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The Summer issue of Development features articles on the new industrial revolution, the Greenspoint Business center in Houston, a next-generation intermodal facility in Florida and a fiberhood in Georgia. The Spring issue of Development features articles on the next generation of corporate offices, stormwater management initiatives, how a property went from an industrial building to a sports campus and designing safer parking lots.

The Winter issue of Development features articles on how e-commerce is reshaping commercial real estate, social media strategies, a public-private collaboration in Cincinnati, a retail project in Florida and insights from NAIOP's Development '13 conference. The Fall issue of Development magazine features the Developer of the Year and includes articles on mixed-use urban villages, moveable urban green spaces and crowdfunding.

The Summer issue of Development magazine features articles on new uses for vintage warehouses, logistics-driven industrial demand, how luxury apartments are catering to cyclists, and how to combat "green fatigue" amoung tenants. The Spring issue of Development magazine features articles on the changing retail landscape, critical features for inland ports, a disciplined Canadian banking system and how Amazon stayed true to the urban grid. The Winter issue of Development magazine features creative investment strategies and includes articles on compensation trends and keys to talent retention, site selection factors for E-commerce distribution centers, and an intermodal model for urban revitalization.

The Fall issue of Development magazine features the Developer of the Year and includes articles on finding workers for your tenants, the state of development, tips for succession planning and several redevelopment projects. The Summer issue of Development magazine features the new age office space and includes articles on redeveloping a former steel town, healthcare development, finding opportunities in the Middle Ring, keys to maximizing technology and building tenant relationships.

The Spring Development Magazine features an interview with owners and brokers and articles on transforming an old mall into medical and retail formats, keeping buildings full and controlling costs with technology tools. The Fall issue of Development Magazine features the Developer of the Year and includes articles on innovations on industrial parks, tips for staying competitive and reinventing urban retail. The Summer issue of Development Magazine features a mall redevelopment, and includes articles on new office and mixed-use developments, the future of CMBS, the power of mobile apps and a family ranch turned retail development.

The Spring issue of Development Magazine features the changing drivers of healthcare real estate and articles on loan sales and modifications, marketing through QR codes and retrofits and smart metering. The Summer issue of Development Magazine features reinventing finance and includes articles on creating modern curb appeal, CMBS, keys to prospering in today's environment, and office and industrial projects.

The Spring issue of Development Magazine features REIT IPOs and includes articles on office and mixed-use development, lessons learned from adpative re-use and setting the finance reset button. Sign In. Advertise Submit Contact Summer Development magazine Fall The fall issue of Development magazine features a cover story on the developer of the year and articles on urban fulfillment centers, Boston Scientific's global customer fulfillment center and the value of downtown data centers.

Bowers —34 years of international training. Specializing in non-invasive, medically advanced skin care treatments and products. Her doctor then was Dr. She eats three good meals a day, takes supplements, does not drink, smoke or eat junk food or meat. She especially appreciates the nutritious, delicious meals that her daughter Laraine and son-in-law Barry make for her, also noting how much they help her carry on with her healthy, happy life.

Charter has kept her mind sharp and her heart happy by working hard, being. HANS considers it a distinct privilege to be named a beneficiary of an estate. Simple, but hugely beneficial. That keeps you thinking. We all need a little extra energy sometimes. Our team of professionals can help you feel ready to conquer the world again. At 93 years of age, while most of her contemporaries are waiting for the inevitable end, this amazing track and field athlete continues to outrun, outjump and outthrow other female athletes in her age class.

10 Summer Body Tips ♥ Healthy Lifestyle Tips ♥ Wengie

The track and field star owns 23 world records and has won more than medals. She recently returned from the World Masters Indoor Competition in Jyvaeskylae, Finland, with a cache of 12 gold medals. It may be true that she smashed world records in meets where there are few competitors in her age category, such as high jump and long jump, but the truth is that she broke world records and at her age is still improving on her past performances. At the Masters Competition in Finland in she threw the javelin more than 15 feet farther than her nearest age-group rival.

More than gold medals later, Kotelko shows no signs of slowing down. They are experiencing a level of fitness that can fight debilitating aging and this is the secret to staying young and healthy. When you feel fit, you are flexible, which is a natural feeling. Your body is balanced, and coordinated with strong bones and muscles. What a great lifestyle I started! No cheating! Olga has embraced athletics as a second career.

She maintains a positive disposition that makes it extremely easy for coaches to work with her. She is extremely dedicated, persevering through a constant. During harvest time my brothers and sisters would help father bring in the grain. It was a two-mile walk in the morning and we would rush to finish our chores so that we could get to school and play before classes started. After retirement she left New Westminster and moved to West Vancouver to live with her daughter and her family.

They encouraged her to stay active and so she decided to try slo-pitch, indulging in her childhood passion. Olga took up track and field because throwing and running were very similar to the skills necessary for softball. One of her first meets was in Tucson, Arizona, where she won her first international gold medal, and she was hooked. Medical researchers took notice of the dynamic nonagenarian and invited her to take part in studies to understand whether it was her genes or her training that made her athletic success so remarkable.

At McGill University researchers put her through a gruelling series of tests to test lung and heart function. The most precious test they would perform on her was a muscle biopsy, a decent gauge of. Her aerobic capacity was good but it was her muscle fibres that amazed the scientists. Now Kotelko is writing a memoir and sharing her personal story, her exercise plan, her diet and recipes and her secrets for staying healthy in body, mind and spirit. She demonstrates her stretching exercises, massage, reflexology, yoga and the use of stress balls.

Her unique approach to exercise and diet and, yes, even insomnia, will help and inspire people to stay healthy, no matter what their age. She proves that we can hope to be reasonably independent and alert well into our 90s. Her motto: No matter who you are, no matter where you are, just start now! Medical resources will be stretched to the max. Bring the lemon-garlic mixture to a boil in 3 cups of water.

Remove from the stove and add 1 cup of honey. Take 2 tablespoons before or after a meal. Kotelko demonstrates that an active person can remain healthy and avoid a long bout of ill health in the last years of life. I am referring mainly to athletes, because this is the world I know.

My wish is to offer a glint of hope on how we can ward off the gradual loss of physical capabilities. Whether we are talking about the ability to think, run, jump and throw things, I believe we can extend our physical integrity to the end. Can we actually hope to die of nothing? Salvestrols are food-based compounds that interact with an enzyme to revitalize natural cell death in diseased cells that are beyond help from antioxidants. For more information about Salvestrol supplements, please contact us:.

Toll-free 1 www. The first zinc remedy was mentioned in Egyptian papyri in BC. Zinc was used extensively throughout the Roman Empire, and its use continues today in household items like calamine lotion and diaper rash creams. Conversely, did you know that extremely low levels of zinc will lead to severe dermatitis and ulcers? Skin is in a continual state of renewal and this places a high demand on zinc; specifically, 2. We can eas-. Zinc deficiency is, in fact, quite widespread throughout the world and can result in poor appetite, growth failure, mental lethargy, delayed wound healing and immune disorders.

Within the last two decades research has been focusing on the scientific basis. Studies have shown that specific amino acids bind to a zinc ion and form a finger-like shape. Is it possible that the white paste we have been slathering onto rashes has been doing more than give comfort? Several scientists support this theory and studies continue. Factoring in zinc fingers Zinc finger ions are the focus of discovery for therapeutic purposes to treat diseases such as cancer, hepatitis and viruses such as herpes. Zinc finger ions have a direct role in scavenging free radicals, and research has shown that they reduce the cellular and genetic damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet UV light.

Zinc particles are currently being used in a multitude of sun preparations to reflect UV light. To this point all of the discussion has been about defending against UVB and UVA radiation, which are recognized as causing skin cancer. UVA rays are most dangerous as they cause the same cellular damage all year long; to DNA this represents the same damaging effects in December as in July.

Zinc ions are opening up dialogue about the ability of repair at the cellular level and, for the first time, studies are suggesting that true DNA protection may be capable of happening daily for year-round defence. Bowers, the founder of New Visage, has 34 years of natural skin health experience. She has many certificates for advanced antiaging and safe medical treatments. Consuming lots of sugar will most definitely accelerate this process.

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AGEs cause damage to different proteins throughout the body. Your skin also contains another protein fibre called elastin, making the skin the perfect target for the AGEs. Elastin and collagen are the building blocks that keep your skin firm, smooth and help maintain its elasticity. When these protein fibers are damaged and their structures are weakened, the skin starts to lose its resiliency and begins to sag and form wrinkles.

The negative effects of AGEs are pronounced in individuals with delayed diagnosis of diabetes or poorly controlled diabetes. The blood test HbA1c hemoglobin A1c is used to measure the amount of glycation on red blood cells. The higher the HbA1c levels, the higher the glycation and the more accelerated the process of aging and damage to the body.

The good news is that there are steps that can be taken to minimize AGE formation. One way to do this is to reduce your intake of sugar since a rise in blood sugar levels is one of the main driving. According to a Statistics Canada report, Canadians consume an average of 26 teaspoons of sugar a day, equal to about 88 pounds per year. About 35 percent of this intake comes from added sugar. Avoid adding sugar to your food and drinks. If you are used to adding sugar to your tea, next time try adding a dash of cinnamon instead.

It gives tea a mild, sweet flavour and has the added benefit of supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Many store-bought sauces, salad dressings, dried fruit, canned foods and breads contain added sugar. Eliminate poor quality carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta. These products quickly turn into sugar and spike. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals that damage your skin. Many antioxidants inhibit AGE formation. Blueberries, blackberries and tomatoes are excellent sources.

Drinking green or white tea on a regular basis as well as supplementing with vitamins C and E also helps enhance your antioxidant levels. More sugar does in fact amount to more wrinkles. Until now western reproductive medicine has insisted that a woman is born with a fixed number of eggs and that the sharp decline in the quality and quantity of eggs after age 35 is irreversible.

However, new studies challenge the absoluteness of this view. A recent study from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on coenzyme-Q10 Co-Q10 and egg quality suggests that, in fact, it may be possible to improve egg quality and slow down or even reverse the aging process. In the study, scientists found that by injecting old, retired breeder mice with the antioxidant Co-Q10, they were able to stimulate more eggs to develop, and the genetic quality of these eggs—their youthfulness—resembled those of mice eggs in their reproductive prime.

The offspring of these older mice, who were the equivalent of a year human, were as healthy as those from younger mothers. Another study, published by Dr. Jon Tilley in Nature Medicine, shows that stem cells found in human ovaries are capable of generating new eggs—suggesting that under the right conditions, women can keep producing new eggs indefinitely. And this gives hope that there are things that you can do to preserve and improve your fertility.

Chronological versus biological age Our chronological age is fixed,. Studies of the Okinawans of Japan, who have the longest life expectancy as well as the longest health expectancy of any people in the world, show that diet, exercise, stress and lifestyle can have a very significant impact on your health and longevity. A study published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology on biological versus chronological ovarian age shows that both environmental and genetic factors contribute to egg quantity and quality and that biological age is more important than chronological age in predicting the outcome of in vitro fertilization.

Accelerated aging Our current lifestyle in the West, characterized by chronic stress, lack of. Reach your fertility potential 1. Eat a whole food diet Whole foods are foods that are in the state that Mother Nature made them the apple instead of apple juice , minimally processed and refined as little as possible before being eaten. Slow carbs: Eating carbs in their natural unprocessed state causes a slower and lower rise in blood sugar.

Slow carbs include beans, peas, lentils, whole grains, vegetables and most fruits. Eating slow carbs helps to minimize insulin resistance, regulate blood sugar, balance hormones and prevent gestational diabetes. Plant-based foods: These include a rainbow of high-fibre fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Healthy fats: Eat fats that are pressed naturally from whole-plant foods coconuts, nuts, seeds, avocado, olives or are short-lived, deep sea fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel.

Healthy fats combat cellular inflammation and improve hormonal sensitivity. Maintain a healthy weight Strive for a body mass index BMI of between 20 and 25 and a waist circumference of less than 35 inches 89 cm for women and less than 40 inches cm for men. Losing just 10 pounds 4. Exercise regularly Exercise burns calories and helps regulate your insulin levels, reversing some of the metabolic imbalances that. And when you exercise, your body rewards you by releasing a cascade of feel-good hormones endorphins. Manage stress Chronic stress shuts down all nonessential systems and directly affects the.

Self-care, meditating and mind-body programs can help reduce distress and promote deep relaxation. Nurture your social network Humans are social beings, and studies have shown that having a supportive community of family and friends is the most important determinant of mental and physical health. This is particularly important for women who are distressed. Consider natural approaches Fertility acupuncture: Studies 27 Health Action www. Custom Chinese herbal formulas: Chinese herbal therapy corrects underlying deficiencies, balances hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle.

A final few words on the marvels of medical technology: we are fortunate to live in an age where reproductive technology exists. Even with proper diet, exercise and rest, some couples will require the use of donor sperm, donor eggs and in vitro fertilization. If you are plus and want a child, you can make changes to your lifestyle that slow down the aging process and help you restore your fertility potential.

Acubalance offers a community-style acupuncture clinic where clients receive treatments in a group setting. HANS does not recommend, prescribe or endorse any particular product, service or professional. This directory is for informational purposes only. More details at www. Counsellors Registered Brigitte R. A free e-Newsletter with the latest in health and environmental news, natural health regulation updates, upcoming events, articles, new research, latest statistics and more!

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See More. Hazards for Buyers What a perfect time of year to explore your own opinion about the forces that surround us and influence us. Go ahead Now you can afford it They can no longer get the natural remedy because Health Canada does not approve of it. What happened in the 10 months that Health Canada restricted access to EMPowerplus is that smuggling rings sprang up across Canada. Beware of EMFs Before You Commit by Jim Waugh S hould you be considering the purchase or lease of a condominium, townhouse or house, keep in mind there probably will be one or several more smart meters attached to or located within the building.

Smart meters are designed to communicate in networks with collector meters and receiving antennas mounted on poles and other structures so their ra- dio-frequency transmissions will radiate outward degrees for considerable distances. Total: characteristic behaviour, likely a result of two concussions from this season.

Different protocols determine the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. Here, anyone can access the collection of autographed manuscripts, stage designs and more for free. The series runs until May 15, so squeeze in a showing before the summer. When itching for a study break, keep these Lincoln Center luxuries in mind: En Pointe: Anyone who has gracefully walked down College Walk in heels will appreciate the balance and poise of the ballerinas at the New York City Ballet, housed at the David H. Koch Theater. The New York Philharmonic orchestra theater has state-of-the-art acoustics, providing audience members from front row to nosebleeds with the same high-quality listening experience, without microphones or speakers.

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Ways to Save: No money? No problem! Each week Juilliard hosts free concerts at Alice Tully Hall. Sherman stares at us with tired disdain from Untitled , a portrait from her Society Somen series. Cindy Sherman. Untitled Any online search of her work will bring up photos of a woman dressed in a warped nude bodysuit or depicted as a starlet gone to seed. Some viewers are understandably skeptical of her work or find it aesthetically unpleasant to discern whether it is intended as ironic. As the extensive retrospective reveals, it is to some degree. Sherman, an American artist who emerged in the midth century, produces series of photographs focused on different themes, such as her notable Untitled Film Stills series in the s and s.

She is a photographer who inserts herself into all aspects of photography. She plays all the roles— dressing herself, doing her own hair and makeup, modeling and ultimately photographing. Her approach to photography makes each picture seem like a theatrical production, assembled painstakingly by a one-woman crew. Gift of Carl D. She poses in her own historical portraits, which reference great painters of yore.

She masquerades as pinup vixens and movie stars from bygone days. She mocks fashion in advertisements commissioned for different houses. She imitates the stylistic ele-. She is never shy, and she is always curious. Sherman never plays the same character twice. Sometimes she is a clown, and sometimes she is a chic urbanite.

Sometimes she is goofy, and sometimes she is downright disturbing. In all her photos, her eyes are staring past us at something none of us can see. From her unique vantage point as both artist and art, Sherman presents her understanding of the subject matter in a way that is both highly staged and deeply personal. Sherman is especially concerned with the construction of femininity. However, there is always a hidden layer of complexity to these women. In Untitled 90, a woman sprawled across a couch stares blankly at a telephone.

In Untitled 92, a girl in a scanty schoolgirl uniform gazes with terror out of the frame at some unseen danger. These photos impart a depth to these female personas that is never accessible in commercial sexual imagery, but exists in the everyday world, as Sherman points out. This emotional range acknowledges the vulnerable and empowered aspects of women as they are sprawled across a bed or contorted on the floor—arguably for the pleasure of the male viewer, but with other thoughts in mind.

In another collection, Sherman leers from the surface of the photographs as a series of middle-aged women from California. There is something grotesque and resonant about these women, most of whom are presented. These pieces are intimate exposures of women who are taking part in aspects of society that may hinder their success. Here, the female body is quite literally constructed and presented in a way that might be most distasteful in other circumstances. But when seen in conjunction with her other pieces, these photos highlight the problems of the broader construction of femininity.

The last gallery of the exhibit is filled with portraits of aged society women,. They gaze at the observer with a self-possession that implies a lifetime of secrets. Viewers cannot help but become engaged in these works. Sherman stars as a blank-eyed pinup girl in her early piece Untitled Film Still 6. Untitled Film Still 6. Acquired through the generosity of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder in memory of Eugene M. Food for Thought: Local eateries you might not know Bright colors, gelato bar, and crepe ingredients at Artopolis Cafe.

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All photos by Amanda Tien. It may be easy to resort to a familiar favorite, but one day this week, try something new. Brunch Artopolis Amsterdam, between th and th St. New Yorkers, transplants or natives, never kid about brunch. After a latte with a complimentary little cookie , browse the elaborate pastries and elegant cake display. Saint John the Divine is in view, providing an excellent opportunity to walk off those crepes while sipping a well-executed drink in the spring sunshine.

SubsConscious offers an endless array of sandwich. Do your stomach and wallet a favor by taking a short walk uptown to satisfy comfort food cravings. Foreign Flavors on Amsterdam, between th and th St. Thai Market is a gem past the invisible th border on Amsterdam, urging patrons in with a hip, downtown-like atmosphere along with its flavorful dishes. The classic Pad Thai is crafted into a warm, sizable portion with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Among the appetizers are the mouth-watering Curry Puffs that are flaky and delicate enough to deserve a spot on the dessert menu.

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A few doors over is the ineffable Taqueria y la Fonda Mexicana, a hole-in-thewall far more genuine than Chipotle in its savory salsas and nutty moles. All three establishments offer lunch and dinner specials that are worth the short walk. While the menu offers a delicious fig and goat cheese crostini and a wide array of panini sandwiches, one of. Exposed brick walls, hanging light bulbs and live music are only part of the package. The wait staff is friendly, welcoming familiar customers with hugs and greetings.

Fresh pasta is rolled in front of a firebrick oven baking thin crust pizzas. Bettolona is lively long into the night, populated by well-dressed elderly locals and talented students from the nearby Manhattan School of Music. Bettolona is an ideal choice for a night out with friends or to impress visiting parents. Settle into a plush armchair below some original artwork with a cappuccino and almond biscotti to enjoy this escape from campus. Open until 2 a.

Lalo boasts a wide range of pies, tortes, cakes, pastries, mousses and ice cream sundaes, in addition to its long list of savory meals. Vintage French posters offer eye candy while perching on tall stools or relaxing in a coveted window seat. We college students are always looking to save a few pennies - check out our exclusive deals to make your next boutique-hopping trip easier on the wallet.

Go slightly steampunk with jewelry made of antique watch gears, keys and recycled metals. Live green by carrying a vibrant bag made from animal-friendly faux leathers and organic materials. Calling all audiophiles: listen to your tunes with these headphones in colors that pop. With each pair of cool specs you buy from Warby Parker, they provide a pair to someone in need. The master of curiously-themed jewelry; think dinosaurs and vampire fangs. Keep your electronics safe from scratches in these stylish cases.

Open 7 Days Delivers till 10pm Broadway th st. New York, NY Phone: The only call center that handles inbound and outbound calls, data entry, and other office duties, all in a central, local location. Add value to your bottom line. Discover why the most successful businesses and non-profits rely on Ptex to expand their market share and increase their bottom line. Discover your own potential. See More. Photo by Damian Bao. Editors and models relax after shooting for Hoot.

Copy Editor 1. What do you plan to read this summer? Hot Hoot Hot Hoot Our directors share their must-haves for the summer season. I go to bed every night by eleven and set a few nights a week free to spend with friends. Photo by Kelila Kahane This question of trademarking color is at the heart of the lawsuit which has unfolded over the past year On April 8, , Christian Louboutin sued YSL for trademark infringement.

Features The laws governing color trademark are complex. Apparel products. Features Dressing for Class Why do we dress up just to trek across campus? Write about fashion? An editor At first, I did. There are myriad fruitful The explosion of new media Ph: Blazer and shorts, Lulus.

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Earrings, ASOS. Ring, Pamela Love. Ring, Cartier. The friends that I made there, the people, the campus, the city, the teach- by anna cooperberg Photographer: Damian Bao Makeup:Sharon Shum Hair: Ivanka Lova him lecture; even though there were maybe 30 of us in the class, there would be people who wanted to hear him.

Pants, Stella McCartney. Bag, Chanel. Why not go out in style? Photo by Rebecca Pottash beginning to change Over 30 groups, ranging from the Deans and administrative groups to the Artist Society and the Columbia Bartending Agency, gathered for one cause. Juxtaposed with her unique ap- However, Columbia students are not the only ones celebrating this new craze.

I decided to dye my mohawk one of my favorite color gradients. There is something grotesque and resonant about these women, most of whom are presented with their skin baked orange and their doughy smiles stretched unnaturally tight. All photos by Amanda Tien by amanda tien D ays full of classes, papers and tests can seem never-ending, but for many students, the light at the end of the tunnel is the promise of a good meal.

Curry Puffs, an appetizer at Thai Market, wrap curried chicken and potatoes in a flaky pastry. SubsConscious offers an endless array of sandwich SubsConscious on Amsterdam Avenue offers over a hundred options. Fresh, homemade gnocchi with basil, mozzarella, and a tomato sauce at Bettolona. While the menu offers a delicious fig and goat cheese crostini and a wide array of panini sandwiches, one of Exposed brick walls, hanging light bulbs and live music are only part of the package. Gourmet hotmail. This funding is made possible through a generous gift from The Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

It all adds up. PTEX Phone: