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In Havona left the partnership to focus on entrepreneurial projects. After the birth of her first daughter, Stoney, in Havona began developing creative products to reduce the stress of parenting. Stoney and Havona own Tuesdays at Ten, Ltd.

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They recently released Tot Yoga HD for the ipad and iphone. The desire to find the perfect combination of activities for Stoney inspired Havona to develop KidKlass. A strong background counseling successful entrepreneurs and a desire to solve problems drive Havona to pursue creative solutions for innovative parenting. Websites: Kidklass.

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Lob sends them into the wood where it is revealed that what they all have in common is a desire for a second chance. The Machiavellian Lob is the master puppeteer and the second chance they hope for is nothing like what they expect.

Their secret wishes set them upon a wild fantasy adventure. The subtle, underlying message that our destiny lies within and that to change our lives we must first change ourselves, is a message for our times. Her screenplay was developed through screenplay workshops and readings with noted actors including Tom Conti, Patricia Hodge, Prunella Scales and Timothy West.

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She will film the excellent ensemble cast of the theatre production with special casting of key roles: MR. Its magical blend of astute social satire, high comedy, sexual misadventure, bacchanalian revelry and sudden poignant tragedy will be finally realized to their full in a transfer to film. The adaptation and skilful staging … makes ideal entertainment. Warmly recommended.

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The cast invest their roles with conviction … feel-good theatre. Keith Faulkner plays the master of ceremonies, Lob, like Gene Wilder on angel dust.

Helen Anker transforms enjoyably from stuffy Lady Caroline to lively woodland sprite.