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Family Hug! Bubble doing Work. Bubble Playing in the Snow. Tea and Muffins! Cookie Watching TV. Muffin peeling Potatoes. Bubble Swimming with a Rubber Ring. Desert or Dessert? Bubble doing the Washing Up. Cookie Being a Baby. Cookie Weighing Herself. Cookie at the Checkout. Cookie Visiting Some Friends. Cookie being a Donkey. Cookie writing a letter. Muffin Ready for Lunch. An Alien Encounter. Cookie Mending the Pipes. Cookie Having Bags of Fun. Cookie Getting Ready for School. Cookie has been Cooking. Muffin Wearing the Right Hat!

Bubble going Jogging. Choosing what DVD to watch. Muffin being a Muppet. Cookie Pining! Muffin being a Bookworm. Cookie and Muffin Playing Hide and Seek. Cookie Playing the Harp.

Cookie and Bubble Playing Cluedo. Muffin eating Melon. The Height of Guinea Pig Fashion! Bubble listening to Music. Bubble doing Sequin Art.

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Muffin Colouring. Cookie eating Cookies. Muffin eating a Muffin. Bubble Blowing Bubbles. This Little Piggy had None. This Little Piggy had Roast Beef. This Little Piggy stayed at Home. This Little Piggy went to Market. Bubble in Smartie Land. Bubble likes Marshmallows! Cookie Driving. Cookie Eating Yogurt.

Muffin on the Laptop. Cookie Singing.

Cookie being as Snug as a Bug in a Rug! Cookie and Bubble going Cycling. Bubble Buying a New Pet. Cookie Looking after the Baby. Cookie Reading Magazines. Pigs in Blankets. Eating Chocolates. Bubble Playing with Playmobile. Cookie's Got a Cold. Cookie Playing a Card Game. Cookie Taking Vitamins. Cookie Packaging. Cookie Cooking. Bubble Weighing Himself. Bubble Having his Nails Filed. Bubble and Cookie Playing Star Wars. Cookie Playing Barbies. Cookie being Toilet Trained.

Cookie being Brushed. Bubble being a Peacock. Bubble Megasketching. Cookie Doing her Make-Up.

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Cookie in a Lego House. Cookie Admiring the Flowers. Cookie at Birdworld. Cookie and Bubble on the Trampoline. Cookie Staying with Friends for a While. Cookie Making New Friends. Cookie Rock Painting. Cookie Craving. Bubble wearing Shoes. Saturday 21st August Bubble Wearing Earrings. Bubble Packing. Bubble Drawing. Bubble doing Hama Beads. Monday 9th August Bubble Sewing. Cookie going for a walk. Bubbles 3rd Birthday. Don't tell her were coming with her! Playing Dominos. Bubble at the Dentist. Cookie Choosing a Pet Fish to Buy. Waiting for the Popcorn to Pop.

Playing a Card Game. Duck, Duck Bubble Swimming with Mermaids. What a Load of Rubbish! Princess Cookie. Cookie Choosing a Pet Budgie to Buy. Cookie Getting her Nails Painted. Fighting Over the Flute. Cookie Choosing Perfume. Cookie Polishing Shoes.

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Playing Monopoly. Cookie in Trouble. Cookie on the Farm. Bubble at the Vets. Cookie Playing on the D. Cookie doing Homework. Cookie in China. Bubble Having a Haircut. Bubble Camouflaged. Cookie Calculating! Going on their Honeymoon. Getting Married. Bubble Proposing. Bubble Choosing a Ring. Bubble and Cookie Falling in Love. Cookie and Bubble on a Date. Bubble in the Middle Ages.

My Favorite Pet

Tuesday 29th June Cookie Backpacking. Cookie and Bubble Finding Treasure. Bubble and Cookie going away for the Weekend. Bubble to Big for his Boots.


Bubble Drying his Hair. Cookie Brushing her Teeth. Cookie in the Library. Cookie Re-Charging. Staying Home for a While. Cookie Swimming with the Dolphins. Bubble doing a Wii. Bubble at the Beach. Bubble Being a Mummy! Bubble Being a Jack-In-a-Box! Bubble should have gone to Specsavers! Cookie Gardening. Cookie Reading the Newspaper. Cookie Taking Flight. Bubble Still Wearing the Wrong Hat! Angel Thinking she's a Budgie. Angel going Shopping. He's also very good at holding in everything during lap time. He rarely poops, and will literally run up into my face and squeak when he has to pee.

Eddie, well he's just Eddie. There's no other pig like him. He's deaf, but has the highest pitched squeak ever. He will squeak for no reason, just randomly decides to start the chorus of squeaks that won't stop until they get a treat. He changes his preference from submissive to dominant day by day, he inadvertanly controls the cage. He is another speedy gonzales. Man that pig is fast. Good luck trying to get him out of the cage.

I have to chase him into a pigloo, where he always surrenders. He is very cheeky. His little nose is always in the air. He's fine just sitting in the litterbox, yes that is his spot, no one else can go there, and watch Trixie pace up and down the divider.

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Not a good lap pig, though. He has no bladder or poo control at all. Within 5 minutes, he can produce around 30 poos and leave a puddle behind. He's more happy running around in floor time. Well, her name says it all. She is the most spaztic pig you will ever meet. It's a workout just trying to get her out of the cage. Once she's out, she relaxes immediately, and will curl up in any small spot. She loves to be covered by something. She has the pretty Spazzy face, a chubby, round, fluffy face that makes her unresistable.

She has the most beautiful round blue eyes. She's usually the first to squeak when she hears me coming downstairs, and right behind Jane for kisses. She is submissive, but does not let Jane control her. Jane will try to mount her, she will just stay in the same spot and do the annoyed squeal. Jane- about 2. Wow, Jane, what can I say about Jane. She is the energizer pig, just keeps going and going and going and going, I swear she never stops.

She has the most ear piercing squeak, as soon as she hears me coming downstairs, or after Spaz does the alert squeak, she won't shut up until there's food in her mouth. She hates cuddles, has absolutely no bladder control, she's the adult with the baby still inside her. She adores floor time, the highlight of her day. She wants something, she will get right in your face. You can't even have her out for lap time by herself.

She will squeal for Spaz like crazy and run all over you, until she's right in your face and will let out her secret weapon, the ear piercing squeal. She can not sit still, does not like being restrained the scratches all over me from cutting her nails can explain that one she just needs to be free, nothing can hold her back. I love all my pigs, their personalities blend perfectly together. Re: Guinea Pig Personality Charlie - A big cuddly Teddy Bear, he acts all macho around his girls, but take him out for lap time, and he turns into such a softy.

He purrs when you pat him, he flattens himself out, spreads his legs out and just purrs away. He doesn't really popcorn too much effort but he does run a bit, in short bursts. He loves laptime, and his longest time inside was nearly 2 hours, mum has pleurisy had she bought him in for a cuddle and fell asleep, I was on the computer and when I came out she was snoring away, and Charlie was curled in ball.

Poor thing, he was absolutely busting when I put him back in his cage. I've never heard him wheek, he tends to chatter though, and grind his teeth. Josephine - is a nut. She's completely crazy. When I put her down for floortime, she popcorns once, then runs around the perimeterabout 5 times. She hoards food especially Red Coral Lettuce, which is her favorite She takes a piece, runs to her hidey house, leaves it there, runs out and get's another piece, and so on until she has all the lettuce she can get, then sticks her butt in the entrance and scoffs it all.

She doesn't really like laptime, but as long as you feed her she puts up with it. She does little short Wheeks, and it's very cute. Caramel - is like the Energizer Bunny. She just keeps on going.

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She doesn't know how to sit still, and is the hardest to get a photo of. She's a bit mad, and is hell bent on destroying anything you put in her cage. Which is why we are on our third cardboard box for a hidey house, dad's been meaning to build a wooden one for about 2 months. She's also the instigator of the wheeking. She starts and they all go off.

Her's is very distincive, short and sharp but very high pitched. Frank - He's very flexible, and mad as a hatter. Poor thing, Josef tends to pick on him, but he's such a carefree pig he doesn't really mind it. He is a bit naughty, and a biter, but you can't help but love him, with his cute face. He and Josef are always playing tag, especially during floor time. He's got a pretty good set of pipes on him, he's always the second to start after Caramel, he's not the loudest, but he's like an Opera singer, he can do a really long note. Josef - he's a pretty quiet pig, only starts Wheeking after Frank starts I think that's the male thing, trying to outdo each other.

He's a softy as well, purrs at anything, you put a cardboard roll in for them to destroy, and he purrs at it, he purrs at Vegies, his Hay rack, his teddy which he gets during floortime. He just wants to be loved I think, he doesn't really like laptime, and you have to have Frank and Josef together otherwise they will cry for each other. My first piggy. She's very curious and loves to snuggle.

However, like both my pigs, she's a bit skittish, but she is the braver of the pair! She's the first to try new things, whether it be veggies or hiding in a new spot during floor time! She's very active, but she always comes running to mama for some cuddles when I come in the room! She's definitely the dominant pig, and can often be found chasing poor Lola around the cage rumblestrutting at her. Queenie's certainly got some lungs on her, too. When she shrieks, everybody within a mile can hear it!

She's a bit quirky, but boy do I love her. My second pig, and Queen's sister. Lola is definitely a submissive piggy. However, when her sister gets her going, she can be quite active and naughty! She's a chubby little girl, and can often be found laying under the hay hopper, occasionally reaching up to grab a bite. She's skittish, but once you get her into your lap, she loves to cuddle! Her little face is so sweet, and her piggy lips are just irresistable!