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Suspected Muslim militants attacked a Philippine military camp with explosives Friday in the country's south, killing three soldiers and two civilians, military officials said.

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Maoist rebels killed three paramilitary soldiers patrolling on motorbikes and a young girl who was riding in a passing bus in an ambush Friday in eastern India, police said. Russia's President Vladimir Putin used a series of talks with global leaders at the Group of 20 summit on Friday to strengthen old alliances and try to soothe tensions with rivals.

Vietnam: the First Television War – Pieces of History

Hayden Lee, who goes to school at Camp Foster on Okinawa, has received invitations to perform and compete at prestigious venues around the world. Trade and geopolitical tensions, and the looming threat of climate change, are on the agenda as the presidents of the United States and China and other world leaders gather in Osaka, Japan, for a summit of the Group of 20 major economies.

Several Huawei Technologies Co. A controversial pork shipment that prompted China to halt Canadian imports may have come from someplace else, according to the government in Ottawa. In recent weeks, crowds of climbers attempting to conquer Mount Everest have made international headlines as several people died in "traffic jams" atop the tallest peak in the world. Subic Bay was once home to thousands of U.

Information about the airman, who was found dead inside a residence near Kadena Air Base in Okinawa on Monday, was not readily available. A nonprofit organization working on the remote Pacific atoll of Tarawa has found what officials believe are the graves of more than 30 Marines and sailors killed in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Trump's comments during a wide-ranging Fox Business interview and on Twitter came as he prepared to discuss a range of pressing issues at the two-day Group of 20 meeting in Osaka.

Here are some specifics about planned cuts at base schools, from Okinawa to Germany, England to South Korea. A new law that took effect in South Korea on Tuesday lowers the legal limit for blood alcohol content to 0. President Donald Trump has recently mused to confidants about withdrawing from a longstanding defense treaty with Japan, according to three people familiar with the matter, in his latest complaint about what he sees as unfair U. The Japanese government has dismissed a U. The North's Foreign Ministry also repeated its demand that the United States must work out mutually acceptable proposals to salvage a deadlocked nuclear negotiations by the end of December.

Six employees of Oahu Parachute Center, three visitors and two local skydivers died Friday in the fiery crash of a twin-engine aircraft that took off on a sunset skydive flight in Mokuleia and left no survivors. Among them was Navy Lt. Joshua Drablos, who was assigned to U.

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Fleet Cyber Command. President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he's under little pressure to reach a trade deal with China when he meets late this week with President Xi Jinping and is prepared to impose further tariffs on Chinese imports. Watching a volcano erupt would be cool. But having a front-row seat miles above the volcano? That would be a view. An Indonesian military spokesman said Tuesday that any use of child soldiers by Papuan independence fighters would be a violation of human rights that implicates both the rebels and state institutions.

Thousands of people joined Hong Kong's latest protest rally Wednesday night against legislation they fear would erode the city's freedoms, capping a daylong appeal to world leaders ahead of a G summit this week that brings together the heads of China, the United States and other major nations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the eight children being repatriated were in the care of Australian government officials. Since April, there have been two more cases of a Japan Airlines personnel unable to fly due to drinking, prompting the airliner to issue a ban on June 23 that prohibits its pilots from drinking alcohol 24 hours before a flight during stopovers. Thousands of Indians suffer from encephalitis, malaria, typhoid and other mosquito-borne diseases each year during the summer monsoon season.

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  • Domestic Postal Censorship in WW1 | RNZ.
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President Donald Trump arrives in Japan Thursday for a two-day gathering of global leaders with his biggest foreign policy initiatives in the balance and time running out to score a major breakthrough as he prepares to make the case for reelection. The bloody three-month siege of Kohima took place in the Himalayan foothills of Nagaland, in northeast India.

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  5. Though the allied victory against the Japanese was a major turning point on par with the Battle of Stalingrad, we won't see world leaders travel to Kohima for its remembrance. Airman 1st Class Brooklyn Shedd will represent Misawa Air Base, attending nine festivals with two Japanese beauty queens and joining a sports team. The episode called "The Enemy Within" looks into the brutal murder of Tech.

    Curtis Eccleston who was found dead with multiple knife wounds in his off-base apartment.

    Letters Home

    The Papuan fighters have never been well armed but have battled Indonesia since it took control of the mineral-rich region from the Dutch in A skydiving plane crashed and burst into flames just after takeoff from a small seaside airfield on the island of Oahu, killing 11 people, officials said Saturday. Authorities initially reported that nine people died in the crash Friday. When Soviet troops invaded the Kurile islands in after Japan announced its surrender in World War II, all of the 17, Japanese residents either fled or were forcibly evicted.

    The death toll in a building collapse in Cambodia has risen to 24 and rescuers are continuing to search the rubble for more trapped workers. When the 12 young boys and their soccer coach walked into a cave complex in northern Thailand a year ago Sunday, they didn't know their lives were going to forever change. The State Department condemned China and Iran on Friday for treating religious minorities as national security threats meriting surveillance, imprisonment and sometimes death.

    Security is being ramped up in Osaka and tension is gradually building ahead of next week's Group of 20 summit meeting, with restrictions on traffic, station lockers and drones steadily being phased in. Ooyvey, a 9-year-old military working dog at Kunsan Air Base, died June 6 of liver disease, surrounded by her human friends. The move Friday by the U.

    Commerce Department could complicate talks next week between President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, aimed at de-escalating a trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies. More than 1, protesters blocked Hong Kong police headquarters into the night Friday, while others took over major streets as the tumult over the city's future showed no signs of abating. The reprieve followed a policy review ordered by Gen. Robert Abrams after he took command of U. Forces Korea in November. According to the Army, the move to extend tours in Europe and Japan is designed to save money and boost the combat readiness of overseas units.

    A local police official said the woman who was apprehended near the gate of Yongsan Garrison Wednesday claimed that she ran onto the base to escape somebody who was trying to kill her. The unnamed gunnery sergeant stole the vehicle from a convenience store parking lot in Iwakuni city after the driver, who works on base, left her keys in the ignition.

    Travis Lamont Murray, 36, was arrested on an indictment charging him with one count of sexual abuse and aggravated sexual abuse for assaulting a woman in Yokosuka in Chinese President Xi Jinping offered encouragement for North Korea's focus on economic development in a speech in Pyongyang, turning to a topic Beijing has long pressed with its Communist neighbor amid wider concerns over the North's nuclear weapons program. The Philippines may invoke its mutual defense treaty with the United States if it finds the sinking of a Philippine fishing boat this month was the result of an armed attack by the Chinese, a spokesman for Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said at press briefing Monday.

    Pacific Cod

    David Stilwell will guide diplomatic operations in the region, which remains a hotbed of activity thanks to China and North Korea. More than 1, servicemembers from the U. The Senate is expected to approve tough new sanctions against North Korea with bipartisan legislation that would cut off from the U. Many South Koreans have flocked to a civilian hiking trail in a northeastern section of the Demilitarized Zone, a heavily fortified strip of land that divides the peninsula.

    With Xi due to meet President Donald Trump next week in Japan, analysts say Kim may ask the Chinese leader to pass on a message that could revive the talks with the U. Of all the schools for U. The school is closing for good this month. International prosecutors announced murder charges Wednesday against four men — three of them Russians with military or intelligence backgrounds — in the missile attack that blew a Malaysia Airlines jet out of the sky over Ukraine five years ago, killing all people aboard.

    A private contractor dredging the seabed Tuesday morning discovered the 1,pound bomb in soil reclaimed for a second runway under construction at Okinawa's Naha Airport. A total of 26 people had been reported injured in Yamagata, Niigata, Miyagi and Ishikawa prefectures, according to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. Damage to houses was also confirmed as the effects of the quake came to light.

    A powerful earthquake jolted northwestern Japan on Tuesday night, and officials warned of a tsunami up to one 3. The largely youth-driven movement of black-clad protesters challenging Hong Kong's government over an unpopular extradition bill is a coalition operating without a clear leadership structure. During a six-month deployment, the Coast Guard cutter Bertholf sailed with a Navy guided-missile destroyer through the Taiwan Strait and conducted exercises in the South China Sea.

    How did the Korean War start?

    The unidentified Marines, both in their 20s, were seated in a parked Humvee alongside the two-lane expressway when a 2-ton truck struck them from behind. The number and identity of those recovered is not yet known, officials said. South Korea's presidential office said it hopes Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to North Korea will contribute to a swift resumption of negotiations to resolve the nuclear standoff. It lodged a protest with Beijing after a Chinese maritime research ship was seen dropping a wire-like object into the water off the northwestern coast of Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands.

    Police said Francesco Galdeli was sentenced by a Milan court in to more than eight years in jail after being found guilty of impersonating Clooney to trick investors. In October, almost 10, social media accounts for outlets publishing entertainment and celebrity news were closed. WeChat groups were regularly shut down and users sending messages to friends often found themselves the victim of censorship when their messages appear not to go through.

    In January, a woman named Luo Xixi published allegations against a professor who forced himself on her when she was a student 12 years ago. That too was blocked. Still the movement expanded and has led to revelations against professors, journalists, heads of NGOs, the head of a large Buddhist monastery and a well-known CCTV host. In November, officials in Quanggang in the southern Fujian province reported a spillage of C9, a crude oil that is toxic to humans, off the coast of Fujian. Local residents posted photos and accounts online of residents being sent to the hospital, arguing that the leak was more serious than officials claimed.

    Officials initially reported that only seven tonnes of the chemical were dumped into the water.