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Against the grain of industrial agriculture, truly local bread stages a comeback

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The new availability of Rhode Island Rye flour offered an opportunity to source fresh-ground ingredients, support local agriculture and introduce new products into their bakery. Plans are to use RI Rye and wheat flour in more loaves starting this fall.

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The availability of RI Rye further links producers and consumers and provides valuable community-based economic development. The RI Rye, from harvest to loaf, traveled a mere 40 miles, provided income for three businesses and is only local bread flour currently available in Rhode Island.

Hot Fresh Cinnamon Bread - Dollywood Pigeon Forge Tennessee (2018)

And the result is delicious! Join, Lt.

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Allie Beck said: I can't wait to try this bread! High School. Good fun coworkers, great light-hearted customers, and attitudes that make the work fun!

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A typical day I help customers whenever they come in, and work hard to satisfy their needs as soon as possible. I learned that how much I enjoy my job, depends solely on my attitude about it.

The manager does her best to keep the store in order and everything well in stock. My co-workers are all fun, easy-going people who enjoy the work and help make everything run smoothly by working together.

The hardest part of the job is the small amount of pay. The most enjoyable part of the job is my co-workers. I always leave work in a better mood than when I got there, the food is wonderful, there is always something to do.