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Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. Add to Cart. More about this book. Chapter 1 [PDF]. Through examining one puzzle or paradox after another, Levi emphasizes the underlying principles involved and helps foster an intuitive understanding of why things work the way they do. Readers will find themselves coaxed into learning because they want to satisfy their curiosity as they examine each puzzle. It will give you a lot of inspiration to challenge or entertain your friends during a reception or another get-together with some different kind of beverages.

Of course you will impress them only when they haven't read the book themselves already. Hence make sure that you are the first. Levi presents this and other puzzles, with a few clues to how to go about solving them using only high-school mathematics.

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He explains all the necessary physics concepts in the appendix too. By looking beyond formulas and equations, Levi's goal is to provide readers who have a familiarity with basic high-school math and physics with critical thinking skills that can be applied to a range of physics problems beyond the book. A must have for anyone that likes physics, or for that matter hates.

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Why Cats Land On Their Feet is a book that introduces the reader to the cool side of physics and then engages for hours. It is suitable for everyone from sixth form students upwards. Teachers and lecturers will particularly appreciate this text, finding in it numerous quirky thought-experiments, actual experiments and trivia to catch their students' attention.

Above all, it shows that physics and mathematics can be fun and useful at the same time. Gorini, Mathematics Teacher. The style is informal and attractive, which makes the reading of the book a real pleasure. When checking an animal for disease we often collect blood to check for blood cell abnormalities.

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Normal red blood cells in mammals are round, but occasionally we see abnormal and interesting shapes that can be a clue of disease. Do you know of a dog with a spinal cord injury that has resulted in severe neurological issues like loss of hindlimb mobility or paraplegia, loss of feeling or bowel and bladder dysfunction?

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How do you decide what foods are best for your pet? Listen to our exotic pet registrar Dr Sasha Herbert speak to Hilary Harper on the ABC Radio Melbourne about how to choose a well-balanced diet for your pet, different types of pet food available, pet food research, labelling and industry standards for different small animal species including dogs, cats, parrots, guinea pigs and reptiles. Do you want to learn life-saving skills for your dog? Riley the cat and his fellow fur-friends in need are reaping the benefits of owner Gail Thomas' generosity.

Does your cat run and hide as soon as the cat carrier makes an appearance? Getting cats used to the carrier and making it a safe place for them can reduce the stress of vet visits. Russian Blue cat Rex has been given a life-saving blood transfusion from a greyhound called Alice, who is normally not a friend of cats. Hyperthyroidism in cats is the over-production of thyroid hormone usually caused by a benign tumour that grows in the gland.

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Like us, as cats age they can be more likely to develop problems. Some of the more common diseases in older cats include kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. A veterinary specialist is a highly trained veterinarian who is board certified and has completed advanced training in various veterinary medical or surgical disciplines. Lily the 9-year-old mixed Bull Terrier initially came to see us for evaluation of limping. However, when she was examined her heart rate was found to be low, about 40 beats per minute compared to in normal dogs. A Koala that goes by name Ernie is learning to walk again, following delicate surgery to put screws in his leg.

Feeding dogs raw chicken meat, particularly chicken necks, has been linked to a rare but potentially fatal type of canine paralysis. Just like people, skin cancers are also common in dogs and cats, accounting for one-third of tumours in dogs, and one-quarter in cats. Did you know that cancer in dogs and cats is as common as it is in people? Reuben the rottweiler began limping on his left front leg in September.

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After being diagnosed with a type of bone cancer, he received surgery to his leg and chemotherapy. Adequate housing for a pet bird is not as straightforward as one might initially think, despite pet shops having cages, toys, and other paraphernalia readily available. Recommended foods for parrots, budgies and cockatiels include pellets, vegetables and fresh browse. Gut stasis means lack of movement of the stomach and intestines. It has a range of different causes and presentations. Some of these are more serious than others.

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All are life threatening if not treated within 24 hours of reduced faecal output. Dental disease, often referred to as acquired dental dystrophy, becomes rapidly irreversible in rabbits because they have constantly growing teeth. Many people are concerned about the risks involved in letting their rabbit have an anaesthetic. Many years ago rabbits suffered much higher mortality rates due a lack of knowledge of their special needs. We use the latest anaesthetic techniques, equipment, monitoring procedures and medications, and when used in conjunction with a thorough physical examination and pre-anaesthetic testing as needed, the risks are very low.

The physical examination by the vet determines whether the lump is soft or hard and what structures are near by. We will then be able to tell if it is just under the skin or involves other structures such as bones, ear canals, tear ducts, or possibly tooth roots. Our vet and nursing staff are experienced, comfortable and confident in handling ferrets. We have a dedicated ward and specialised equipment for exotic pets and we stay up to date with the latest science in ferret health care.

Snakebites are common emergencies in veterinary clinics across Australia, particularly during the warmer seasons. As the weather warms up, veterinarians are preparing for snakebite season with an interactive map to record when and where pets are bitten. The SnakeMap Project aims to better predict, prevent, diagnose and treat snakebite in animals as well as people. If a dog collapses and stops breathing it is most likely in cardiopulmonary arrest and every second counts.

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  6. In this short video, Dr Erica Tinson, senior resident in veterinary emergency and critical care at the U-Vet Animal Hospital in Werribee provides instructions to pet owners on how to respond. Could your dog possibly have osteoarthritis? Many dogs, especially older dogs, suffer from the painful joint disease osteoarthritis. Researchers in Adelaide have recently reported the detection of a new type of canine parvovirus. Although this virus is new to Australia, it has been present in many overseas countries since , and is very closely related to parvoviruses that have been present in Australia for the past 40 years.

    Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs but dogs are more likely to scavenge and therefore suffer from chocolate toxicity. If enough chocolate is ingested it can be fatal. The University of Melbourne has decided to discontinue its operation of the U-Vet Geelong Animal Emergency Centre and has worked with local veterinary clinics to identify an alternative provider to continue this important service to the Geelong community. It is important for pet owners to be aware that heat can cause heat stroke and be disastrous and fatal for pets. Just like humans, pets can suffer from life-threatening illness such as anaemia, toxicity, trauma or severe injury that could result in them needing a life-saving blood transfusion.

    With summer on the way, pet owners are being warned not to let their dogs or cats become one of the estimated thousands of snakebite statistics recorded in Australia each year. Veterinary Nursing Conference Join us at one of the greatest Australian events providing high class vet nursing education whist having fun networking, socialising and developing your nursing skills and knowledge.

    Promising research conducted by our leading equine expert Professor Simon Bailey and PhD candidate Courtnay Baskerville provides possible missing link between insulin and laminitis. Dr Peta Lee Hitchens recently discussed her new paper, which analysed almost risk factors in flat racing to determine those most likely to lead to a catastrophic injury on the track. Banjo is a successful racehorse from NSW, whose career was in danger when he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. During the foaling process, there is a short window of time in which the foal needs to be delivered and begin breathing on its own.

    The U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre has the expertise to investigate and manage poor performance, including various respiratory and cardiac issues. Charlie discusses horse diets, dental health and equine evolution, and answers some interesting questions from callers relating to laminitis, whether chamomile helps horses with anxiety and whether and when to muzzle. Scintron, which provides equine patients undergoing bone scans with improved comfort and protection, and more sophisticated, efficient and user-friendly scans.

    She was quiet, not eating and had been dripping milk for the past few days.