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Are carbon offset projects significantly reducing CO2 emissions, or are they distracting from what is really required to tackle the climate crisis? The film tours a variety of carbon offset projects around the world, visiting people on the front lines of carbon trading.

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Their stories and voices have been little-heard as part of the multi-billion dollar carbon trading industry. In Panama, indigenous rain forest dwellers are losing their way of life.

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In India, waste pickers at landfills can no longer support themselves. And in Honduras, dozens of Campesinos have been assassinated.

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But what impact are these offsets having? Are they actually reducing emissions?

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And what about the people and the communities where these projects have been set up? From indigenous rain forest dwellers having their way of life completely threatened, to dozens of Campesinos assassinated, to the livelihood of waste pickers at landfills taken away, it travels across four continents and brings us up close to projects working through the United Nations-Kyoto Protocol designed Clean Development Mechanism.

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It reveals the true cost of carbon trading and shows who stands to gain and who stands to lose. Source: Official Film Website. About the Environmental Film Profiles collection. Skip to main content.

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Further readings:. In Honduras, a wealthy landowner is accused of hiring hit men to kill the poor farmers who stand in the way of his new green energy: palm oil, from African palm trees.

The Carbon Rush

Carbon-trading — mandated by the Kyoto Protocol — is a multi-billion dollar business that has become something of a stock market. The benefits of the windmills, if any, is never explored.

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The Carbon Rush is firmly on the side of the dispossessed — everyone interviewed is a victim of the multinational giants — but the film ends with an impressive list of companies and agencies that refused to talk to the filmmakers.