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Our priorities are all messed up. We need to know the teachings of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers to give us direction and balance.

Seven Grandfather Teachings

Our leaders are young; they also need to listen and learn. We need their participation. Each Grandfather gave him a great gift. One gave him the gift of Wisdom , and he learned to use that wisdom for his people. Another gave the gift of Love so that he would love his brother and sister and share with them.

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The third offered the gift of Respect , so that the First Elder would respect everyone, all human persons and all the things that are created. One Grandfather gave the boy Humility , to teach the boy to know that he was equal to everyone else.

The Seven Sacred Teachings

The last gift that he received was Truth. Be true to yourself and true to your fellow man. Always speak the truth. You can not be honest if you use only one or two of these, or if you leave one out. And to leave one out is to embrace the opposite of what that teaching is.

Seven Grandfather Teachings

If each one of the seven gifts is not used together with the others, we cannot function. Today we should live by these seven teachings even though we need to work hard to embrace them. Sometimes it is hard to respect someone who has hurt you. If we dont practice honesty, we cheat. If we dont practice truth, we will lie. We must go back to the knowledge that the Seven Grandfathers taught the First Elder, who passed the Teachings on to the other generations.

And we must teach our children when they are young to value the medicines and healing practices of their Grandmothers and Grandfathers and to appreciate the role of the medicine people and the ceremonies that ][were held at various times of the year. All these teachings will give us direction and balance.

Seven Sacred Teachings

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Teachings and Traditions Tuesday, this is a teaching that is very close to my heart. Let me know how you enjoyed this post, and if you learned anything! Peace depends on our ability to treat others and ourselves with respect.

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At times this means sacrifice, and at other times it means receiving a gift gracefully and respectfully. The bear exemplifies courage.

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The bear takes care of her young, and we take care of our responsibilities. We face our fears and dangers with courage because that is who we are.

The Seven Sacred Teachings

He thrives because he uses the gift of his teeth with commitment and effort for building and providing for others. Without using his gift, his teeth would grow until they become unusable. If this happens, the beaver would not be able to serve his purpose. In wisdom he will not fail to use his gift. We must also use our gifts in serving our purposes or risk losing what is important. The turtle slowly moves forward with strength and stability, understanding all of the teachings.

Truth incorporates all of the other teachings, and we live out our purpose. Truth is about what the journey looks like. It is not just about reaching a particular destination. The spirit of truth also gives us peace because living in it, we care for self and others fairly. The eagle is our example of love because she exemplifies all of the teachings. She flies high in the sky to see all truth. She lives in humility, honesty, courage, respect, and wisdom.

She cares for her young, teaching them by example to live in peace by these principles.

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Some days it is harder than others to see what we should be grateful for. Every day, however, we receive gifts from what others have done prior to each moment we experience. By accepting the 7 Grandfather Teachings and living them with gratitude, we live into the community of peace.