anxiety neurosis. Angstzustand m anxiety state. Anhall m Mus : build-up, onset of vibration. Anhalt m support; hold; clue, idea. Animation f. Animismus m animism. Animist m -en animist. Animus m animus the male aspect of the human spirit as seen unconsciously by a woman Jung. Anker m - anchor. Ankh ankh. Anklage f -n charge; inditement; accusation; indictment.

Anklageschrift f -en bill of indictment; accusation. Anklang m Mus : accord; underton; echo, reminiscence an - of ; Ling : assonace; alliteration; A. Ankunft f -"e arrival; advent. Anlauf m -e start; attempt; attack, advance, change; Arch : escape, apophyge. Anleitung f -en guidance, instruction, direction; introduction; guide. Anliegen n - request; desire; wish; intent; concern; matter, affair, business.

Anlockung f -en enticement; attraction; allurement. Anlockungsmittel n - lure; decoy; bait. Anmut f grace, gracefulness; charm; attractiveness; sweetness of manner, pleasantness; elegance; amenity. Annahme f -n assumption; supposition; hypothesis; belief; acceptance; reception. Annales-Tradition f annals tradition. Annica Lat : annica; impermanenance. Annihilationismus m annihilationism. Anordnung f -en compostion of scenes or motifs. Anpassung f -en adjustment, accomodation; adaptation.

Anrecht n -e entitlement; right, title, claim auf -to ; qualification; eligibility. Anregung f -en stimulus, encouragement, impulse. Anreiz m -e incentive. Anruf m -e call; challenge; appeal; address Heidegger. Anrufung f -en invocation; appeal to higher authority, court, etc. Ansatz -"e beginning, start; extension, appendage. Anschaulichkeit f intuitiveness; vividness; clarity. Anschauungsbild n -er eidetic or sensory image; mental image. Anschauungsform f form of intuition or perception Kant.

Anschauungssatz m intuitive proposition; intuitive clause. Anschein m appearance, look; semblance; probability; A. Anschlag m -"e assault, attack. Ansehen n appearance; authority; honor. Anspielung f -en allusion auf - to ; hint; insinuation. Ansprache f -n address, speech. Anspruchsrecht n claim right; entitlement. Anstaltsseelsorger m - chaplain of a prison, hospital, etc. Anstand m propriety; decency; good manners or behavior. Ansteckung f -en contagion; infection. Anstiftung f -en instigation; contriving.

Anstrengung f -en effort; excertions; strain; initiations. Antagonismus m antagonism. Antecedens m -ntien antecedent. Antezedens m -ntien antecedent. Antezedensbedingung f -en antecedent condition. Anthologie f -n anthology. Anthologist m -en anthologist. Anthropinon n human characteristic.

Anthropismus m anthropinism. Anthropodizee f anthropodicy. Anthropogenese f anthropogenesis, anthropogeny. Anthropogenie f anthropogenesis, anthropogeny. Anthropogonie f anthropogeny. Anthropographie f anthropography. Anthropoide m -n anthropoid. Anthropolatrie f anthropolatry. Anthropologie f Anthropology. Anthropologismus m anthropologism.

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Anthropometrie f anthropometry. Anthropomorphe m anthropoid. Anthropomorphismus m anthropomorphism. Anthroposophie f anthroposophy Steiner. Anthropotheologie f anthropotheology. Anthropozentrismus m anthropocentrism. Anti-Held m anti-hero.

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  • Anti-Illusionismus m A. Anti-Intellektualismus m anti-intellectualism. Anti-Kunst f anti-art. Antidemokrat m antidemocrat. Antideterminismus m antideterminism. Antidogmatismus m antidogmatism. Antifaschismus m antifacism. Antifaschist m -en antifascist. Antihumanismus m antihumanism. Antikantianismus m antikantianism. Antike f antiquity; ancient world; klassische A. Antiklerikale m, f -n anticlerical. Antiklerikalismus m anticlericalism. Antiklinale f anticline. Antikommunismus m anticommunism. Antikonzeption f -en contraception.

    Antikritik f -en anticriticism. Antiliberalismus m antiliberalism. Antilogie f -n antilogy; self-contradiction Kant. Antilogik f antilogic. Antilogismus m antilogic. Antiloquium n antiloquy. Antimachiavellismus m antimachiavell ian ism Frederick the Great. Antimaterie f antimatter. Antimilitarismus m antimilitarism. Antimoral f antimorality. Antimoralismus m antimoralism. Antimoralist m -en antimoralist. Antinaturalismus m antinaturalism. Antinomie f -n antinomy; A. Antinomienlehre f theory or doctrine of the antinomies Kant. Antinomismus m antinomianism.

    Antipapismus m antipapism, antipopery. Antipartikel n anti-particle. Antipathie f antipathy. Antiphon f antiphon. Antiphonale n -n antiphonal, antiphonary, antiphoner. Antiphonar n -e antiphonal, antiphonary, antiphoner. Antiphone f -n antiphony. Antiplatonismus m antiplatonism. Antipode m antipode, exact opposite. Free Download i megali vivliothiki tou karl mparks Free Download Ihr wisst nichts ueber uns!

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