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What are some of the mythical or magical elements in The Patron Saint of Ugly? Southern gothic characters are often slightly off-kilter—physically or emotionally, or morally bankrupt. There is frequently an innocent character who serves as a redeemer or sacrificial lamb. Do you see any of these elements in The Patron Saint of Ugly? If so, how is it fulfilled—or not? What is your conclusion, and does it ultimately matter? What have the pilgrims gained? Or Nonna? How is beauty both a blessing and a curse in The Patron Saint of Ugly , to children and adults, male and female?

In which characters is this particularly explored, and how? Is it possible that Garnet is an unreliable narrator, and that not everything she tells readers is true? If so, how might this change your reading of the book? Why might Manilla have included these artifacts? What do they add to the novel? Why do you think Manilla set it in the past rather than the twenty-first century? Why did Manilla choose to end the book with a future New York Times article?

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