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This is the second high profile resignation in the past six months at the RBI. For our first segment, Ishan Bakshi, who writes on the economy and is part of the Indian Express editorial team, talks about what this means for th Chennai has been facing one its worst water crisis in nearly two decades. It has now had poor monsoons for three years in a row. Last year because of it, the state's reservoirs dried up and its groundwater has severely depleted. Arun Janardhanan, who has been reporting on the crisis joins us on a call from Chennai to explain the kind of problem This has happened when the party chief, Chandrababu Naidu, is on holiday with his family in Europe.

Yesterday, to gather support for the 'one nation, one poll' idea, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited the presidents of all political parties having representatives in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to New Delhi. But several of them, including Congress, skipped the meeting. For our first segment, Avishek Dastidar joins us to talk about the meet In the last few days, South Kashmir has seen multiple terror attacks.

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They started when about a week ago, 6 CRPF personnel were killed in a shootout with militants in the Anantnag district. This had been the first major terror attack after the car bombing in Pulwama that had prompted the Balakot airstrikes.

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Following that there were two attacks Last night, protesting doctors in West Bengal announced to end their week-long strike after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee met with 31 representatives from medical colleges and agreed to their demands. Ravik Bhattacharya, who has been reporting on the strikes, joins us to tell us about the issues that were raised in the meeting and the extent t This is particularly crucial for states that are already facing severe water crisis.

In this episode, Harish Damodaran, Indian Express's rural affairs editor, joins us to tell What started as an incident of a patient's family assaulting junior doctors has spiraled into an indefinite protest by doctors across West Bengal which has, in turn, fueled the political row between Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress and the opposition party the BJP.

Ravik Bhattacharya unpacks how this affects the state's medical facilities a A little more than a decade after Chandrayaan-1, India is preparing itself for its second lunar expedition with more resources, technological prowess and a more ambitious goal.


On July 15th, Chandrayaan-2, India's second lunar mission will launch. If the mission is successful, India will become the fourth country to soft land on the moon- after Former Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India, Arvind Subramanian authored an opinion piece in the indian Express yesterday that caused some ripples. He essentially said that because of changes in methodology, India has been overestimating GDP growth since So while official estimates say that India's annual growth rate has The Kathua rape case, however, was more than just an act of sexual violence, it also had a major political context.

This visit was meant to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries. Christopher Abbott deserves quite a bit of credit for imbuing his character with a low-boil frustration mixed with genuine despair and contemptuous disdain. He knows the whole system is a sham and wants nothing to do with it. His mission is to stay alive and get out of dodge.

Orr is crazy and therefore he can get out of flying combat missions. All he has to do is ask. This paradoxical rule keeps rational men like Yossarian in combat and obscures irrational abuses of power. All the while men die senseless deaths because a certain Colonel keeps raising the mission count. Clevinger might be talking about parade formations when he describes the synchronization gap between the unit and the individual line, but that tension extends through every facet of service. If Yossarian is required to die for the good of the group, how noble are the goals of the group in the first place?

The war might be just, but what good are the justifications if Yossarian dies before seeing its end?

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However, to be evaluated, he must request the evaluation, an act that is considered sufficient proof for being declared sane. These conditions make it impossible to be declared "unfit". The "Catch" is that "anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn't really crazy". At the same time, if an evaluation is not requested by the pilot, he will never receive one and thus can never be found insane, meaning he must also fly in combat.

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The philosopher Laurence Goldstein argues that the "airman's dilemma" is logically not even a condition that is true under no circumstances; it is a "vacuous biconditional" that is ultimately meaningless. Goldstein writes: [14]. The catch is this: what looks like a statement of the conditions under which an airman can be excused flying dangerous missions reduces not to the statement. If the catch were i , that would not be so bad—an airman would at least be able to discover that under no circumstances could he avoid combat duty.

But Catch is worse—a welter of words that amounts to nothing; it is without content, it conveys no information at all. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Situation in which one cannot avoid a problem because of contradictory constraints. Logic portal Novels portal. Random House Dictionary.

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It is Catch Dr. Henriksen, Dr. The New York Times. Section 7, Page 3, Column 1.

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Retrieved New England Journal of Medicine. Catch A Novel. Simon and Schuster. In Priest, Graham; Beall, J. The law of non-contradiction: new philosophical essays. Oxford University Press.

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Theseus' ship List of Ship of Theseus examples Sorites. Petersburg Thrift Toil Tullock Value. List Book. Joseph Heller's Catch John Yossarian Capt. Aardvark Chaplain Tappman C.

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