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Schopenhauer-Jahrbuch fuer das Jahr , Frankfurt am Main , pp. Gupta, N. Oktober ", in: Internationales Asienforum , 27, , , pp. Ho, Loc , Vietnamesischer Buddhismus in Deutschland. Paris: Gallimard , pp. Kantowsky, Detlef , "Buddhismus in Deutschland heute", in: Spirita - Zeitschrift fuer Religionswissenschaft , 5, 1, , pp. The volume offers some hitherto unknown facts and details of the rich life of Govinda, founder of the order Arya Maitreya Mandala]. Kantowsky, Detlef ed. Beschreibungen und Gespraeche , Texte, Bilder und Dokumente zum Geburtstag des Ehrwuerdigen Nyanaponika Mahaathera, No.

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Lotusblaetter quarterly published by the German Buddhist Union, since , Munich. Barbarin, E. Bies, E. Klincksieck Both of them focus on Asian Buddhists. La Transplantation du Bouddhisme Lao en France", in: Archives de sciences sociales des religions , 36, 73, , pp. Provide detailed accounts of the practice within communities, with emphasis on converts. Unfortunately few theoretical developments and a lack of consistency in the presentation.

Raises the issue of the "Asian memoir" of the Buddhism for converts. Champion, D. Hervieu-Leger eds. Detailed description of the forms and regulation processes of the practices and the beliefs among converts. Both trends are seen as adaptation to a western context. Highly informative, with analytical perspectives; AK].

The author examines the difficulties encountered by the SG in the French ideological and political context. Convert Buddhism is much more media-covered and seen as "philosophic", while an Asian Buddhism is considered as exotic. Ebihara, Carol A. Mortland, Judy Ledgerwood eds. Modehn, Christian , Religion in Frankreich. Obadia, Lionel , "Bouddhisme, Diffusion et Migration.

Obadia, Lionel , "Bouddhisme et Diaspora. Obadia, Lionel , Bouddhisme et Occident. Obadia, Lionel , "Le bouddhisme: une religion 'moderne'? Servais ed. Obadia, Lionel ed. Focusing on Tibetan Buddhism in France. Critical reflections on the sociological approach of Buddhism in the West. The author suggests a scale of adherence to Buddhism in a community context from an heterodox to an orthodox poles. Raphael, Liogier , "La pertinence contemporaine du bouddhisme", Revue des deux mondes , Paris , p. Demonstrates the one-sidedness of the author and the weak points in the applied methodology.

Interesting discussion on the notion of "Modern Buddhism". Provides historical and practical details for each lineage and tradition. Includes non-affiliated groups. Schlegel, Jean-Louis , "Du christianisme au bouddhisme: les pratiques religieuses aujourd'hui", in: Esprit , June , pp.

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Focuses upon the failures of Christianity and the developments of new forms of religious commitment. Stanislas, Maillard , "La voie du zen en France", in: Informations catholiques internationales , No , Tager, Djenane Kareh , "France, melting-pot bouddhiste", in : L'Actualite religieuse dans le monde , 93, Paris: Bodhi Baum Jahrbuch , ed. Walter Karwath Society', Vienna: Octopus , , , ca. Hutter, Manfred , "Nirwana statt Himmel.

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Buddhismus in Oesterreich", in: Die Furche , No. Geschichte und Organisation", in: Manfred Hutter ed. Ritter, Franz , "Austro-Buddhismus. Zotz, Volker , see the entries under 'Germany'. Dibelka, Peter , "Buddhisten in Oesterreich. Alltagsbewaeltigung und Sinnzusammenhang", unpubl. Poier, Wolfgang , "Buddhismusrezeption in der oesterreichischen Moderne", unpubl. Although the application was granted by the state in the end, the process is indicative of the problems which a small religious group faces in a state deeply impressed by Roman Catholicism.

Well investigated, comprehensive work.

Jovem estudante parece ter reencarnado a voz de Michael Jackson INCRÍVEL!

Katharina Herzog]. Ursache und Wirkung quarterly published by the Austrian Buddhist Religion's Association, Vienna some journals of specific centres and groups. Aeschimann, C. App, Urs , Richard Wagner und der Buddhismus. Burnoufs masterpiece ]. As in other countries outside Asia an intra-Buddhist diversity is apparent with many different traditions and schools; this is analysed, also regarding the numbers of Buddhists, suggesting some 3,, 'convert'-Buddhists and some 17, to 21, Asian-born Buddhists living presently in Switzerland].

Brauen, Martin; Kantowsky, Detlef Hg. Studien zum Prozess kultureller Identifikation , Diessenhofen: Ruegger Chokteng, K. In Switzerland the majority of Tibetans adhere to the Gelug order and visiting Nyingma lamas have to come from abroad; description of a lama's visit and portrait of a family]. Gyaltsen Gyaltag, K. Gyaltsen Gyaltag , Tibeter in der Schweiz , Baden Rathgeb, Ursula , Vom Dach der Welt. Korom ed. A few regular letters of specific centres and groups.

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Gemert, Victor van , Boeddhisme in Nederland: overzicht van boeddhistische stromingen in Nederland en Belgi , Nijmegen: Zen-uitgeverij Theresiahoeve , updated Start a Wiki. Prepare to Fight to Defend the Light! Contents [ show ]. English 1st Edition. French 1st Edition. German 1st Edition. Italian 1st Edition. Portuguese 1st Edition. Spanish 1st Edition. Realm of Light Structure Deck. Starter , Structure , and Preconstructed Decks. Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden. A miracle! The mob was strengthened by German, Dutch and French seamen. For the faith in Jesus Christ, not one of those Jews shall remain!

For allegedly having tortured the innocent man depicted in the ubiquitous symbol. The constant reminder The role of the crucifix as learning device of Jew-hate may hardly be underrated. The earliest representations of the crucifixion date back to 8th century. They show the Christ lesser as a victim but rather as the sovereign ruler. The expression of human pain would have contradicted this kingly role.

No earlier than around 12th century, a poignant and meaningful change happens. Just when artists learned to add spacial deepness to their flat two-dimensional paintings, compassion now acquired its third dimension, opening a soul-space whose converging lines aim to utmost pain.

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It happened in exactly this 12th century of emotionally enhanced bloody paintings that the catching annual rhythm of the Jesus child being born at Christmas and Jesus crucified on Holy Friday produced the first rumours of Jews crucifying Christian children, later on also using their blood to bake their Matzot. Seven centuries had to pass until sensitive persons described the psychic transformation of compassion with innocent Jesus into justified anger against his alleged tormenters: the Jews.

If later on he hears about Jews or sees Jews, he associates them spontaneously with the Christ-killers … With this antipathy inside, the child grows up. Indeed, cross and crucifix are the constant reminders of the deviltry of Jews, the God-hated murderers of his son. Gross and Robert W. By no means. My research increased my sympathy with him — with the man, the tragic rebel, not with the virgin born Godson — on a thoroughly human level, free of Pauline distortions.

He did not claim to be the Messiah and may even have denied outright that he was. The Jews did not conspire to kill him and were not responsible for his death. He met his end on a Roman cross, condemned by a Roman official for a Roman offense. The myth of the Christ-killers lacks a basis in history. The story it tells of Jewish rejection and malice is not true. The Romans, not the Jews, were the Christ-killers.

Time passes and nobody wants to open. Eventually Prinz flusters to his neighbour for the cause of the strange delay. It was a great relief to the rabbi and the congregants when I uncrossed my legs. The service began. Trying to ease his doubts about faith he even entered a monastery for potential priests — and was rejected after nine months, quite exactly the length of my stay in sacerdotal seminary.

Never ever let the candle burn out. One parent suffices. It will not mean anything if the father is not a Jew, the mother suffices. And even if she is not completely Jewish, already the half will suffice; and even if she is not that, one quarter or one eighth as well. Holy Inquisition has found out in our times, that Jewish blood continues until the twenty first generation. No, it is a common child, an offspring of father and mother, of ancestors and grand-ancestors.

That holds true: His progenitor has died yet a long time ago. A child is like a parchment, densely inscribed with tiny hieroglyphs you can decipher only partly …. In , I deciphered old entries in Catholic parson records, in search for my grandmothers. Out of eleven Bissingers listed in Yad Vashem, eight lived in the rural Bavarian district of my mother and all her grandmothers.

Are children and drunkards telling the truth? They were boiling milk with sugar to make a typical dessert, and when I fell into the stove, the coals went over me. I felt like I was on fire. I was burning, mostly on the feet and neck. One of the charcoals went into my arm. I think I had a memory then of being burned before … I was very hurt. They were Catholics who lived in our town. The burned one. I am very well. You are the burned one from before. Just as to Anne A. But whose experiences? Why did my father reenact the Hollywood movie Ben Hur, which deals exactly with the Jews-and-Jesus problem, on a Swabian village stage?

And why did I enact the subject of emigration in my prizewinning historical play New Heimat about German US-immigrants of with a Jewish protagonist, the seamstress Gitele Ullmann? Why had I replaced the crucifix in my classroom by a picture showing the sharing of bread, which is almost archetypical for the Jewish rite and ethics that dominate the non-Pauline parts of the gospels? Why should he? In , the European Court of Human Rights had decided unanimously votes that obligatory classroom crosses infringe European convention.

Italian mother Soile Lautsi had started her lawsuit in , by coincidence at the same time when Italian TV reported my success at a Bavarian appeal court. And Halevi Weiler won the case for Berlusconi. On March 18, , the Strasbourg jury decided that no European can legally object to crucifixes in the classrooms of her child.

Weiler is a staunch Zionist. If this is Jewish, my identity remains Marrano. If I am supposed to support, against international law, the occupation of Palestine or even the construction of a third temple instead of Al-Aqsa, I am Marrano. Well, I proudly admit: I am a Marrano! And as a Marrano, I did not surrender to the symbol once again. Maybe this is the legacy of my ancestors who had to surrender to save their families.

In my family I remained the loner. Why do you ask me that? They are all in Hebrew. Yes, of compassionate Johanna.

Essentially, this book deals with the impacts of three nails in the minds of sensitive children. Andamos com os mortos nas costas. Munich Rothenburg on Tauber, Bodian, Miriam: Dying in the Law of Moses.

God bless fanesca!

Crypto-Jewish Martyrdom in the Iberian World. Bloomington, IN,