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Tina mathematics test she did not want to share the results with them. She loved flowers. Jenny was her BFF. What is the moral to this story? A delightful set of short stories book any older age child would enjoy reading, I did. Very easy for me to rate the short story book 5 stars. Peter Stephan reviewed on on Jan. I have no children of my own but I have 6 nieces and 7 nephews all under the age of I thought these stories were good but the last was a little scarey.

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I'll try it out on them tomorrow. Michael Arnold reviewed on on Jan. This is one of the four books I read today. One thing that is evident is this writer loves plants and trees. Over all these short stories were good and it tells a lesson but what I like about the lesson is that they are positive, good book. Retrieving Suggestions.

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Before long they put up fences, and they didn't even want us to come near their homes. This made us worried, but by that time it was too late. Just a short time later, five large ships came and many people were brought to the island.

The Fig Tree and the Mango Tree

One large group was wearing very strange clothes and they had long knives, which later we learned were swords. They told us that they needed to protect our island from enemies that wanted to attack our island. We never had enemies before and we didn't understand. They demanded that they needed many buildings at different places and that they needed lots of wood and stone to build with.

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We didn't realize how much wood and stone they wanted over the years, but they also didn't give us any choice as they threatened us with their swords if we wouldn't help them get the wood and stones. They also didn't even want to pay us for it anymore, since they said that it was for our safety. This made some of our people very angry and then the foreigners used their swords to kill some of them. They also threatened everybody with the same fate, if they would disobey them in any way. As more of them kept coming, our people quickly grew scared.

Later they brought guns too, and they took over all the land and made our people to be their slaves. Over time these foreigners even started to load the wood from our trees onto their boats. Again, they said that this would help us, but we never received anything in return. Our island started to change and look bare, while the soil started to wash away. Our gardens barely yielded any crops anymore and sometimes people went hungry, something that we never had known before.

Still, it seemed like the foreigners always had enough. Most of them treated us like we were not even humans, since they only used us to work for them. With a serious look on his face my Papa continued sharing his story. As a boy I once went with him to visit one of the foreigners and he seemed different. He treated the people living near him with great respect and his house always was open. When we arrived, he right away invited us into his home and offered us something to eat. He also took care of the land and didn't allow the other foreigners to cut trees from his land.

He also was trying to keep the other foreigners from cutting more trees, but they didn't listen to him. He was so nice! He even gave me a book! I was so honored that he wanted me to have something so special. He knew that I couldn't read and if I could have, I would have had to know his language, but he said that one day I might be able to read and that I should keep it for that day, since the book was a book of truth.

The Man in the Mango Tree by Christopher Walker - Book Review - Whispering Stories

My Papa continued, 'Just after I married Mama, the foreigners suddenly started to leave. It seemed like not one was left behind, not even the nice man I had met. Then we were told that we needed to elect our own leader, so we could become a people again with our own identity.

This was not easy, since so much had changed over these many years and many of our ways had gotten lost. But since we still were a peaceful people, we started to find our ways back. The hardest part was that our island had changed, since almost all the trees were gone, and our gardens didn't yield much anymore. Now there were also many big buildings that nobody was living in. In the beginning nobody even wanted to live in them, but slowly people were starting to use them, since there were only a few trees left on the island and we didn't want to lose them.

One of the places where there were still trees, was where that man lived that gave me the book. A book full of stories. The old man took a deep sigh and continued, "My Papa just had given me the greatest history lesson ever, a story I would never ever forget! But when he had finished, there was one burning question on my mind about the book and I asked him: 'Papa, did you ever find out what the book said?

My Papa suddenly realized that, until this day, he had not even thought about the book again, and he had never found out what it said. Still, he had put it away in a very safe place. He told me to go into our house and look on the shelf where we kept our cloves and other spices. Behind the spices there should be a brightly colored cloth with a book in it. I wasted no time to find this treasure and brought it quickly to my Papa.

He then carefully opened the thick cover of the spice fragranced book and in awe, I right away noticed that it was written in French, the same language that I had learned in school. I blurted out enthusiastically, 'Papa, you may not be able to read, but I can and I can also translate it for you! I thought that was a fabulous idea and said that maybe all the children could join us.

I did ask him if he would mind if I read it first by myself, so I could really understand what was written and tell it in our language with meaning. So, we agreed that we would do a little every day. I would read it first on my own while guarding my mango tree, and the next morning I would tell it right before breakfast to the whole family. I was captivated by the book, but since there were so many new things to learn from it, I only read real small passages.

First, I read the passage over and over again and then thought what it should be in my own language. The book started with how everything was created by someone called Elohim as well as Yahweh, which I later learned meant Supreme God and Eternal One. In my heart, I wished that he was right there with me to help me understand and tell it right to my family.

It was amazing how much it helped that I had read the geography book so much, since it had many of the words that were in the first part of this book. On the fourth day, I was reading the passage where it talked about God letting the earth sprout the plants and trees, every one after its own kind according to its own seed. This made me think of my little mango tree and I was proud to have helped and put my seed in the ground for God to make it sprout. I then realized that I could do that with every kind of seed and that it should also be good, just like in the story from the book.

So, from that time on, every seed I received, I planted and before long others joined me in doing the same, starting with my brothers and sisters, and on to my friends. In no time, it seemed like everybody who heard the story wanted to join in, so God could make more plants and trees sprout after their own kind; guava, papaya, pomelo, lychee, rambutan, lemon, plum, avocado, passion fruit, bread fruit, dragon fruit, star fruit, and also nuts like macadamia, cashew, and almond it was amazing.

We also learned that with some seeds, we needed more than one to grow in order for them to produce fruit. Since the soil had eroded a lot, it did take a lot of hard work, but we trusted God to help us. After all he was the creator and he had told the seeds to produce. As a family we quickly learned from the book that in the beginning everything had been good and that God gave life without there being death. The place sounded just as wonderful as our island before the foreigners came, but Papa said that even before the foreigners had come to us on their ships, that there was death.

Even on our islands it had not really been good. The story told us also that God warned the people that he had not made them to know good as well as evil, by telling them not to eat from one specific tree that would give them the knowledge of good and evil. He told them that they would die if they ate from that tree and at that point God had only given them life. The first two people that God had made, a man and a woman, chose to eat from the tree anyway and when they did, they were immediately changed.

They suddenly were afraid, and they were not willing to be responsible for what they did. The man, God had created, even blamed both God and the woman that God had given to him. It was a very sad story for me to learn, since everything had been good until that point. Can you imagine that everything was good and still the people chose to eat from the only tree that God had told them not to eat from?

It was given to them to warn them so they would not know evil and experience death. At this point the old man noticed my little mind racing and, while stroking his curly white beard, he asked, 'Are you wondering if the fruit that was on that tree could have been a mango?

The fruit was not the problem, but it was the people deciding to pick and eat from this particular tree -- the tree that would give them the knowledge of good and evil. After offering me and taking himself a drink of water from the gourd, the old man leaned back in his cozy wooden chair and continued his story.

It told us that Cain, a son of the one who God called the mother of all living, killed his younger brother. Earlier God had seen Cain's anger and even warned him and encouraged him to stop his anger. Then Cain even lied to God about killing his brother and denied any responsibility. On top of that, when he learned of the consequences of his horrible deed, he complained to God about his punishment. In spite his attitude, God promised Cain that He would protect him.

Even though Cain also falsely accused God of leaving him, in the end it was Cain who left God's presence instead. God loving me enough to warn me and give so many opportunities for me to come back to him, even when I would choose evil. It made me wonder what it would be like to talk with God, just like I did with my Papa, by hopping in his lap and looking in his eyes. Then he looked at me again, his eyes filled with compassion, and with a serious face, he continued.

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He was different from all the other people, since he had close fellowship with God and then, he didn't die! Still, it seemed like other people ignored God and rather just did whatever they wanted to do, even to the point that one day the people's evilness was so great that it grieved God to His heart.

God then said that he would wipe out all people from the earth. At the time, this reminded me of the story of what happened in our country when the people on the boats started to come. The man who gave my papa the book was a little like Noah in the midst of all the other people. We knew that it didn't fit the story all the way, but nevertheless, it reminded us that this man, like Noah, was different from all the others. Next God brought a great flood of water covering the whole world.

Seeing my eyes grow like saucers hearing about that much water, the old man quickly added, "Yes, including where we are living. The old man gently smiled and said, "At the time I read the story first, I didn't know either, but we simply chose to believe it. I recently learned that there is enough water in the air for it to cover the whole world almost two and a half kilometers deep. That is like walking from this mango tree to the beach down the trail.

Even our highest volcano would have been under water. Just then large grey clouds drifted by and it started to sprinkle a little, as if to help me see right away where all that water was stored. This made the old man smile even more, but just about as he was to continue, all the talking about water suddenly reminded me that I started my journey this morning to bring water to my brother, who was working in the fields just a bit further up on the pathway. I blurted out without any consideration to the old man, "Oh no, I will have to leave for a little, since I forgot something very important.

I will be right back. Will you please wait for me? I need to take my brother his water or he will get thirsty. My brother had forgotten his water, and mom had asked to bring it to him before midday. I had left early that morning, so time wise I still was doing fine. When I gave it to him, he had no idea that, for quite some time, I had been distracted on the way.

He was just happy that I brought him the water. That relaxed me enough to share with him that I would have a very special story to tell when he would come home that evening. Three years of stories. On my way back to the giant mango tree, I did feel embarrassed by how I had rushed off without allowing the old man respond to me. When I returned, he was still sitting in his comfortable wooden chair. His eyes were closed and there was such a peaceful look on his face!

I had never seen anything like that before. It was if he was smiling, yet he was not. With the great imagination of a little boy, I thought for a moment that he maybe had died. No, that was a ridiculous thought and his body was not limp either. I was staring at him for what seemed a very long time, without realizing that he had opened his dark brown eyes. I only realized it, when his smile changed to a loving grin and he showed his bright white teeth once more.

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He then teased me by saying, "So, running off, without giving me the chance to respond Then he quickly continued, I'm glad you did remember your brother and that you were concerned for him. The way you responded, showed me that you love him. I also know that you felt bad for not allowing me to respond.