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Rachel fell into the dark hole that encapsulated her body. She spiraled around and around as she twirled and somersaulted through the never-ending blackness. As she continued to fall, now gaining immense speed, her hair blowing around and around in her face, she began to see a strobe light flashing in front of her eyes. She blinked and rubbed her face, not knowing what to make of it.

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The light continued to get brighter and brighter and then it started changing colors from white, to blue, to dark red. Then the strobe stopped and the light became constant and as bright as ever. It was so bright she had to squint her eyes to keep them open.

Fallen (Book #7 of the Vampire Legends)

Rachel hit the ground with a bang and a huge cloud of dust rose around her. She sat there for a moment trying to pull herself together. She pulled her ratty, wind-blown hair out of her face and while coughing loudly she swatted away the dust that clouded her lungs. As she looked around she realized that the red light had disappeared and she was left sitting in a dimly lit room with no windows or doors. She blinked her eyes, trying to make sense of the space she had just landed in.

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The echo of her voice chimed off the walls of the room and she heard it reverberate over a hundred times. She dusted herself off and noticed a few scrapes on her legs and blood oozing from one of them. She quickly touched it with her pointer finger and licked it away, enjoying the taste of her own blood. She slowly straightened, feeling her bones and muscles aching from the fall, but not enough to keep her down. She arched her back backwards into a stretch and held it for a few moments to get the kinks out. She then spun both of her arms around in circles and stretched them out behind her neck, trying to regain a sense of stability in her body.

Suddenly, the walls around her, which were close together and made her feel a little claustrophobic, began expanding.

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The room had quadrupled in size within minutes and showed no sign of stopping. Out, out, out they stretched until they suddenly came to a screeching halt and a loud beeping noise rang in her ears. As the room became still and silent again she knew this was her only time to make her move. She stood back up on her feet and began looking around at the four walls, each made of grey-colored stone with two small flickering lanterns in the center of each wall. The floor was bare with only the same stone beneath her. It sounded as if it were made of a manhole cover as it scratched its way closed.

Now, standing in the near darkness, she waited and listened for any signs of life or movement around her. She walked over to one of the walls and looked at it. She then reached her hand out to touch the stone with the tips of her fingers. As she did this her fingers touched the sharp, cold stone and then her hand went straight through the wall. She put her hand out further and watched as her arm went through the wall as well. She outstretched her other hand and it too went through. She waited for a moment and then thought she had nothing to lose. When she opened her eyes on the other side of the wall she was glad to realize that she had not fallen or gotten hurt like she anticipated she would.

She was okay. Her body was intact and her skin was not bleeding as it had been from the long fall down the rabbit hole.

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She looked around at her new surroundings and saw it was a long hall of mirrors. She felt dizzy looking into them, as if she were in the funhouse at Rye Playland. Some mirrors were wavy and some moved in circles around her. Then she heard footsteps running in the distance and quickly turned her head to see who and what it was. It was Benji running through the end of the mirrored hall and into the blackness that followed it.

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Her travels take her deep into mysterious territory, as she searches for her roots, and for an explanation of all that is happening to her. He is still in love with her, and more determined than ever to find her and rescue her—before it is too late. Her sister, Sarah, tries to come to grip with her new life at Syracuse, while learning what it means to be a vampire herself. Rob, driven by his love for Rachel, fights to shake off the influence of the dark coven.

But there comes a shocking twist, and by then, it may all even be too late… Will Rachel finally remember her true love? And will she be willing to sacrifice it all for him? But what of those vampires who through tricks of time or manipulations of the blood have no single Antediluvian they call their progenitor? What of the bloodlines? Emissaries of the Bahari have approached the bloodline elders. They bring dark warnings and a message of hope.

The bloodlines have a chance to survive the coming cataclysm. But they must renounce the father of their kind and swear allegiance to Lilith, the Dark Mother. They are faced with a terrible choice. Do they heed the warnings and join the servants of Lilith? Or do they remain true to all they have known and remain loyal to Caine? Faced with these choices debate, subversion, and civil war breaks out among and between the bloodline clans. They must choose which side they are on.

Risen (Book #6 of the Vampire Legends) (Electronic book text)

The Battle Lines are drawn. For centuries the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers conducted their clandestine research. The members of the order have gathered the secrets of their forbearers and the world's greatest trove of Kindred lore. Recently, several scholars of the order mysteriously disappeared. As the secret of the Edenic Groundskeepers is revealed, the world's Methuselahs realize their sudden peril and the opportunities before them.

The clandestine struggle for control of the information unearthed by the order begins. On the eve of the last chapters of Gehenna, the caster of a massive cataclysm awakes to a new world. His name is Claudio Severino and he comes back with knowledge and powers that are not meant to exist.

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Many seek him - some to destroy him, others to find out what he knows; some to save the Tremere, others to annihilate them. Others seek him to become like him. In a time of crisis, a leader will rise. Who will have the honor, the responsibility, the power to lead the armies of the Camarilla? Who will be the Imperator? An outlaw anarch gang is on the loose. Rich awards await those who can stop them. The followers of Caitiff preacher threaten the Masquerade.

His sermons threaten something worse. The infernal plague continues when the Prince of Hell is unleashed. Featuring Lambach's efforts to raise a legion of loyal followers, for purposes known only to him.

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Featured the struggle for the control of the Eye of Hazimel following the events of the Clan Novel series. Featured the struggle for the control of Baltimore following the events of the Clan Novel series. Login Form Username. Remember Me. Log in.