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The canyon is home to some of Montana's most diverse wildlife. Gates of the Mountain Tour. The Canyon "The Gates of the Mountains tour is an excellent chance to experience one of the best scenic stretches of river in the west. Perfect for a Wedding Imagine foot Limestone walls and the Missouri River as your backdrop for your big day!

The Mountain Between Us

Prev Next. T he evening of July 19,, was a hot one in the wilderness that would later become Montana. On the Missouri River, not far from present day Helena, the hardy members of the Lewis and Clark expedition toiled to move upstream.

Kate Winslet, Idris Elba and a dog up a mountain. Who thought this was a good idea?

Rock embankments made towing from shore impossible, and the deep channel forced the men to row rather than pole their boats forward. S uddenly, there loomed before them towering rock formations unlike any they had ever seen. From both sides of the river, limestone cliffs rose to a spectacular height of feet. T he name stuck, and for nearly two centuries travelers have ventured down this stretch of the Missouri to marvel at its natural wonders.

Could you survive if you crash-landed on a remote mountain?

T he minute cruise starts at our Marina, just 3 miles off Interstate 15 in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains between Helena and Great Falls, Montana. G reat towering walls of limestone still stand guard over the river. Bighorn sheep and Mountain Goats scamper in the rocks high above the water. Ospreys, eagles bald and golden , vultures and falcons peregrine and prairie still soar on the updrafts.

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The canyon is also home to otters, deer, squirrels, ermine, beaver, mountain lions, black bears and other wild creatures. The mountains offer a range of magical holiday options, from skiing to hiking , mountain biking to extreme sports , and also the chance to have a well-deserved rest at a wonderful spa no matter the season. Here is a list of Tuscan mountains that will suit your wishes. The chain is located between the valleys of the Serchio and Magra rivers, between the Garfagnana and the Lunigiana in the north-west and the Apuan Riviera and Versilia in the south-west. The Apuan Alps Park covers approximately 20, hectares, of which the highest point is Mount Pisanino with an altitude of metres.

The Apuan Alps boast a diverse flora influenced by several factors, thanks especially to location and climate and the geological nature of the mountains. The mountains closer to the sea harbour Mediterranean vegetation, amongst which holm oak, myrtle and maritime pine grow over meters above sea level.

The inner Apuan Alps are covered with oak, hornbeam and turkey, largely replaced by man with chestnut trees. On the Apuan Alps there are three possible multi-day hikes to take part in, each varying in duration and difficulty. The mountains of the Monte Pisano are all shorter than m, with some resembling hills. The highest mountain is Mount Serra m.

This area comprises many medieval villages and remains of fortifications, along with other interesting places.

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If you visit Monte Pisano make sure to taste the local olive oil, as well as the chestnuts from the woods of Molina di Quosa, which are unusual and famous for growing at a low altitude. The Pistoia Mountains occupy a large area in north and north-west Pistoia, on the southern ridge of the Apennines. To the northwest and the north they border the Emilia Romagna region. The chain covers a total of 53, hectares, more than a half of the Province of Pistoia.

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The area enjoys landscapes of forest, conifers, chestnut trees and pastures and blueberries over m above sea level. Summer temperatures can get to as high as 30 degrees, which then fall to cooler temperatures at night. The range possesses a diverse fauna which includes several species of birds and birds of prey, marmots, deer, fallow deer, fox, wild boar, martens and wolves. Other sports you can practise in the Pistoia Mountains are snowshoeing, Nordic walking, snowboard, bobsledding and, during the summer, mountain hiking, downhill, mountain biking and more.

Undergoing restorations to strengthen cultural and natural heritage is the Montagna Pistoiese EcoMuseum, an area museum which includes many thematic areas, from the proto-industrial activities to those of everyday life. At the foot of this small mountain range are the infamous rolling Chianti hills. The territory, largely characterized by cypresses, is rich in river sources. Situated high up on the hilltops are many castles with towers that were once the homes of lords, and fortresses built to defend attacks by mercenaries.

The Colline Metallifere , are the largest hill and mountain range in the Tuscan Anti-Appennines Antiappennini , located in the western part of Tuscany and running through four provinces: the southeast part of Livorno, the southern part of Pisa, the southwestern part of Siena and the north-western part of Grosseto. The peak is Cornate di Gerfalco 1.

About the Gates

Excluding the Poggio di Montieri and Cornate di Gerfalco peaks, that are both over 1, m, large part of the area is hilly and rich in local minerals and the area between Pisa and Grosseto is famous for its geothermal energy. Mount Cetona 1, meters above sea level is located in southern Tuscany in the southeastern part of the province of Siena, which separates the Val d'Orcia from the Val di Chiana.

It was formed million years ago when the area was submerged in water. Through the centuries, shelters and tunnels were formed and primitive man found refuge in it. Monte Morello is the highest mountain m above sea level in the province of Florence, located northwest of the city and divided between the municipalities of Vaglia, Sesto Fiorentino and Calenzano. The mountainous landscape of Monte Morello bears lands for pasture, oaks, cypress trees and white pines.

The Canyon

Today Monte Morello is a popular day out for Florentines in the summer, perfect for activities such as walks, hikes and picnics, and even mushroom and asparagus picking. The peak reaches 1, meters above sea level, but the complex also includes a series of peaks. Monte Amiata is mainly characterised for being a dormant volcano and today many of the areas in its vicinity are protected.

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