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For the sake of clarity, it is important that everyone uses the same version. If you choose to use another version, please check carefully that the wording of the questions makes sense against the Bible version you are using.

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We recommend that, for a younger group, these are kept by the leaders and handed out each week. Nothing happens unless God is at work, so make sure that you give plenty of time to prayer. Try to recruit prayer partners among your Christian friends, or from your church congregation, who will commit themselves to praying before and during the course. C Pray for the leaders — that they would be well prepared and that they would. C Pray for the young people themselves — that many would attend; that by his. Spirit, God would open their eyes to see who Jesus is, and by his Spirit give them the desire to turn and follow him.

Please let us know when and where your course is running! The Christianity Explored team would love to pray for you. Please register your course at www. This section contains the studies to work through over the seven-week Soul course. The Soul course has been written with s and young adults in mind.

The sessions work alongside the Soul DVD, and the activities and questions are designed to stretch and challenge older teenagers and young adults. However, you know your group best. You may decide that replacing some or all of the episodes from the Soul DVD with live talks will suit your particular group better. If so, talk outlines for the seven sessions can be found in the appendices on page We have aimed to keep the material as flexible as possible to allow you to make these adjustments easily if they would help your group.

Note: In the notes that follow, the bold text shown in the light grey boxes like this one is the material that appears in the Soul Handbook used by group members. Set up the Soul DVD ready to play? Or prepared the optional talk and added any personal illustrations. There will be plenty of time and opportunity for you to ask any question you want to. C Explain that no one will be asked to read out loud, pray, or. This group is about trying to look at the answers to the big questions of life in a relaxed way. C Tell the group that they must talk to five different people.

Choose a short list of questions that is suitable for your group. You may want to put the questions up on a flipchart or powerpoint slide where people can see them. C Play music during this time, and blow a whistle or bang a gong or just shout. Note: If you have a larger group, you could do this in one minute, so that people get to speak to more people. It will create a more energetic activity.

Equipment: None. Note: Do this as one group if possible, to help you get to know each other — but if you have a larger group, divide into small groups with a leader in each one to run the game. C If neither of these activities will work for your group or for yourself, there are more. C Ask the group to share their answers. Note down what they are so that you can. However, you may want to answer one or two short questions at this point, if they are simple to deal with and not contentious. You might also want to write your own question and share it with the group. You can then collect all the questions from the box and read them to the group.

You may even say that this is a question that you have struggled with. This is to help people see that the things they may feel very intensely about are things that others struggle to understand too.

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Make sure you plan a time to talk about this — probably during a later session, using the notes on page It may be enough at this point to say that the course is not making any particular point about evolution or creation. Ask them to draw a. For example, they might draw a large cathedral or church building.

If some of the group prefer not to draw, they can write single words on the poster instead. Note: Leaders need to allow the group to draw what they want. If they want to draw something that is theologically problematic, allow them to do it because there will be an opportunity later to correct misunderstandings. Note: It is important to do this activity as it is referred to in the study questions.

On it draw a football pitch. Just coming in.

Letting Your Soul Guide You: A Look into Soul-Centered Leadership

Explain that this is to help them, not for others to judge them. Allow people to think it over and put a cross where they think they are, and give them the chance to explain why they put their mark where they did. Note: This activity is optional. You can download a sheet with this illustration on it at www. C Give each person a Bible. C Ask everyone to turn to Mark C One of the leaders should read Mark aloud; then the group should work through the questions below.

The answers are given here for your reference. They speak of the King who God promised to send into the world. What does Mark say Christianity is all about in the first sentence of his book? This may, in turn, raise all kinds of issues about the reliability of the Bible, and the trustworthiness of Mark. If this is an issue for your group, or for an individual, plan to include some input on the reliability of the Bible. See notes on page This question is designed to tackle some of the common misconceptions about the Christian faith that may have come up in the poster-drawing exercise.

The notes for this talk can also be downloaded from www. Encourage people to write notes on the Download page as they listen to the talk. The recap is also printed below. But God created us.

Soul: Leader's Guide

C We all face death sooner or later. C But how can we get to know God? We need him to reveal himself to us.

Mark says. If we want to know what God is like, we must look at Jesus. C Remember that this is the first session, and the aim here is not to explain the. It is simply to open up the themes that will be covered in subsequent weeks. It is much better to stop a good. C Answers might include: making lots of money; having a good time; having good.

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C You might ask them why they think different people think different things are. C The aim here is not to criticize these views, but to get the group thinking about the. There is no pressing need to comment on them now, unless the discussion naturally heads that way. What do most people think about God and Christianity?

Why do you think that is? C Explain that churches can very easily forget that Christianity is all about Jesus —. But this is not real Christianity. C If necessary, sympathize with anyone in the group who may have had a bad. What about Jesus? Do people think he matters? What do you think?

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  • It may be helpful at this point to prepare a plan of which question you deal with each session. C Think about the people who came. Make a list so that you can pray for them. C Think about what contact you may want to make during the week to encourage. Alternatively, you could show Episode 1 from the Soul DVD if this would be appropriate for your group. Keep the illustration short. Alternatively, show a short clip from a film eg: Mr Bean in church or cartoon eg: The Simpsons in church — check that you can do this legally. C Your poster lists some of those ideas.

    There will be opportunity later in the course to discuss some of these views, so do keep the poster, or make a note of what was drawn, so that you can be sure to address these issues at some point. What is Christianity about? C Many people think that Christianity is about religious ceremonies, or keeping a set.


    Mark says something very different from that. These extras include the chapter and verse numbers, and also the headings. C Read Mark aloud. So as we do Soul together, we will be looking at Jesus Christ and finding out what Mark tells us about him.

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    Where did life come from? C You may want to include a funny illustration here — maybe display a cartoon. Ask your group if they know what this makes? Answer: These sum up the chemical contents of a human body! C Scientists spend billions every year trying to work out exactly how the earth began. C There are two possible answers to this question. Either we are here by chance, or. C If we have been made by someone, if we have been created, that makes a huge. The Bible says that God created us, that we are his workmanship.

    This means that we matter enormously. God says so. Instead, we matter — and matter enormously — because God created us. He made us, he loves us, and he has a purpose for our lives. Our lives mean something. C Where life comes from makes a huge difference when we start thinking about.

    C Lots of people have tried to work out what the point of life is. If we had drawn. TV, magazines and the internet often give the impression that the answer is to be rich, famous and good looking. Read description. Go to Basket. If you like this you may also like Head-to-soul Makeover Leader's Guide Full Product Description Teen girls often struggle with stubbornness, insecurity, anxiety, stress, irritability, and envy - which can be crippling at this critical stage in their lives when they're forming their adult identities.

    Through the lens of culturally relevant television reality shows and magazine-type self-quizzes, this week small group study will guide teen girls through an upbeat curriculum to transform their lives from head to soul. By exploring eight Christ-like character qualities, the study helps girls put discipleship into practice with a weekly "Makeover Challenge," and then wraps it all up with a "Big Reveal" party. The leader's guide includes guidelines for facilitating a group, the complete text of the participant's guide, helpful hints for the group exercises and discussion questions, and handout pages to copy.

    Add to Basket Go to Basket. No problem! Just click here to ask us about Head-to-soul Makeover Leader's Guide.