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Ovid's account of Nessus's love for Deianeira, his death, and revenge provide the details to Dante's short bio in the "Inferno. Ovid features Pholus in his account of the battle between the Lapiths and the centaurs. Dante's Capaneus cries out the same to the pilgrim. Ovid describes this battle between the gods and the giants in the "Metamorphoses.

Dante uses this story in the set-up for the story of the Old Man of Crete. Ovid describes the four ages gold, silven, bronze, iron in the first book of the "Metamorphoses. Ovid is also not specific about the maker of the world, "whichever of the gods" it was. Ovid's Deianeira describes in her letter to Hercules how he killed Geryon.

Ovid describes the vibrant colors of Arachne's loom in the "Metamorphoses. Details from his short bio the capture of the golden fleece in Colchis with Medea's help are found in Ovid's "Metamorphoses. Details from his short bio the murder of the men of Lemnos by their women are found in Ovid's "Metamorphoses. Details from his short bio Hypsipyle's pregnancy and Jason's betrayal are found in Ovid's letter of Hypsipyle to Jason. In her letter to her brother and lover Macareus, Canace writes that their father Aeolus kept his face dry when he ordered their baby to be killed and that she kill herself.

Details about his prophetic powers and his sex change are found in Ovid's account in the "Metamorphoses. Ovid describes Manto the prophetess in the "Metamorphoses. The image of dolphins not showing their back appears in Ovid's description of the world after Phaeton's fall. When the god Janus appeared to Ovid, the poet also felt his hair stiffen with fear. Ovid explains how the blood of the decapitated Medusa created the many snakes in Libya. Ovid's Pythagoras identifies the phoenix as the only creature that renews itself.

The language is similar to Ovid's description of Salmacis attacking Hermaphroditus just like a snake. Ovid has a similar simile, comparing Salmacis attacking Hermaphroditus to ivy clinging to a tree. Also Ovid describes how the body parts of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus mixed. Cadmus's transformation is featured in Ovid's "Metamorphoses. Arethusa's transformation is featured in Ovid's "Metamorphoses. Also Ovid describes how Cadmus's legs mold together. Also Ovid describes how Cadmus's skin hardened. Also Ovid describes how Cadmus's arms shrunk.

Also Ovid describes how the transformed Cadmus falls down on the ground. Also Ovid describes how Cadmus's tongue splits. Dante uses details of his account the one-year stay at Circe in Ulysses's monologue in hell. Dante uses details of his account Circe's warning about the vast, dangerous waters in Ulysses's monologue in hell. Dante uses details of his account the fact that they were old and slow in Ulysses's monologue in hell. Ovid's Byblis experiences similar difficulties to speak and catch a breath. Ovid tells in his autobiography that he tried to write prose "verba soluta" but failed.

A similar image is found in the "Metamorphoses," where Pentheus shows his mangled stumps to his mother Agave. Ovid similarly describes the united Salmacis and Hermaphroditus as being not two, not one. Several details come from Ovid's account in the "Metamorphoses," in particular Athamas's last words. Dante's verse long version of the story is about as long as Ovid's account in the "Fasti.

Details of Dante's 9-verse long discussion are found in Ovid's "Metamorphoses. In hell, this is the punishment for the falsifiers of money. Ovid tells how the Lycians, transformed into frogs, quarrel constantly, which distends their wide jaws. Ovid's Narcissus frequently admired his reflection in the water. His words, which first bring shame to the pilgrim and then remedy, are compared to Achilles's spear, which first brought pain but later was a welcome gift. In the opening of the "Remedia amoris," Ovid explains the goal of his work: that it may bring help after the wound, just like Achilles's spear.

In the "Metamorphoses," Ulysses describes how he first harmed and then healed Telephus with Achilles's spear. In a letter to his wife, the exiled Ovid tells of Achilles's spear as an example of something that first hurts and then heals. In Ovid's story of Persephone, the giant Typhoeus participant of the Gigantomachy causes earthquakes. Ovid describes the giant Tityus in Hades.

In the "Metamorphoses," Ovid describes the sound of the frogs the transformed Lycians and their heads sticking out of the water. Ovid included a stork with rattling bill on Athena's tapestry. When the god Janus appeared to Ovid, the poet froze as well. When the exiled Ovid was forced to leave Rome, he writes that he was alive without knowing it. Arethusa tells Ceres, in search for her daughter Persephone, that she was travelling as a stream underneath the earth and resurfaced to see the unfamiliar stars again.

Ovid's Canace writes that her father Aeolus's angry voice was like the sea trembling, when he found out she and her brother had a child. Ovid compares Arachne's blush upon meeting Minerva to Aurora who lit the sky with red and white hues. Ovid's Leander writes to Hero, sep he writes his mind transports him to where his body cannot go.

Ovid calls the souls in Hades "bloodless without body and bones. Not knowing the origin of the name of the month of May, also Ovid compares himself to one who does not know where to go. Virgilio asks the souls on the shore where the mountain is most easily climbed, for he who knows the value of time does not like to waste it. The Sun failed to stop Phaethon from riding his "badly chosen" chariots, and Ovid describes Phaethon's catastrophic ride in great detail. The phrase resembles Ovid's description of the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths: the centaur Rhoetus fled away after he was attacked, drenched in blood.

Ovid uses similar language in the letter of Leander to Hero: Aurora, Tithonus's bride, started to chase the night away, ending the night between the united lovers. That Dante turns Ovid's "coniunx" wife into "concubina" concubine , has intrigued commentators. Ovid's Pythagoras, lecturing on change, lists several examples of creatures born from others, including the scorpion with its hooked tail, born from crab claws buried in the earth. Ovid describes the setting of Scorpio, "menacing with its hooked tail," on April 1.

Ovid's Hero writes to Leander that she had a dream at dawn, at a time when dreams often seem true.

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Ovid's Orpheus tells this story. In the description of the transformation of Aesacus, son of Priam, into a bird, his ancestor Ilus and his brother Ganymedes, "snatched by Jupiter. A similar phrase is found in Laodamia's letter to Protesilaus: wishing his speedy return, Laodamia writes to ship back with sails and oars.

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Ovid recounts how the proud mother of seven sons and daughters was punished by Latona for her pride, and lost them all. Paralyzed by grief, Niobe and her tears turned into stone. Ovid doesn't call her that way, but does detail how proud she is of her art, spinning Met. In his description of her transformation into a spider, Ovid also mentions that Minerva, punishing Arachne for being the better artist, destroyed her tapestry.

Ovid briefly mentions them in the story of the Theban Iolaus. When Hebe, Juno's daughter and Hercules's wife, turned Iolaus, one of his companions, back to life, the prophetess Themis predicts the outcome of the future war of the Seven against Thebes. Alcmaeon will avenge the death of his father, one of the Seven, by killing his mother: she had sided with the Thebans for the promise of the "fatal gold," the necklace of Harmonia, wife of Thebes's founder Cadmus, which gave eternal beauty to whoever wore it. As an artist working with digital techniques today, it is a challenge to find a language of its own in this web of a multitude of possibilities.

All too often special effects and artificial interventions are too constructed. We are in need of images that catch our attention and make us pause in the abundance of images today. The artists in the Digital Graphics section do just that: they use digital techniques to add a certain perspective to what we know. These artists give a personal view on elements of society around us, combining what we know with a new way of presenting them to us.

They among others reflect on the role of images and on the position of the individual in our contemporary surroundings. The presence of the human figure is central in the choices we have made as a jury, leaving traces and reflecting on his or her relation to the world. Altre, come SomamappingII di Zhan Jia-Hua, fanno uso di input in tempo reale, in modo che i loro contenuti possano cambiare continuamente in dialogo con il pubblico il contesto. Oggi gli algoritmi hanno un impatto sulle nostre vite. Opere come quella dell'indiano Amitesh Grover registrano il loro rapporto con l'economia, mentre artisti come Oddviz e Jonas Eltas sono interessati a dimostrare cosa possono e cosa non possono fare.

The field of contemporary sculpture and installation is hugely diverse, ranging from discrete objects and immersive environments to works that consider space in the broadest possible manner. The selected finalists are representative of the variety of approaches received, and their vast catalogue of concerns. Today, algorithms impact upon all our lives. La selezione finale per le due categorie di cui sono stata onorata come giurato, arte virtuale e scultura, ha rivelato una connessione davvero intrigante e sintomatica tra esse.

La sezione di arte virtuale mette inevitabilmente in discussione il problema del mezzo: che cosa esattamente la dimensione virtuale potrebbe offrire per attuare acutamente l'idea di un artista non solo tecnicamente, ma concettualmente? Certamente questo porta in primo piano una questione quasi obsoleta, da rivisitare in questo caso: dove finisce la e inizia l'arte? Attraverso l'ibridazione di questioni naturali e tecniche, la forma scultorea tende in gran parte a sfuggire al controllo del suo creatore.

Sia che definiscano l'esecuzione formale di un'opera d'arte attraverso flussi di dati, meccanica robotica, reazioni chimiche o fenomeni naturali, gli artisti tendono a lasciare un posto per l'incertezza nel processo di creazione. Dunque, come gli artisti delineano il loro status oggi?

Reviewing the artworks submitted for a respectable art prize enables not only to grasp trends and themes that currently affect artists, but also to define the status that an artist reserves for herself or himself nowadays.

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The final selection for two sections I was honored to be a juror, virtual art and sculpture, revealed a truly intriguing and symptomatic connection between them. It certainly brings on stage almost an obsolete issue, to be revisited in this case: where ends and arte begins? Through the hybridation of natural and technical matters the sculptural form largely tends to escape the control of its creator. Whether defining the formal execution of an artwork by data flows, robot mechanics, chemical reactions or natural phenomena, the artists tend to leave a place for uncertainty in the creation process.

Thus, how do artists outline their status now? Probably the answer is - researcher, documentarist, hacker, adventurer, alchemist, shaman. Surroundings - series, Tempera su carta, montata su legno Gouache on paper, mounted on wood 90x25 cm.

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A Distancing, Acrilico, matita colorata e collage su tela Acrylic, colored pencil and collage on canvas Monkey Madness, Acrilico, matita, collage e stencil su carta Acrylic, pencil, collage and stencil on paper Exhibition Space View, Disegno su parete realizzato con una linea di gesso blu Wall drawing made with a blue chalk line x cm. Hanging Painting, Season 02, Lana, neoprene, legno, carta, vernice spray acrilica, lacca Wool, neoprene, wood, paper, acrylic spray paint, varnish 60x cm.

Packko , Acrilico su tela, carta da imballaggio, canapa e cera lacca Acrylic on canvas, wrapping paper, hemp and sealing wax x cm. Tasselli, Canon D apsc, foto notturna, esposta con la tecnica del sistema zonale Canon D apsc, nocturnal photo, exposed with the zonal system technique x70 cm. Gluttony, Greed, Installazione in studio, processo di editing, cornice fatta a mano In-studio setup to photograph the models, editing process, handmade frame 86x cm each.

Wasp me to the whales 22, Fotografia analogica, stampa in gelatina d'argento, filo di seta Analogue photography, silver gelatin print, silk yarn 70x cm. Song of pomegranate, Nikon D, lente fissa 50 mm, editing Lightroom Nikon D, fixed lens 50 mm, Lightroom editing x70 cm. Marfa, Stampa fotografica su carta in fibra di cotone Photographic print on cotton paper x74 cm.

Endless Empire I, Fotografia digitale, stampa ad inchiostro minerale su carta di cotone Digital photography, mineral ink print on cotton paper x70 cm. Tennis court, Fotografia digitale, stampa montata su Dibond Digital photography, print pasted on Dibond x70 cm. Game Arcade, Scansione da negativo analogico medio formato Scan from analogue medium format negative 70x70 cm.

Nenets family, Fotografia digitale, stampa a getto d'inchiostro Digital photograph, Ink-jet print x70 cm. Les fleurs de sable, Grafica digitale, stampa Fine Art su vellum Digital graphics and Fine Art print on vellum x70 cm. Gardens of compromises always grow faster, Lattice, plastica con protezione UV Latex, plastic with UV protection xx14 cm. The Ancestor, Neon, cavo ethernet, attrezzature sala server riciclate, elettronica, computer, telecamere IP, algoritmi Neon, ethernet cable, recycled server room equipment, electronics, computers, IP cameras, algorithms 60xx60 cm.

Reflecting Light Rays Off A Rough Surface, Tela in cemento e acqua di disgelo glaciale, montata su telai in acciaio Concrete canvas and glacial meltwater, mounted on steel frames xx20 cm. Dirty Linen, Stampa digitale su carta appesa con mollette Digital print-out on paper hanged with clothespins x56x30 cm. Area V5, Meccatronica, prototipazione rapida, CNC, riconoscimento facciale, computer incorporati Mechatronics, rapid prototyping, CNC, face recognition, embedded computers 20x24x17cm each.

Of Genuine Contemporary Beast VI, Calco in poliestere, cuoio, vernice lucida, pastello a cera, pittura ad olio Polyester cast, leather, gloss paint, glass, wax pencil, oil paint x30x cm. Accessories for Wearing Emotions, Installazione, dispositivi indossabili, media art Installation, wearable devices, media art xx78 cm. BVortex, Tessile: uncinetto, maglia e fili di filato Textile: crochet, knitting and threads of yarn Dimensions variable. Continuum, Acciaio inox, specchio bilaterale, luce fosforescente, componenti elettrici Stainless steel, two-way mirror, fluorescent light, electrical components xx cm.

Future, Installazione, stampelle, lastra di granito con lettere incise di colore argento Installation, crutches, granit slab with engraved letters in silver color 80xx80 cm. Solid, Installazione site specific con gesso e materia organica Site specific installation with chalk and organic inclusions Dimensions variable. Basu Foundation for the Arts Special Selection The Ripple Effect, Manipolazioni digitali dello spazio interstellare e dipinti originali, stampati su pannelli di plexiglass Digital manipulations of the Interstellar space and original paintings, printed on panels of plexiglas Lapin Plague, Pelle di coniglio, oggetti di recupero, componenti elettrici Rabbit skin coats, found objects, electrics x90x cm.

Technical Research, Stampa a getto d'inchiostro su pagine A5 Inkjet print on A5 pages x cm. No Titel, Struttura in metallo saldato, corde, piastra metallica, fil di ferro, filo per maglieria Welded metal structure, ropes, metal plate, wire, knitting yarn xx23 cm. A survey for the history of fertility, Falls From The Skies, Installazione con oggetti di recupero Installation with found objects xx cm.

Centered, Film sperimentale: loop di una gif di 5 secondi. An interrupted investigation of R, Video 2K, colore, stereo 2K video, color, stereo 13' 49". At The Edge, Performance con artista appeso ai cornicioni di diversi edifici Performance with artist hanged at the edge of different buildings Variable duration. The Wash, Performance live interattiva con la partecipazione del pubblico Audience interactive live performance Variable duration.

En el moment, Performance con installazione site-specific e un performer Performance with site-specific installation and one performer 10' 00''. Soli sul fiume, 70 km di girasoli, ettari di terra, contadini 70 km of sunflowers, hectares of land, farmers. Miroir noir, Stazione di servizio in situ: bitume, emulsione In situ-gas station: bitumen, emulsion. Cenere, Pittura acrilica, acrilico graffiato su vetro, elementi scultorei in ceramica, foglia d'oro, resina, ferro, LED Acrylic painting, scratched acrylic on glass, sculptural elements in ceramics, gold leaf, resin, iron, LED.

Water Will Be Here, Video installazione immersiva site-specific Site-specific immersive video installation.


War peace "Blue Ghosts", Vernici acriliche e bombolette spray sugli edifici di Beirut danneggiati dalla guerra Acrylic paint and spray cans on Beirut's war damaged buildings. San Francisco is known for its entrepreneurial, free-spirited environment. It is an environment where people take pride in inventing new approaches. The San Francisco Art Residency offers artists the opportunity to experience this atmosphere as they create new work. As technology advances at an exponential rate, changes take place lightning fast and it is questionable if society is ready to keep pace with the shifting paradigm.

Maryam Dadkhah approaches this important topic in a light-hearted way by giving humorous personalities to technology objects that have become obsolete within just one generation. It will be interesting to see what she creates during this residency, situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley tech world. Ponendo l'artista al centro, la Fondazione sostiene un programma di danza, musica, sound, performance art, teatro e arti visive e residenze sia in India che a livello internazionale.

Basu Foundation for the Arts BFA is a not-for-profit, philanthropic organization established in and revived in to encourage and support innovation, experimentation and potential in the arts. Placing the artist at the core, the Foundation facilitates a programme of dance, music, sound, performance art, theatre and visual arts exhibitions and residencies both in India and internationally. The specific set of experiences which give Juli a fresh and versatile vision when approaching research and the creative process by repurposing found objects and transforming them into precious artefacts that tell a story is very fascinating.

Exactly for these reasons we thought that the artist will be an appropriate candidate for the residency program of Basu Foundation for the Arts in Kolkata, the City of the forgotten Palaces in India to create some more magical works being inspired by local materials from parts of the City where time stood still. In the middle of this ever-active and bursting Chinese metropolis, it is a haven of freedom and peace of mind, where at any given moment 18 artists are hosted by Swatch, free to express themselves, experiment, and exchange.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel was conceived by the company CEO, Nick Hayek, as a space to enhance the spirit of Swatch, whose love for the arts, for positive provocation, for diversity and for youth are well known internationally. The choice of Jeff Leake as winner of the Arte Laguna award is motivated by his amazing style, merging pop and classics, creating unexpected stories and engaging the viewer emotionally. Espronceda, founded in in Barcelona, is an innovative contemporary art center, a multidisciplinary environment for artists, curators and anyone believing in the importance of art and culture, with the aim of fostering established and aspiring international artists to develop their works and creativity.

Espronceda turned former industrial spaces into a state-of-the-art melting pot for culture and art, encouraging the connection with the local community and the creation of a global network among artists, firms and institutions for social change. Young Albanian artist Dalia Baassiri was chosen for her multidisciplinary approach to art, especially for her painting.

Aware of the importance of dialoguing with young artists, we believe that our choice can contribute to opening new horizons to the young Albanian artist confronting the city of Barcelona. The dialogue between cultures is one of the cornerstones and priorities of our philosophy. We were particularly intrigued by her painting that navigates between lines and figures, questioning the essentiality of everyday life, and we think that our space can open its doors to the interdisciplinary approach of her language, moving between installations, painting and light boxes.

Entro questa data, i migliori artisti saranno selezionati da una giuria internazionale di esperti e potranno diventare nostri partner, sostenuti dal dipartimento marketing e vendite nella costruzione della loro carriera. Abbiamo selezionato la fotografa Dina Goldstein per la sua eccellente visione, composizione e punto di vista innovativo attraverso una lente che condivide con lo spettatore. GLO'ART is a leading international art center, which offers young talented artists from around the world in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media, a chance to develop their career in the international art world.

We ask the young artists to send us a portfolio, on which we base our decision to invite them for a free stay at our art center in Belgium, where they have the opportunity to present and produce their works: GLO'ART offers modern accommodation and all the equipment and materials needed to make the work of art, which will be presented to the public around mid By this date, the best artists will be selected by an international panel of experts and will have the chance to become our partners, supported by our marketing and sales department in building their career.

We selected photographer Dina Goldstein for her excellent vision, composition and innovative view through a lens she shares with the spectator. Cerchiamo di scegliere artisti che possano trarre il maggior beneficio dalla cultura locale di Bodrum e dall'atmosfera circostante. L'esplorazione intima della memoria e la sua manipolazione sono le tematiche principali su cui Zita David si concentra nei suoi dipinti.

Il programma si svolge presso Casa dell'Arte Hotel a Bodrum, Torba, situato nella Turchia sud-occidentale, nel periodo di bassa stagione. We try to choose artists that would benefit the most from the local culture in Bodrum and the atmosphere around. The intimate exploration of memory as well as the manipulation of it are the main concerns that Zita David focuses on in her paintings. The Art Department is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing resources for the production of inspiring art projects and organizing educational programs in order to expand awareness through contemporary art.

The Art Residency program is considered as one of the very first residencies in Turkey. Ispirato alle residenze coloniali dei proprietari di piantagioni di canna da zucchero, il resort vanta un mix esplosivo di arte mauriziana e indiana. Per questa prima partecipazione, Maradiva ha selezionato il lavoro di Ilaria Arpino. I suoi dipinti ad olio e acrilico affiancati da poesie sono semplicemente toccanti. Inspired by the colonial residences of the sugar cane plantation owners, the resort boasts an electric mix of Mauritian and Indian art.

At the end of the residency, the artist will donate one work to Maradiva and one will be auctioned for a charity. For this first participation, Maradiva has selected the work of Ilaria Arpino. Her oil and acrylic paintings with the poems alongside is simply inspiring. It is however her collection of bronze sculptures which has motivated our decision as they are impressive. Having had the chance to welcome and exhibit the work of painters, poetry writers and photographers, our wish to unveil at Maradiva a series of sculptures is granted.

Every work in Arte Sella originates from the physical and intellectual experience that the artist makes not only by contemplating nature, but also and above all by passing through it, immersing herself or himself in it. The art residency thus appears as the cornerstone of a generative process that sees artist and nature in a constant dialogue from which the work gradually takes shape.

Nowadays, to create a work of Land Art does not only mean to focus on the environmental issue, but also and most of all to decide to take care of a place. The choice fell on the work of Ivan Juarez, the closest to the philosophy of Arte Sella, that is to reinterpret places, giving them a new identity, without the claim to determine them in an absolute way and letting time contribute to the transformation of the works. Especially from the work Sky Cabin clearly emerges the primary need of contemporary man to observe the world not in a purely contemplative way, but from the perspective of a physical presence capable of transforming it and of finding, through the mediation of the work of art, a new dimension of dialogue.

Thanks to art, architecture, design, dance, music, but also to cooking and social activities, in a few years the Center has generated a huge change in the town of Favara, previously known only for mafia, abandonment and unauthorised development. Today Farm wants to be more and more a platform for change, which through multidisciplinary research tries to rethink new models of life, work and being together.

We could not but fall in love with the research of Ivan Juarez, focused on exploring art and function, and his refined ability to mix the disciplines of architecture, landscape, public design, environmental and public art. Also, Ivan is an architect and we love architects because they are cultured, because they have the ability and the desire to work in team and have an innate sense of sacrifice.

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Fornace Mian si contraddistingue per un connubio efficace che coniuga attraverso competenze artigianali tramandate nel corso del tempo, un pensiero creativo di alto livello a soluzioni tecniche innovative. Il laboratorio di serigrafia artistica Fallani Venezia, spazio dedicato alla cultura e alla ricerca di Gruppofallani, viene fondato alla fine degli anni sessanta da Fiorenzo Fallani.

The residency is organized in collaboration with Fornace Mian and Pentagram Stiftung Foundation and it aims to introduce and experiment with the marvelous technique of Murano glass working through the implementation of a creative project in the furnace. Pentagram Stiftung is a Swiss private Foundation established in , whose mission is to study and promote art and design in the 20th and 21st centuries that feature glass as their main medium, it aims to reappraise the importance of glass, especially in the art and history of Venice, as well as that of high-standard and innovative glassmaking in the contemporary art and design worlds.

The commission has chosen to award artist Cecil Kemperink because we believe that during the residency she can enrich in a decisive way the poetics of her work through the use of glass, opening new expressive possibilities for her artistic research. Supported by the expertise of the glass master craftsman, the artist will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of the material and continue her creation. The artistic screen printing studio Fallani Venezia, the space dedicated to culture and research of Gruppofallani, was founded in the late Sixties by Fiorenzo Fallani.

In almost fifty years of activity, over three hundred artists from around the world have worked and made over a thousand different graphics. In recent years, besides continuing the tradition of printing for artists, galleries and publishers, this space has opened to a larger public, by offering different kinds of workshops, both for those approaching this printing technique for the first time, and for artists who want to "get their hands dirty" and work with us in the making of their work with opportunities designed especially for them.

This year we award a range of different styles and techniques of expression, focusing on the ones that seem to offer more stimuli and greater potential for experimentation with the screen printing technique. Therefore we will try to make Nelson's highly graphic images interact with Baassiri's more "traditional" and material brushstroke, passing through painting that becomes almost illustration in Pedizzi's works.

As always, the intent is to create exchanges and contaminations among artists, in a climate of sharing, openness and collaboration, both of spaces and ideas. Come galleria specializzata nell'arte contemporanea, che include un linguaggio artistico innovativo e tecniche fuori dall'ordinario diventa quindi nostro dovere sostenere e incoraggiare artisti giovani e promettenti, artisti come Maria Agureeva.

Throughout the years we find ourselves more and more facing the fact of a constantly changing world - not only in terms of economy and communication but also art and culture. The number of promising faces, galleries and art fairs spread all over the globe is growing day by day - along with that comes the difficulty for many young artists of how to persist in that overgrowth of possibilities. As a gallery specialized in contemporary art including innovative artistic language as well as extraordinary techniques it therefore becomes our duty to support and encourage young and promising artists - artists just like Maria Agureeva.

With her unique usage of synthetic materials such as latex and plastic she knows well how to create a certain connection between what is materiality and what can be seen as identity - incessantly referring to the tension between social norms and the constant pressure of meeting a standard that one has to face in a world that is shaped by stereotypes, different values and expectations - all spread and influenced through new and mass media.

With her artistic expertise and her unique complete works we consider Maria Agureeva as a very talented artist and therefore a well-deserved awardee of the Arte Laguna Prize. Galeria Fernando Santos, that is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, was the first art gallery to install on Miguel Bombarda Street, Porto, in what later become the so called Art District.

Sgraffito History

The different art galleries that have settled there, present, six times a year, on the same day and at the same time, new exhibitions, thus creating unprecedented dynamics in the city. It is in this context that Galeria Fernando Santos has been developing its activity, privileging the representation of the main Portuguese artists, in the national territory and abroad, without forgetting the promotion of promising young artists within the Art Market. The Gallery was also pleased with the disparity between materials card boxes, light ropes , as well as with the wide range of different expressions that the artist seems to have achieved in his artistic journey.

Dalla sua apertura nel , Chelouche Gallery ha mantenuto il suo primato in vari campi dell'arte. Ospita artisti giovani e affermati israeliani e internazionali, che espongono opere nelle dicipline di nuovi media, video arte, scultura, pittura, installazione e fotografia. Isa Ho Le potenti fotografie di Isa Ho presentano allo spettatore la natura ingannevole e trasformativa della memoria.

Attraverso la cacofonia di oggetti che riempiono ogni fotografia, lo spettatore viene portato in un viaggio di scoperta disseminato di indizi che insieme intrecciano una storia della vita e dell'opera di ciascun artista.