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After finding Lunafreya dead and Noctis unconscious, they are ambushed by Ardyn; Ignis uses the Ring of the Lucii to save Noctis, which costs him his sight.

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In an alternate route, he surrenders to Ardyn and gains knowledge that allows Noctis to save Eos without sacrifice. Despite the peoples' mistrust, the Kingsglaive help defend humanity's last stronghold of Lestallum while experiencing visions of Noctis's resting place on the island of Angelgard. Drawn to Angelgard, the Kingsglaive face Bahamut in combat and are absolved of their treachery, dedicating themselves to protecting Angelgard from Daemons during Noctis's slumber.

In Episode Ardyn , Ardyn is revealed to have been imprisoned on Angelgard for two millennia by his brother Somnus after the Astrals denounce him for absorbing the Starscourge from victims. Ardyn's beloved Aera, Lunafreya's ancestor, was killed during the confrontation before Ardyn was sealed away. Rescued by Verstael to aid Niflheim's research over thirty years before Final Fantasy XV , Ardyn eventually agreed to join the empire while corrupting a revived Ifrit to aid in his revenge.

Ardyn launches an assault on Insomnia, nearly killing Regis to force Somnus to appear in his Lucii form. Ardyn overpowers his brother before Bahamut intervenes and reveals Ardyn's destined role as the embodiment of the Starscourge and his prophesied death at the True King's hand.

It was announced as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy , a subseries of games linked by a common mythos, and ran in Square Enix's proprietary Crystal Tools engine. Developed by the team behind the Kingdom Hearts series, it was intended to be a darker entry in the Final Fantasy series than allowed in the main series.

With the internal unveiling of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , it was decided to change it into a mainline entry, with a proposed PS3 version being scrapped due to technical troubles. The game's engine also changed, shifting to the company's new proprietary game engine Luminous Studio. When Tabata took over from Nomura, the entire development team was reshuffled and development started over again, although he worked as a co-director with Nomura until late to ensure the project remained as true as possible to its original vision.

Thematic, aesthetic and design elements were retained due to their core place in the world and backstory. In pursuit of this, locations in Eos were based on real-world locations such as Tokyo , Venice and the Bahamas. Due to the scale of the game's narrative and Tabata's wish to release a single game rather than a series of games similar to Final Fantasy XIII , aspects of the planned narrative were refashioned into supplementary media projects.

Initially announced in alongside XIII and Type-0 , the game was publicly rebranded at the Electronic Entertainment Expo , with regular updates on the title beginning the following year. Its initial worldwide release, September 30, was announced at the "Uncovered" event. A version for Microsoft Windows was released on March 6, Square Enix developed the port with Nvidia using an upgraded version of the Luminous Studio engine, featuring graphical enhancements and all DLC.

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Multiple pieces of downloadable content DLC were created for the game by a smaller development team from the core Final Fantasy XV staff. The team was supervised by Tabata and headed by new producer Haruyoshi Sawatari. A multiplayer mode called Comrades was released in November , with Final Fantasy XV becoming the first mainline single-player Final Fantasy to include multiplayer content. Episode Ignis was intended to be the last story-based DLC, but positive player feedback resulted in Square Enix wanting to develop further content focusing on other main characters, such as Ardyn.

Final Fantasy XV has received "generally favorable" reviews from critics for all versions, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Opinions on the story of Final Fantasy XV were mixed, although the main cast was praised for its chemistry. Patterson and Destructoid ' s Chris Carter also noted the crucial part played by the game's expanded media in grounding or fleshing out the main story.

The visuals and realistic style were positively received, with IGN ' s Vince Ingenito enjoying the unusual use of realistic aesthetic details for the towns and environment. The gameplay was praised for its fast pace and engaging mechanics despite a lack of depth compared with other action games, with several reviewers comparing it to Kingdom Hearts ; [] [] [] [] [] Patterson positively compared normal battles to the CGI cutscene-exclusive battles of earlier Square Enix titles, [] while Leack called the combat system " Kingdom Hearts meets Dissidia " and praised its depth and accessibility. In Japan, the PS4 version topped Japanese gaming charts, selling , units.

The Xbox One version sold nearly 3, units. Total sales of both versions came to , units, with the game's release boosting console sales for the PS4 over the previous week by over 42, units. The game also became the month's best-selling PS4 title, and saw the best console launch month in the franchise's history. Within the first twenty-four hours, Square Enix reported that Final Fantasy XV had shipped five million units worldwide in both physical shipments and digital sales—a figure which allowed the game to "break even" on development costs.

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Enterbrain : 11ff. June 20, Archived from the original on April 19, Retrieved April 2, August 11, Archived from the original on August 11, Archived from the original on August 31, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved July 2, April 9, Archived from the original on October 22, Archived from the original on June 4, Retrieved June 4, La Capital Ovidada.

October 13, Retrieved October 22, Archived from the original on March 31, Retrieved March 31, Archived from the original on August 26, Retrieved August 26, PlayStation Blog. April 4, Archived from the original on September 14, Mater semper certa est The mother is always certain a Roman-law principle which has the power of praesumptio iuris et de iure, meaning that no counter-evidence can be made against this principle literally: Presumed there is no counter evidence and by the law.

Its meaning is that the mother of the child is always known. Also, the drugs themselves. Refers to a trivial situation or person that is being a bother, possibly in the sense of wishing to kick that thing away or, such as the commonly used expressions, a "pebble in one's shoe" or "nipping at one's heels". It was translated by Cranmer and became a part of the burial service in the funeral rites of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Mediolanum captum est Milan has been captured Used erroneously as Mediolanum Capta Est by the black metal band Mayhem as an album title.

Mediolanum was an ancient city in present-day Milan, Italy. The motto of the University of Rochester. Melita, domi adsum Honey, I'm home! A relatively common recent Latinization from the joke phrasebook Latin for All Occasions. Grammatically correct, but the phrase would beanachronistic in ancient Rome. From the North Hertfordshire District Council coat of arms. A term used in discussing the mindset of an accused criminal. Miles Gloriosus is the title of a play of Plautus.

A stock character in comedy, the braggart soldier. It is said that atSalamanca, there is a wall, on which graduates inscribe their names, where Francisco Franco had a plaque installed reading "Franciscus Francus Miles Gloriosus". A practical compromise. Monasterium sine libris est sicut civitas sine opibus A monastery without books is like a city without wealth Used in the Umberto Eco novel The Name of the Rose. Part of a much larger phrase: Monasterium sine libris, est sicut civitas sine opibus, castrum sine numeris, coquina sine suppellectili, mensa sine cibis, hortus sine herbis, pratum sine floribus, arbor sine foliis.

Translation: A monastery without books is like a city without wealth, a fortress without soldiers, a kitchen without utensils, a table without food, a garden without plants, a meadow without flowers, a tree without leaves. Montis Insignia Calpe Badge of the Rock ofGibraltar more ferarum like beasts used to describe any sexual act in the manner of beasts morior invictus death before defeat morituri nolumus mori we who are about to die don't want to From Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero morituri te salutant those who are about to die salute you Used once in Suetonius' De Vita Caesarum 5, Divus Claudius , chapter 21, [42] by the condemned prisoners manning galleys about to take part in a mock naval battle on Lake Fucinus in AD Popular misconception ascribes it as a gladiator's salute.

See also: Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant and Naumachia. Criticising one who will not be affected in any way by the criticism. It institutionalized cultural traditions, societal mores, and general policies, as distinct from specific laws. Attempting the impossible. Motto of the University of Victoria. The term "mipmap" is formed using the phrase's abbreviation "MIP"; motto of Rutland, a county in central England. Latin phrases are often multum in parvo, conveying much in few words. Also commonly known by the letters of Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".

Leucippus: "Everything that happens does so for a reason and of necessity. From Philosophia Botanica You may drive out Nature with a pitchfork, yet she still will hurry back You must take the basic nature of something into account. A descriptive phrase meaning the best or most extreme example of something. The Pillars of Hercules, for example, were literally the nec plus ultra of the ancient Mediterranean world. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V's heraldic emblem reversed this idea, using a depiction of this phrase inscribed on the Pillarsas plus ultra, without the negation.

The Boston Musical Instrument Company engraved ne plus ultra on its instruments from to to signify that none were better. Nec aspera terrent They are not terrified of the rough things They are not afraid of difficulties. Less literally "Difficulties be damned. Motto of many Presbyterian churches throughout the world. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius by Arnaud Amalric. Used especially in committees, where a matter may be passed nem.

Motto of the Order of the Thistle, and consequently of Scotland, found stamped on the milled edge of certain British pound sterling coins. Near- synonymous with accusare nemo se debet nisi coram Deo. Similar phrases include: nemo tenetur armare adversarium contra se no one is bound to arm an opponent against himself , meaning that a defendant is not obligated to in any way assist the prosecutor to his own detriment; nemo tenetur edere instrumenta contra se no one is bound to produce documents against himself, meaning that a defendant is not obligated to provide materials to be used against himself this is true in Roman law and has survived in modern criminal law, but no longer applies in modern civil law ; and nemo tenere prodere se ipsum no one is bound to betray himself , meaning that a defendant is not obligated to testify against himself.

Leibniz, however, added nisi intellectus ipse except the intellect itself. The phrase exists in two versions: as nihil novi sub sole nothing new under the sun , from the Vulgate, and as nihil novi nisi commune consensu nothing new unless by the common consensus , a law of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth and one of the cornerstones of its Golden Liberty.

See also imprimatur. Xavier's College, Calcutta nil admirari be surprised at nothing Motto of the Fitzgibbon family. That is, "Don't speak ill of anyone who has died". State motto of Colorado, adopted in Probably derived from Virgil's Aeneid Book II, line , "non haec sine numine divum eveniunt" these things do not come to pass without the will of Heaven. See also numen. Summarized from Psalm Vulgate , "nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum in vanum laboraverunt qui aedificant eam nisi Dominus custodierit civitatem frustra vigilavit qui custodit" unless the Lord builds the house, they work on a useless thing who build it; unless the Lord guards the community, he keeps watch in vain who guards it.

Stephen's Episcopal School. In the United States, a court where civil actions are tried by a single judge sitting with a jury, as distinguished from an appellate court. It means that when we are denied of something, we will eagerly pursue the denied thing. Used byFriedrich Nietzsche in his Ecce Homo to indicate that his philosophy pursues what is forbidden to other philosophers. Sometimes rendered volens nolens, aut nolens aut volens or nolentis volentis. Similar towilly-nilly, though that word is derived from Old English will-he nil-he [whether] he will or [whether] he will not.

The soldier was executed for his act. One of many variants of Illegitimi non carborundum. A plea that can be entered on behalf of a defendant in a court that states that the accused doesn't admit guilt, but will accept punishment for a crime. Nolo contendere pleas cannot be used as evidence in another trial. I do not know the name Thus, the name or person in question is unknown. Lawrence Fortress. Refers to any logical fallacy where a cause is incorrectly identified.

Also rendered non compos sui not in control of himself. Samuel Johnson, author of the first English dictionary, theorized that the word nincompoop may derive from this phrase. In legal context, occasionally a backing for nulling information that was presented by an attorney. Without any tangible proof, Non constat information is difficult to argue for.

See also pro Brasilia fiant eximia. The direct opposite of the phrase "the ends justify the means". A sometimes controversial decision handed down by a judge when they feel that the law is not complete. As a logical fallacy, a conclusion that does not follow from a premise. Commonly used in literature as Satan's statement of disobedience to God, though in the original context the quote is attributed to Israel, not Satan.

Expresses a change in the speaker. A non-traditional Latin rendering, temet nosce thine own self know , is translated in The Matrix as "know thyself". Motto on the Great Seal of the United States. It has been theorized that this expression is the origin of Italian nulla, French rien, and Spanish andPortuguese nada, all with the same meaning.

The motto of Elon University. Oh, the times! Oh, the morals! What customs! In general, any comment, remark or observation made in passing obliti privatorum, publica curate Forget private affairs, take care of public ones Roman political saying which reminds that common good should be given priority over private matters for any person having a responsibility in the State obscuris vera involvens the truth being enveloped by obscure things from Virgil obscurum per obscurius the obscure by means of the more obscure An explanation that is less clear than what it tries to explain; synonymous with ignotum per ignotius obtorto collo with a twisted neck unwillingly oculus dexter O.

Why do I do this, you perhaps ask.

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Interpreted as "Let it all hang out! Book of Wisdom, omnia mutantur, nihil interit everything changes, nothing perishes Ovid 43 BC 17 AD , Metamorphoses, book XV, line omnia omnibus all things to all men 1 Corinthians si omnia ficta if all the words of poets is fiction Ovid, Metamorphoses, book XIII, lines "si non omnia vates ficta" omnia vincit amor love conquers all Virgil 70 BC 19 BC , Eclogue X, line 69 omnia munda mundis everything [is] pure to the pure [men] from The New Testament omnia praesumuntur legitime facta donec probetur in contrarium all things are presumed to be lawfully done, until it is shown [to be] in the reverse in other words, "innocent until proven guilty" omnis vir enim sui Every man for himself!

See opere citato operibus anteire leading the way with deeds to speak with actions instead of words ophidia in herba a snake in the grass any hidden danger or unknown risk opinio juris sive necessitatis an opinion of law or necessity a belief that an action was undertaken because it was a legal necessity; source of customary law opus anglicanum English work fine embroidery, especially used to describe church vestments Opus Dei The Work of God Catholic organisation ora et labora pray and work This principle of the Benedictine monasteries reads in full: "Ora et labora et lege , Deus adest sine mora.

Usually abbreviated OPI. Used to politely acknowledge someone with whom the speaker or writer disagrees. Pacem in terris Peace on Earth pacta sunt servanda agreements must be kept Also "contracts must be honoured". Indicates the binding power of treaties. Attached to the arms of Lord Nelson in Later attached to the arms of Upper Canada College and its motto. Originally described all that was needed for emperors to placate the Roman mob. Today used to describe any entertainment used to distract public attention from more important matters.

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Usually used to support a policy of peace through strength deterrence. Jean Baptiste High School parens patriae parent of the nation A public policy requiring courts to protect the best interests of any child involved in a lawsuit. See also Pater Patriae. Motto of Prince Edward Island. Motto of Barnard Castle School, sometimes translated as "Once you have accomplished small things, you may attempt great ones safely". Said of a word, fact or notion that occurs several times in a cited text. Also used inproofreading, where it refers to a change that is to be repeated everywhere needed.

The eldest male in a family, who held patria potestas "paternal power". In Roman law, a father had enormous power over his children, wife, and slaves, though these rights dwindled over time. Derived from the phrase pater familias, an Old Latin expression preserving the archaic -as ending for the genitive case. Pater Omnipotens Father Almighty A more direct translation would be "omnipotent father".

Pater Patriae father of the nation Also rendered with the gender-neutral parens patriae "parent of the nation". The text latim er is concealed in the words. Adapted from Pax Romana. Pax Deorum Peace of the gods Like the vast majority of inhabitants of the ancient world, the Romans practiced pagan rituals, believing it important to achieve a state of Pax Deorum The Peace of the gods instead of Ira Deorum The Wrath of the gods. Pax Domine peace, lord lord or master; used as a form of address when speaking to clergy or educated professionals.

Francis of Assisi and, consequently, of his monastery in Assisi; understood by Catholics to mean 'Peace and Goodness be with you,' as is similar in the Mass; translated in Italian as pace e bene. Also written as "Pax et Lvx". Specifically can mean the twenty-three years of supreme Spanish dominance in Europe approximately Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus "Peace to those who enter, health to those who depart.

Often benedicto habitantibus Blessings on those who abide here is added. The inverse of the Southern United States saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Pax tibi, Marce, evangelista meus. Hic requiescet corpus tuum. Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist. Here will rest your body. Legend states that when the evangelist went to the lagoon where Venice would later be founded, an angel came and said so.

The "you" is plural "you all" , so the phrase must be used when speaking to more than one person; pax tecum is the form used when speaking to only one person. This is, arguably, the most terse military despatch ever sent. The story is apocryphal. From this, the phrase was expanded to pecunia non olet, or rarely aes non olet "copper doesn't smell". From Horace, Odes, 3, 2, The motto of numerous educational establishments. Also the motto of Clan Hannay. Rider Haggard's novel The People of the Mist.

A common variant, ad astra per aspera "to the stars through hardships" , is the state motto of Kansas. De Profundis Ad Astra "From the depths to the stars. The singular is per caput. A specific amount of money an organization allows an individual to spend per day, typically for travel expenses. Used to indicate that a person is signing a document on behalf of another person.

Correctly placed before the name of the person signing, but often placed before the name of the person on whose behalf the document is signed, sometimes through incorrect translation of the alternative abbreviation per pro. In American jurisprudence often refers to a spouse's claim for loss of consortium. See also per os. Without referring to anything else, intrinsically, taken without qualifications etc.

A common example isnegligence per se. See also malum in se. Contrasted with per capita. Also used to refer to hypothetical perpetual motion machines. In diplomatic contexts, a person rejected by the host government. The reverse,persona grata "pleasing person" , is less common, and refers to a diplomat acceptable to the government of the country to which he is sent.

Motto of the Colombian National Armada. Expression from Ovid. Used to describe deception which serves Church purposes. Translated into Latin from Arabic. The delicate innermost of the three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. Formerly used on works of art, next to the artist's name. Conversely, a thumb up meant to unsheath your sword.

The type of gesture used is uncertain. Also the name of a famous painting depicting gladiators by Jean-Lon Grme. Polonia Restituta Rebirth of Poland pons asinorum bridge of asses Any obstacle that stupid people find hard to cross. Originally used of Euclid's Fifth Proposition in geometry. Originally an office in the Roman Republic, later a title held by Roman Emperors, and later a traditional epithet of the pope.

The pontifices were the most important priestly college of the religion in ancient Rome; their name is usually thought to derive from pons facere "to make a bridge" , which in turn is usually linked to their religious authority over the bridges of Rome, especially the Pons Sublicius. In common law, a sheriff's right to compel people to assist law enforcement in unusual situations. Attributed to Galen of Pergamum. Not to be confused with post meridiem. Post mortem auctoris p. Usually rendered postprandial. Used to mark additions to a letter, after the signature. Can be extended to post post scriptum p.

Former motto of Chile; motto of Robert College of Istanbul. See primum movens. A common theological term, such as in the cosmological argument, based on the assumption that God was the first entity to "move" or "cause" anything. Aristotle was one of the first philosophers to discuss the "uncaused cause", a hypothetical originatorand violatorof causality. Often falsely attributed to the Hippocratic Oath, though its true source is probably a paraphrase fromHippocrates' Epidemics, where he wrote, "Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future; practice these acts.

As to diseases, make a habit of two things: to help, or at least to do no harm. Another name for this principle is lex posterior. Work undertaken voluntarily at no expense, such as public services. Often used of a lawyer's work that is not charged for. Prescribing a set form or procedure, or performed in a set manner. See also: pro se. Also "concerning a matter having come into being". Used to describe a meeting of a special Presbytery or Assembly called to discuss something new, and which was previously unforeseen literally: "concerning a matter having been born".

Some jurisdictions prefer, "pro per". A philosophical term indicating the acceptance of a theory or idea without fully accepting the explanation. Denotes a temporary current situation. Used with ult. Mencken as "Few men are noble". The salient point. Q[edit] Latin Translation Notes qua definitione by virtue of definition Thus: "by definition"; variant of per definitionem; sometimes used in German-speaking countries. Occasionally misrendered as "qua definitionem".

Francis Xavier University. Also motto of the University of Alberta as "quaecumque vera". Taken fromPhilippians of the Bible quaecumque vera doce me teach me whatsoever is true Motto of St. Joseph's College, Edmonton at the University of Alberta. Often introduces rhetorical or tangential questions. Motto of Newfoundland and Labrador. Or "What a craftsman dies in me! Notice the different singular, "gesserit", and plural, "gesserint", forms. It was from this phrase that Frank Herbert extracted the name for the Bene Gesserit sisterhood in the Dune novels.

Also quaque die qd , "every day", quaque mane qm , "every morning", and quaque nocte qn , "every night". From Plautus, Bacchides, IV, 7, In this comic play, a sarcastic servant says this to his aging master. The rest of the sentence reads: dum valet sentit sapit "while he is healthy, perceptive and wise". Augustine of Hippo's commentary on Psalm 74, 1: Qui enim cantat laudem, non solum laudat, sed etiam hilariter laudat "He who sings praises, not only praises, but praises joyfully".

The more literal translation is "Let those who teach, teach" or "Let the teacher teach". Sometimes accompanied by the proviso "ubi loqui debuit ac potuit", that is, "when he ought to have spoken and was able to". State motto of Connecticut. Originally written as sustinet qui transtulit in Translated loosely as "because even the wife of Caesar may not be suspected". At the feast of Bona Dea, a sacred festival for females only, which was being held at the Domus Publica, the home of the Pontifex Maximus, Caesar, and hosted by his second wife, Pompeia, the notorious politician Clodius arrived in disguise.

Caught by the outraged noblewomen, Clodius fled before they could kill him on the spot for sacrilege. In the ensuing trial, allegations arose that Pompeia and Clodius were having an affair, and while Caesar asserted that this was not the case and no substantial evidence arose suggesting otherwise, he nevertheless divorced, with this quotation as explanation. What's happening? What's going on? What's the news? What's up? A possible answer is an anagram of the phrase:est vir qui adest, "it is the man who is here. Commonly used by Nocera Clan. Less literally, "What's new from Africa?

Commonly shortened to quidnunc. As a noun, a quidnunc is a busybody or a gossip. Signifies a favor exchanged for a favor. The traditional Latin expression for this meaning was do ut des "I give, so that you may give". A recent ironic Latin phrase to poke fun at people who seem to use Latin phrases and quotations only to make themselves sound more important or "educated". Similar to the less common omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina.

Who will guard the guards themselves? Commonly associated with Plato who in the Republic poses this question; and from Juvenal's On Women, referring to the practice of havingeunuchs guard women and beginning with the word sed "but". Usually translated less literally, as "Who watches the watchmen? Who will read this?

Motto of the Order of St. Motto of Northern Ireland. Usually translated "Who is like unto God? For how much longer? From Cicero's first speech In Catilinam to the Roman Senate regarding the conspiracy of Catiline: Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? Quo Vadimus? Where are we going? Where are you going? The King James Version has the translation "Lord, whither goest thou? F which was to be done Or "which was to be constructed". Used in translations of Euclid's Elements when there was nothing to prove, but there was something being constructed, for example a triangle with the same size as a given line.

Iovi also commonly rendered Jovi is the dative form of Iuppiter "Jupiter" or "Jove" , the chief god of the Romans. Generally interpreted to mean that that which motivates or drives a person can consume him or her from within. This phrase has become a popular slogan or motto for pro- ana websites, anorexics and bulimics.

Pilate to the chief priests John A caution against following a doctrine of Naive Analogy when attempting to formulate a scientific hypothesis. For more than one term or phrase, the plural is quae vide qq. Quodcumque dixerit vobis, facite. Whatever He tells you, that you shall do. More colloquially: "Do whatever He [Jesus] tells you to do. John From Juvenal's Satires: rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno "a rare bird in the lands, and very like a black swan". Assigning property rights to a thing based on its presence on a landowner's property. From the ablative of res "thing" or "circumstance".

It is a common misconception that the "Re:" in correspondence is an abbreviation for regarding or reply; this is not the case for traditional letters. However, when used in an e-mail subject, there is evidence that it functions as an abbreviation of regarding rather than the Latin word for thing. The use of Latin re, in the sense of "about, concerning", is English usage. Motto of Ruyton Girls' School reductio ad absurdum leading back to the absurd A common debate technique, and a method of proof in mathematics and philosophy, that proves the thesis by showing that its opposite is absurd or logically untenable.

In general usage outside mathematics and philosophy, a reductio ad absurdum is a tactic in which the logic of an argument is challenged by reducing the concept to its most absurd extreme. Translated from Aristotle's " " hi eis atopon apagogi, "reduction to the impossible". As a fallacy, it rests upon Aristotle's notion that all things must have a cause, but that all series of causes must have a sufficient cause, that is, an unmoved mover.

An argument which does not seem to have such a beginning becomes difficult to imagine. Originally rendered in in the plural, regnant populi "the peoples rule" , but subsequently changed to the singular. A benediction for the dead. Often inscribed on tombstones or other grave markers. A clause sometimes informally added on to the end of this phrase is sed quid in infernos dicit "but what the hell does it say? Often refers to the legal concept that once a matter has been finally decided by the courts, it cannot be litigated again cf.

Literally meaning "things, not words" or "facts instead of words" but referring to that "actions be used instead of words". Used for things or beings which belong to nobody and are up for grabs, e. Motto of CCNY. Generally a memento mori, a warning to remember one's death.

Motto of Homerton College, Cambridge, Trinity College, Kandy and Turnbull High School, Glasgow respondeat superior let the superior respond Regarded as a legal maxim in agency law, referring to the legal liability of the principal with respect to an employee. Whereas a hired independent contractor acting tortiously may not cause the principal to be legally liable, a hired employee acting tortiously will cause the principal the employer to be legally liable, even if the employer did nothing wrong. Oh Lordhow frail are we! Gifford's translation [55] and used by William Wordsworth as a subtitle for his ballad "Anecdote for Fathers".

Other signs of death include drop in body temperature algor mortis, "cold of death" and discoloration livor mortis, "bluish color of death". Can you help laughing, friends? An ironic or rueful commentary, appended following a fanciful or unbelievable tale. Its intended meaning is "Romans, go home! S[edit] Latin Translation Notes saltus in demonstrando leap in explaining a leap in logic, by which a necessary part of an equation is omitted.

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Also the state motto of Missouri. The title of paintings by Albrecht Drer and Leonardo da Vinci. Refers to the Papacy or the Holy See. Popularized by its use in Kant's What is Enlightenment? Frequently used in mottos; also the name of an Australian Heavy Metal band. Indicates that something can be understood without any need for explanation, as long as the listener has enough wisdom or common sense. Often extended to dictum sapienti sat est "enough has been said for the wise", commonly translated as "a word to the wise is enough". The other is "festina lente".

From Horace, Epistularum liber secundus 1, [58] and quoted in Fielding's Tom Jones; lit: "Learned or not, we shall write poems without distinction. Abbreviated sed. It became proverbial during the Middle ages. United States Marine Corps semper fortis always brave Unofficial motto of the United States Navy semper idem always the same Motto of Underberg semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat We're always in the manure; only the depth varies. Lord de Ramsey, House of Lords, 21 January [60] semper instans always threatening Motto of NAS Royal Navy semper invicta always invincible Motto of Warsaw semper necessitas the necessity of Latin maxim often associated with the burden of proof probandi incumbit ei qui agit proof always lies with the person who lays charges semper liber always free Motto of the city of Victoria, British Columbia semper paratus always prepared Motto of several institutions, e.

United States Coast Guard semper primus always first Motto of several US military units semper progrediens always progressing Motto of the island of Sint Maarten, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and of King City Secondary Schoolin King City, Ontario, Canada semper reformanda always in need of being reformed A phrase deriving from the Nadere Reformatie movement in the seventeenth century Dutch Reformed Church and widely but informally used in Reformed and Presbyterian churches today.

It refers to the conviction of certain Reformed Protestanttheologians that the church must continually re-examine itself in order to maintain its purity of doctrine and practice. Joseph's College, Allahabad, India. Also the motto of the city of San Diego, California. In addition to being anancient Roman motto, it remains the motto of the modern city of Rome. Similar in spirit to the phrase cui bono who gains? Michael the Archangel to the non serviam, "I will not serve" of Satan, when the angels were tested by God on whether they will serve an inferior being, a man, Jesus, as their Lord.

A self-referential jab at long words and needlessly elaborate language in general. Si monumentum requiris circumspice If you seek his monument, look around you from the epitaph on Christopher Wren's tomb in St Paul's Cathedral. State motto of Michigan, adopted in It translates literally as, "If you had been silent, you would have remained a philosopher.

Among other functions it expresses actions contrary to fact.

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Sir Humphrey Appleby translated it to the PM as: "If you'd kept your mouth shut we might have thought you were clever. The practice fell out of fashion and into obscurity with the decline in Latin literacy. Origin of the name parabellum for some ammunition and firearms, such as the Luger Parabellum. Similar to igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum sic thus Or "just so". States that the preceding quoted material appears exactly that way in the source, despite any errors of spelling, grammar, usage, or fact that may be present.

Used only for previous quoted text; ita or similar must be used to mean "thus" when referring to something about to be stated. Possibly the source of the ad astra phrases. Shorter version from original sic semper evello mortem tyrannis "thus always I pluck death from tyrants". State motto of Virginia, adopted in During Papal Coronations, a monk reminds the Pope of his mortality by saying this phrase, preceded by pater sancte "holy father" while holding before his eyes a burning paper illustrating the passing nature of earthly glories.

This is similar to the tradition of a slave in a Roman triumphs whispering memento mori in the ear of the celebrant. A legal maxim related to property ownership laws, often shortened to simply sic utere "use it thus". Indicates that a circumstance, whether good or bad, is an inherent aspect of living. Also Latinized as silentium est aurum "silence is gold".

Full text of "Pactum De Singularis Caelum"

The indicative form is found in Paracelsus 16th century , while the subjunctive form is said by Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, and is known as the law of similars. In modern legal context, it means there is nothing left for the court to do, so no date for further proceedings is set, resulting in an "adjournment sine die".

From Tacitus, Annals 1. George's School, Vancouver, Canada motto sine qua non without which not Used to denote something that is an essential part of the whole. See also condicio sine qua non. Johann Sebastian Bach often signed his manuscripts with the abbreviation S. The motto of the MasterWorks Festival, an annual Christian performing arts festival. Also rendered solo Christo "by Christ alone". Spartam nactus es; hanc exorna your lot is cast in Sparta, be a credit to it from Euripides's Telephus, Agamemnon to Menelaus. Refers to Yeats' belief that each human mind is linked to a single vast intelligence, and that this intelligence causes certain universal symbols to appear in individual minds.

The idea is similar toCarl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious. The same thing happens to whomever has been born of the Spirit. Motto of British Columbia. The phrase actually violates Latin grammar because of a mistranslation from English, as the preposition contra takes the accusative case. The correct Latin rendering of "we stand against evil" would be "stamus contra malum".

Also status quo ante "the situation in which [things were] before" , referring to the state of affairs prior to some upsetting event cf. More literally translated "the bewilderment of the world", or, in its original, pre- Medieval sense, "the stupidity of the world". ButtonPusher Sep 28, at Except I think "Ordio" sounds like "Oreo" but thats just me.

Its like the japanese version of oreo cause thats how it would sound if you said it in japanese Ordio well similar at least I know japanese. I was not aware that norco makes a chaos but I have been imformed that Morpheus already has a chaos so that name is ruled out. Im sure they can use names that other companies may have. Unless the names are like copyright protected or whatever its called which i think is highly unlikely. Morpheus ETW east to west talking about how the the new york company slowly grew larger and eventually got some rad riders on the west coast. I think "Morpheus Phenom" would be a great name because everyone was using the name to discribe my son Anthony this year.

No offense bro but Morpheus Odin just sounds a bit shit. Look at the props from the following users: bikebuyer All of them signed up on Sept 28 or Sept 29 and all of them know where to prop. Pretty f'ing poor. Why exactly would I waste my time making accounts for props on a contest based purely on the name given and not props?

Whether it is a frame or a bike is irrelevant. You are more likely to win if you have more props. Look at the first poster, he is smack dab at the top and it is clear that people like that name. Nice double negative bro. TotesRidic Sep 28, at I think that lucid dreams are amazing and if you ever get to have one then you're pretty damn lucky. Almost as lucky as if someone gave you a sick DJ for free! Dont some people train themselves to get those dreams? And is it like a dream that you can control and feels like its almost reality?

TotesRidic Sep 29, at AngusFkinBeef Sep 28, at It's a bit of a long one, "Super hot frame with plenty of warranty issues on the rear drop outs". If mitch and anthony cant break it than you can't either. Kitejumping Sep 28, at Nkevin90 Sep 28, at Yeah, it looks like a similar design to that of 90's Cannondales, which were notorious for cracking dropouts: i Jonnnny Sep 28, at UnisaurProductions Sep 28, at MiloXC3 Sep 28, at Morpheus Milo.

Because it's my first name and it's Greek. It's marvelous what a difference Milo makes! Morpheus - Messure OR Morpheus - Phenom based on the 15 year old phenom every kid looks up to in the world of dirtjumping and slopestyle, with the name based on Anthony Messure product sales would double just because the bike has his name on it, guaranteed. The tail will drop off and wriggle around for a little while, and the salamanders will either run away or stay still enough to not be noticed while the predator is distracted.

Salamanders routinely regenerate complex tissues. Within only a few weeks of losing a piece of limb, a salamander perfectly reforms the missing structure. Not the most appropriate description it being said to avoid things, but I love Salamanders and the TRD system reminds me of these slick amphibians. DimS Sep 28, at Ligblik Sep 28, at Meaning Air Gravity Speed Dream in greek. Morpheus Ethos- ethos refers to a disposition or characteristics peculiar to a specific person, culture or movement. How about: Morpheus: Leviathan - powerful name suiting the bike.

Aura - The new style creates an aura around it, and Aura is also the name of a greek titan of cool fresh early morning air which brings riding to the mind of any biker. Zelos - good sound to it i think, and it means the spirit of eager rivalry which is what DJ is all about. Hypnos - the frame is pretty hynotising and it sounds cool. Morpheus - Phobetor. Phobetor was the brother of Morpheus that made fearsome dreams hence "phobia" or Morpheus - Phantasus.

Phantasus was the brother of Morpheus who produced tricky and unreal dreams hence "fantasy", "phantasmagoria", etc. Tricky and unreal movements whilst in the air with this bike!!! Nickroy Sep 28, at I am Greek too and i am very attracted with all mythology names but i think this piece of art got to have a name from the present like a symbol. O2O imagine the two ''O'' much bigger than the number 2 in the middle. Can you see the illusion? Seems like the bike itself or the symbol of Oxygene and Ozon that we breathe in the air or alltogether all in two doses!!!!

What ever you like!!!! From my point of view i think its catchy! They're adapted to jump from cliff to cliff and hill to hill. Morpheus Bronx. Sounds sick, symbolises the unique design and the juxtaposition between Morpheus ancient Greece with Bronx modern New York is dope. In case people didn't read the article, Bronx is where their factory is. AlexCrandles Sep 28, at Morpheus Elektra - Elektra - Of Greek origin meaning shining, shimmering or incandescent.

I think Elektra illustrates not only the anodized colorway but a type of powerful mythological being. It seems to go well with the current line of Morpheus bikes too. Wow, lotta people want a free bike Morpheus Wanted Morpheus Addiction But for jumping its nice to see such a light, low, sleek frame, so a name should reflect that i think Morpheus Feather Or as its so different, and packs a hell of a punch and my fave name 'Morpheus South Paw'. Morpheus Kraken, because at some point all bikes need to be named after a mythical beast but the bike looks amazing though the rear dropouts seem a bit odd but if they're reliable after a fair bit of punishment then can't really complain.

Vazkez13 Sep 28, at It has a to year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. If-You-Build-It Sep 28, at The Morpheus Chimera Hear me out - this bike isn't the prettiest thing ever made, and naming your bike after a mythological Greek monster that has a lion's head and body, a goat's head growing out of its back, and a tail that ends in a snake's head would be a tounge-in-cheek way to sort of address that.

The Morpheus Chimera wasn't built to win a beauty contest, it was built to be a high performance dj beast, capable of tailwhipping your opponents in the face! Pick me! I've been drooling over this thing for months! Its should be named: Morpheus- snaydiow Using the correct font you would be able to have: the "i" appear as an "r" when read upside down. The "y" appear as and "h" when read upside down. The "a" appear as an "e" when read upside down.

That way no matter if the bike is rubber side down or not A really bad ass group is called a 'Cartel' Highly organized and never messed with. I say you call it the Morpheus Cartel With Riders like Anthony Messere hucking that huge quarter at Crankworx this frame has got to be tough. I'll gladly take one Morpheus - Cartel. Sphynx- In Greek mythology the Sphinx was a monster with the face and breasts of a woman, the body of a lion, and wings.

Sent by the earth goddess Hera as an affliction on the city of Thebes, she guarded a pass on a cliff by the sea and asked all who would pass a riddle. When Oedipus gave the correct answer, the Sphinx hurled herself over the cliff to her death in the sea below. So, this bike is molded with new technology and parts of a different kind- it has morphed from what was to what will be the new design in DJ bikes.

It's beautiful woman it's agressive lion it's lightweight and strong Wings-as a bird This bike is comprised of the elements it represents; Sphynx should be it's name. Morpheus "Sparta" : cause it's linked with mythology like the name of the brand. Sparta's soldiers were supposed to be the most poweful think of the film "" and brave. I like this name cause when I buy a bike I like when it feels that it won't let me down. This prototype looks really solid. ArmyFork Sep 28, at Morpheus Apeiron - Apeiron is the greek word for infinity or limitless, mountain bikers are always thinking up new tricks, trails and ways to keep pressing themselves and their equipment further.

The ability of a rider to keep coming up with new ideas and to apply them is without any limitation, and their equipment should embody that same ideal. Trix-rkidz Sep 28, at LSBikes Sep 28, at Well, this bike is one of a kind, and for a prototype, it stood very truth to the concept untill the end. It's like, the first of it's kind, so is "Beta" for sure, and then, is a metamorphosis of the current models of DJ bikes so, there's the metamorphosis, last, but not least, theres the BronX, and to mark the place of birth of this sick bike, there's the X With a little mixing without shaking If betamorphosix doesn't stick, i think the closest best name for it is Lots of people do talked about it, and most of the time, tried to find reasons and explanations to how it would certainly fail in the field Well, the only feeling i think where beind all this controvercy was envy Morpheus - Envy But "stellar1" already chose that one Nice.

M-Klausen Sep 28, at Exodus Valhalla-resting place for fallen warriors Val'kyrie-fallen battle maidiens that reside in Valhalla Cerberus-3 headed dog from greek mythology. Soul Vanilla-no rear suspension; rigid frame;. Watson Sep 30, at Hardtalefan Sep 28, at Think about it Badgers live, hunt, and play in the dirt and even though they are small would you mess with one?

Much like the Badger the Morpheus would rule it's domain no matter the location. Morpheus Fenix Fenix Phoenix - is a mythical bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet or purple, blue, and green according to some legends. Morpheus Terrasutra - My combination of 2 words, Terra obviously meaning earth, land, dirt and kamasutra symbolizing pleasure and love though this is not a real word i believe what it embodies is relevant to the nature of the bike, being one with the earth, and enjoyment it brings to riders everywhere.

Morpheus Dionysus Designing a bike like this would take a certain degree of channeled madness, liberating any mortal lucky enough to ride it into a state of enlightened ecstasy Alternative names for Dionysus are Bacchus and Agrios, also mentioning his role in liberating the fun and wild side of humanity.

Morpheus Trix the meaning is voyager through life , blessed, or geometrical terms denoting straight lines directrix Morpheus Supernova lovely word, A rare celestial phenomenon.. Morpheus Rivery. Dont know if any one used this idea because I didnt read through comments, but what if you could make up your own name. When you get the bike you get different letters of stickers. Since the frame is so unique I think it would be cool to name it yourself and keep the uniqueness haha.

The Morpheus Overdose. Morpheus who gave his name to Morphine and overdose, well, pretty self explanatory. Along the same lines would be the Morpheus Poppy for obvious reasons. Morpheus Nemesis Nemesis was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris pride. We all know if you get to cocky, big jumps will not hesitate to put you in your place. Also, the word nemesis is derived from the Greek word nemein, which mean to give what is due.

Any dirt jumper knows you have to pay your dues if you want to play. Dtomaso Sep 28, at John-pa Sep 28, at Morpheus-bump -buck -pump -shin -Monday -burm -scan -crisp -Dawn -end -se7en -spawn -rental -fortune -tune -skippy -digger -skid -lap-tap -idontknowwhattocallit. Naoy Oct 2, at In my opinion the best name for the bike would be the Morpheus "Try Hard". It is not trying to be the cleanest, most colourful, or trendy bike.

Its claiming the title of having the best geometry and performance for its intended use. This bike is more concerned for throwing down the best tricks, rather that sitting on the side lines being the cleanest of the bunch. This bike is a precision tool that will only be truly appreciated by the try hard, so in my opinion it should be named after its users, The Morpheus Try Hard. How about just keeping the name "Prototype" Since their are so many controversial and innovative or new to the sport aspects of this bike, the sliding dropouts, the super small rear triangle, the weight saving CNC'ing, I think just leaving the name as Prototype would be cool, and really describe what the bike is all about.

Cbn97 Sep 28, at Has anyone suggested Morpheus Minotaur yet? If not, then I call it. Minotaur would be perfect because the minotaur was a figure in Greek mythology and was a beast that ran rampid through the labyrinth. It is also important to know that the minotaur was half man, half bull. The head being a bull's head and the bottom half being human.

Good one? Morpheus- Ekibpmuj love this name because the word ekibpmuj means machine of flow in ancient Latin and in my opinion this is what dirt jumping is all about! This is pronounced esm-beur-pa-moo-shee in my opionion this is lovely. Morpheus - Burl - Cool name. I was listening to Mastodon. Morpheus - Apex - the top of the heap Morpheus - Velociraptor - I can't believe no one else has said this yet. Morpheus Nox - Atmospheric pollutant. Morpheus Vertex - The crown of the head. Morpheus Phyla - A principal taxonomic category that ranks above class and below kingdom.

Morpheus quility - Made up. Morpheus Manga - A Japanese genre of cartoons, comic books, and animated films. Morpheus Neo Neo, coming from the greek work for "new", as this bike incorporates a lot of cutting-edge technology, like the Telescopic Rear Dropout and the increased bracket stiffness. You can't avoid thinking of Laurence Fishburne with a pince nez and trenchcoat when you hear the name "Morpheus," which admittedly is how I got around to thinking up the name Sentinel, but this bike, like the true definition of the word, would be a guardian or maverick of the trails, the street, skatepark, or where ever else you ride!

I also think the name goes along with others in the new Morpheus lineup, it's easy to pronounced, there's no other bikes sharing the namesake at the moment, and it'd look awesome on the proto's top tube! NAVI my favourite. Navi means fly in latin. Aeris is air, and Rota is wheel.

Babylon is a dirty name in general, Stella means star, and Cosmo is where you'll end up going on this bike. Name: Morpheus Do champ Meanings: champ 1 To bite or chew upon noisily. Informal A champion. The brain of Dada movement and influenced the all contemporary art with a new art idea conceptual structure. Processor Sep 28, at Morpheus Evolve Because it shows how the company is evolving and changing things and becoming more innovative with its designs. Which goes with Morpheus's whole vision and shows their visions are becoming realities. This transportation device should be formaly named the Morpheus Jesus because Jesus a noun is the most awesome person in the world sorry for my bad punctually incorrect grammar I am felling a tad biit lazy today.

Thank you very much -Sincerely, Graham Nicholas Schmid. Morpheus Icarus In Greek Mythology, Icarus was the son of a craftsman, Daedalus, who made Icarus a set of wings to escape to the skies with. Icarus was young and bashful and against the warning of the craftsman, to not fly to close to the sun otherwise the wings would melt, did in fact fly too close to the sun on his quest to be the first flying man and ultimately fell to his death. Morpheus- Vulture: because this is an idea scavenged from many great riders and designers.

Name: Morpheus Do champ 1 Champ: To bite or chew upon noisily. Meaning of agressive DJ bike, ride, style and biker. A bike made for champions. Phantomsmasher Sep 30, at Morpheus Trajectory would be a nice name for a dirt bike or Morpheus Icarus, named after the man in the greek mythology, who, according to the legend, attempted to escape from Crete flying with wings made feathers and wax and ignoring his father's advice not to fly too close to the sun died when his wings melted.

OldSkoolAK Sep 28, at TyranT21 Sep 29, at Morpheus - Pandemonium unrestrained 2. Morpheus - Tomahawk the bike is a weapon 3. Morpheus - Peyote psychedelic 4. Morpheus - Panache a word of French origin that carries the connotation of a flamboyant manner and reckless courage. FedKell Sep 29, at Chosen heroes were gathered up and borne away to Valhalla, the heavenly abode of Odin's ghostly army. Havoc13 Sep 28, at MORPHEUS - "Chingona" in mexico use to call chingon to the best, papa grande, king of the sky, the grates, almost god, - "Mamacita" we call mamacita to a realy beatiful and hot girl, any way Travis-Allen Sep 30, at Here are my following Morpheus bike names without influence from all the aforementioned names that I did not look at.

Bad ass Bad as in good U know! Ass as in the ass of the bike Can-able U know, right? Chuby mess This is not a piss take! Just an Homage to the shred-testers! Morpheus Heir As in "Air" with a twist " Name: Morpheus Do champ Meanings: champ 1 v. To bite or chew upon noisily. Dr-Sinsemilla Sep 29, at Morpheus Eon Morpheus Epoch all terms having to do with long periods of time, because this concept and bike will not need to be changed for a long period of time My other suggestiong arent appearing on the comments so I will restate those as well Morpheus Mountain Masher Morpheus Monster Morpheus Flight Morpheus Helios - flys through the heavens vibrantly like the sun through the sky Morpheus Raven - trickster god tricks are done by the bike of many Native Americans, also a bird that soars through the.

Terryotomy Sep 28, at I think a Techne would be a good match for his artful skills. Morpheus Osculate, comes from a Latin base meaning to kiss, in mathematics it refers to a point which a circle kisses is tangent of a curve. This to me is dirt jumping, the wheels kiss the curves of the jumps till you leave the ground tangentially from the end of the curve. At which point forward momentum and gravity project you in an inverse parabolic shape. Patsplit Sep 28, at The Contrary defiantly utilizes proprietary patents developed within the company to reach new heights previously thought impossible.

While at the same time the TRD provides a relatively supple ride without sacrificing lateral stiffness. Non-conformity is the only path to advancing the sport and the design team has produced a bike design that leads the way. Morpheus - Patent Hopefully this chain stay design is patented. Its thinking outside the box, which most people have a hard time doing. Morpheus - Graviton In physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory.

Morpheus Red Pill probably just for matrix fans but whatever the red pill shows you the true nature of the world and something totally new instead of letting you wake up in your everyday world without any knowledge of something new. Greg-Kline Sep 28, at The Skyla, Loki, and now Flyt!

Morpheus N. Morpheus SandStorm Morpheus Hercule, buying makes you an half god of dirt jumping Morpheus Gryphon cos it's nice and it's flying Morpheus Unicorn, it's rare and epic Morpheus Blunicorn , cos it make me smile Morpheus Mad Dog, cos you know what you are Morpheus Kalypso, i sounds good Morpheus Agora, nice name for a street bike Morpheus Psycho, souds great too Morpheus Freedom, cos when you re dreaming you re free Indeed, i spend 2 hours on that, but I am my own boss, so whatever Dirt jump and slopestyle is all about liberation through madness and ecstacy Bacchus and Agrios are alternative names for the same god.

You should call it the Morpheus Dictionary, Since the whole book seems to have been written out in the comments in less than five hours Seriously thought I'm going to go with: Morpheus Hype: as there seems to be a lot of it to go with this bike and I think it sounds good :p. She also is the wife of Loki! I think that would fit perfectly! It's TOBU. The Japanese word for flying. The art work could be really cool with the kanji symbol painted in with traditional Japanese style artwork showing the mountains on the down tube. His name in Greek means "time" and can also mean "year" in Modern Greek and is alternatively spelled Chronus Latin spelling or Khronos.

Obviously this is a slaying dirt jump bike and time will be spent in the air a lot. My second choice will be Rogue. Name: Morpheus Marvel I think this would be a good name because the word marvel means one that evokes surprise, admiration, or wonder. I think that this new beautiful dirt jumper will be marvelous in its performance and people that ride it will be admired or looked up to.

Sounds great too! Thank you Morpheus! Morpheus Cabal - Short and sweet but represents all the combined efforts of the designers, riders, fabricators etc to change or "revolutionize" the current state of dirt jump bikes which, in my opinion is rather cookie cutter-like as far as the other bike companies are concerned. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary states; Cabal - the artifices and intrigues of a group of persons secretly united in a plot as to overturn a government ; also : a group engaged in such artifices and intrigues. Stewartlowe Sep 28, at Morpheus Haggis Haggis is a creature with two legs shorter chainstays and seatstays and two legs longer Top tube and Downtube.

Morpheus "Epipedos" - English translation would be, on top of the ground as a dirt jumper only can be Or Morpheus "Mysophilia" - English translation would be, a pathological attraction to dirt or filth self explanatory Or Morpheus "Pelocole" - English translation would be, living, or thriving, in mud. IronHyde Sep 28, at Morpheus - Staunch meaning: loyal, firm, and dependable OR solid or substantial in construction Morpheus - Mana Meaning: Mana is an indigenous Pacific islander concept of an impersonal force or quality that resides in people, animals, and debatably inanimate objects.

Mr-Fezz Sep 28, at TheArbez Sep 28, at Zeus is the king of the gods, so yeah "king bike", same thing with victor. Pegasus because Pegasus is the winged flying horse, and this bike is designed to fly and help you fly. Falcon or Peregrine because they're high and fast flying birds. SevenOneFour Sep 28, at I'm 32, and am still completely consumed by riding my bike, researching product, building ramps and trails, dreaming and riding, riding and filming, bikes, bikes, bikes.

I have thought this through please pick Morpheus Agendra. This means King of mountains. They want the bikes to offer a glimpse into the personality of the rider. No better way to express yourself than by getting enough air to perform your own "uniquely you" tricks. And that's exactly what Morpheus is doing to the DJ community with this concept!

Evolving the industry and taking risks! Without taking risks, most things will stay the same and become stagnant. Hopefully riders will welcome this design with open arms because this is brings a breath of fresh air to most of the DJ frames we are seeing today! Morpheus Herc. Named after Kool Herc, the innovator of hip-hop, who started hip-hop in the Bronx. Plus that frame looks strong as Hercules, and the TRD seems pretty innovative.

JoshuaO Sep 28, at Morpheus Pinner Morpheus Orthodox Morpheus Vanir - god in norse mythology that could see into the future Morpheus Epimetheus - greek titan that gave animals their traits Morpheus Trilogy - your 3rd production bike Morpheus Saltamos - means "we jump" in spanish. Morpheus- Lethe river. Describing the flow of the bike. Morpheus- Abyss Can be used to describe bottomless. In this situation, the possibilities for what this bike can be used for is bottomless. Morpheus- Allomorph Different. Because the products Morpheus has created have a great unique quality to them.

Morpheus- Pegasus Hope that pinkbike and Morpheus like the names I thought would be good for it. Outdoor Sep 28, at MOrpheus- ghost face killa. How about the Morpheus Fresh because it is such a new design idea. I think that the new frame designs on it are really cool. Makes sense to me. I think that that one is almost better. Morpheus Manifest Morpheus Fresh. Morpheus Fermata Morpheus Cadenza a fermata is a musical notation that tells the musician to hold the note to whatever length they feel is necessary to properly express the phrase.

Wow, I don't envy the guys who have to read through all the great suggestions to pick a winner! I read a few but ran out of time so sorry if someone else, or several others have already suggested this, but I think the "Morpheus Blue-Pill" is the perfect name Morpheus Dirt Squirrel - This frame flies through the dirtjumps like a squirrel in trees Morpheus Viral - This frame will spread like a disease when people realize what an Engineering masterpiece it is Morpheus Centric - It contains all the centric features to excel in the world of dirt.

Morpheus - Thor - Take to the sky on the new Morpheus Thor. Thor is the Norse god of the sky, easy to remember, say, and fits in with the Loki. Thor also known as "The Thunder god" is inspired by the thought of flying through the air and throwing in stylish maneuvers. Morpheus - Tyr - Drop the hammer with a bike named after the Norse god of war, whether you are going into battle at a contest or just charging your tricks with your friends. Tyr fits into the line with Loki having roots in Norse mythology. Like Tyr march into battle with the powerful Morpheus Ares.

Be it stomping the tricks or shredding the dual slalom tracks. You can all ways feel in control atop the Ares! I can see the photo shoot for the new bike with Machu Pichu Ruins on the background and the bike going down the Inca trail Rusty62 Sep 30, at Could also have double meaning. When I ride this bike it makes me feel like there's "morphean" corsing thru my veins!

Since Morpheus was the god of dreams. Samslon5 Sep 28, at Morpheus Khaos - When the world begun, Khaos was there. She is the goddess who predates everything else - gods and even the world. The word "Khaos" means space, gap, darkness and void. I don't think this can be any more fitting for a dirt jumping bike. Especially a dj bike that is so unique that it likely will predate all future bikes with similar technology. Mjmx99 Oct 13, at Morpheus Float seems to be a cool name for a bike that is made to hit dirt jumps. Broso Sep 29, at Not sure if mine are getting deleted either I can't see them Morpheus Exodus A departure of a large number of people.

I was reading all the last props this morning, and it s so boring to see that people don t even take 2 minutes to check the names already given It just mean that you tried to be lucky to win a bike and you don t realy care about findinf an original and cool name. Morpheus Philos those guys are super cool, they helped me try to get my chainguide up and running just before my race run at the sandy ridge super-d, and i wasnt even on one of their bikes.

What do you actually want a name to state?