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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences Acker P. Insights on dispersal and recruitment paradigms: sex- and age-dependent variations in a nomadic breeder. Correction to: Insights on dispersal and recruitment paradigms: sex- and age-dependent variations in a nomadic breeder vol , pg 85, Alberto F.

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Ecology Demographic and genetic approaches to study dispersal in wild animal populations: a methodological review. Evolutionary emergence of infectious diseases in heterogeneous host populations. Chambert T. An analytical framework for estimating aquatic species density from environmental DNA. Champagnon J. Chandelier M. Content analysis of newspaper coverage of wolf recolonization in France using structural topic modeling.

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    Desprez M. Optimizing lifetime reproductive output: Intermittent breeding as a tactic for females in a long-lived, multiparous mammal. Assessing nature's contributions to people. Dosias-Perla D.

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      Charles B.