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Those who feel others are draining them, are probably being attacked by feeding vampires.. People die, and suddenly realize that the afterlife doesn't want them, isn't for them.. They opt to possess a favorite relative.. Groceries don't sustain them.. They opt to suck energies and essence from the living..

That's what's draining you.. I feel their attacks as sharp sting to my head where they connect.. Generally they connect over major brain arteries, is where they feed.. Instantly I employ my spirit hand to seize it, and push it out of my brain, and slam it against a hell pantry wall of fast growing venomous hooked thorns.. The sting to my head vanishes instant.. The monster is thus home Sometimes I employ P'lato's cages' to dispose of a feeding vampire.. They never return.. I established a challenge to all the world's toughest meanest vampires, to a fight to their deaths..

About took the challenge.. That was a fun three week.. It was a hellish high-stress war.. Those that attacked have all been exterminated.. Vampires are extremely dangerous, and nasty, but they are as fragile as eggshells.. Learn to use your mind.. Trust your mind.. It's all you've got.. Learn to love all life.. Love cannot exist where fear and hate reside..

If you don't love all life, when you die, and your spirit is reed from your corpse vehicle, heaven the rest of life will smell you as vile excrement, instantly rejecting you.. Without love for all life, you are destined to hell.. Why do you think all the wisest ancient scholars Stressed the need to learn to love everything..? You be nice to the monsters.. They are my friends I need use of a small lab, and I will repair humanity and this planet..

The Energy of Aries

Message to this forum's owners.. I found and corrected serious errors in this note.. Kindly erase the previous duplicate-note without discord nor challenge Edited: I am reading too much about people employing a crude unstable form of the "White Light of Protection" when they feel scared.. I was camped on the west coast of Vancouver Island, about miles north of Victoria.. I had a weird eerie uncomfortable nagging restless bad-feeling there was something in the area watching me too close with bad-intent, which I should be running away from ASAP..

I sent the white light mind-shield out for a quarter-mile all around me, and maintained it On.. I heard it crashing through bushes, crashing through small trees, snapping them off, and bouncing off large trees, making it even more furious.. It left a huge path of unprecedented destruction in the forest.. It rushed toward me extremely fast, and missed me by feet, ending up leaping off the cliff, splashing into the sea about feet off shore, and swam back fast in just 5-seconds, sounding like a paddle wheeler boat at full throttle..

It clawed ferociously at the foot cliff, screaming like nothing I had ever heard, not even in movies, ripping large rocks off the cliff, leaving deep scratches in the stone, sounding like an avalanche close-up, screaming 'bludy blue murder' like it needed to kill something Now!. I had pushed it over the edge, and maybe worse.. I had no op but to crawl out of the pup-tent, and face it, scared out of my mind.. It stood about feet away from me, hunched, fierce as it gets, waiting for my next action..

I was careful to not block any of its three obvious escape routes.. That thing wanted to kill me.. I calmly walked up to the large hunched werewolf, paused four feet away, bowed and smiled, moved in, reached a hand down to its crotch, furrowing its long vagina upward, hoping and expecting that might switch its violent anger to gentle mating softness, and continued running my caress up the center of her chest, is when she spoke or telepathed.. I just know that I heard it in English.. I strutted 5-feet towards her, turned and faced the moon, with my back to her, and did my best at howling at the moon..

She made a whiny curious sound which sounded as if she thought my howl to be silly, infantile, and non-threat.. I couldn't feel temperature, breeze, my own touch, nor smell or hear anything.. My senses were all totally numb, save for my sight.. I could see in the dark now.. I got back into the tent, is when the huge rush struck.. It didn't taste like wolf or dog smells..

I wonder if it isn't related to wolf..? I suspect it's alien in origin.. I don't fear death.. I am an ascendant.. Death is merely a doorway into more life for me..

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I will walk up to any and all wicked powerful monsters, bow, smile, and kiss it right on its mouth.. One of my hobbies is making friends with monsters.. I am very good at what I do Point being dear ones: Do Not use the proverbial 'white light of protection' in a forest, unless you wish to and are prepared to meet an extremely dangerous powerful creature..

One tiny mistake, you're probably dead and eaten in seconds.. You do not give the psychopathic narcissistic bully its reason to attack.. You do not give a monster its reason to attack.. You give them their reason to be your friend People die, and suddenly their freed spirit realizes the afterlife doesn't want them, isn't for them.. The afterlife is for those who love all life.. The afterlife instantly rejects them..

There are a few Youtube videos showing tiny animate white-clouds floating near the ground.. Those are the spirits of the recently deceased.. They have become 'vampire'.. Humanity is now infested with those blood-thirsty money-hungry hateful evil maggot parasites.. Possessing another life is the most demonic act in life.. It makes both into demons.. I feel their feeding-attacks as sharp sting to my head where they connect.. Generally they connect over major brain arteries, is where they prefer to feed..

Instantly I employ my spirit hands to seize it, and to push it out of my brain, and slam it against a hell pantry wall of fast growing venomous hooked thorns.. The monster is thus home.. The wall is crowded with the skeletons of recent attackers.. Something there eats my offerings.. I never stay to watch.. I would probably lose my cookies Sometimes I employ 'Plato's cages' to dispose of a feeding vampire.. Six months ago, I established a challenge to all the world's toughest meanest vampires, to a fight to their deaths.. That was a fun three weeks battle dealing with attacking boss vampires day and night, who only feed when they attack..

Feed is all those maggots know.. I always win cosmic battles, for having successfully completed the proverbial 'years introspection', and having neutralized the alien giant's instilled mind governor.. The nephilim created humans in their own likeness for meat..

Those vampires that attacked me have all been exterminated.. Vampires are extremely dangerous, disgusting, and nasty, but they are as fragile as thinnest eggshells or ultra-thin crystal glass..

Chakra Yin Yoga - Energy Balance Yin Yoga Full Class {75 min}

They die easily.. Trust your mind, feelings and thoughts.. It's all you've got to connect you to all life.. It's all you are.. Love cannot exist where fear and hate resides.. If you don't love all life, when you die, and your spirit is freed from your corpse vehicle, heaven the rest of life will smell you as vile excrement, instantly rejecting you.. Why do you think all the greatest wisest ancient scholars stressed the need to learn to love everything..? Quoting: "Sensitive people or empaths have an ability to be emotional sponges that can heighten when they are at a social event, around co-workers, or in crowds.

Negativity, though, often feels assaultive or exhausting..

The Energy of Aries - Balance for Life

So that's why I dislike crowds.. But, I distance myself in the crowd by imaging I am standing on the planet, which is, in the meditation, a foot diameter spinning sphere, while I am pacing my walking to maintain myself always at the top center of the spinning-ball..

With this I can even block-out the noises and negative words people say.. I am addressing only the good in the crowd.. As far as I'm concerned the negatives aren't in my world, they are in the global asylum, but should a loving person approach, they can always get in and close.. Their love seems to resonate with my powerful love for all life.. If they are of love, they are essentially 'spirit-mates' to me.. I see peoples spirits.. It's a bit of a curse.. I see most peoples spirits are twisted grotesque horrid ugly monsters, demons, parasites and various dark evil things..

Most people are possessed with the freed spirits of deceased relatives.. Those possessed people are now vampires..

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Humanity is 15, years old.. Humanity is infected with 15, years of spirit-possessions.. Some good, most bad.. I met the lady who hosts the spirit of Mme. Curry, a good one, but still a vile vampire that must feed upon innocence.. She has a human female as a pet, which she feeds upon.. Seeing their relationship is a little unsettling, and a bit shocking.. She writes science textbooks for the educational system Most of humanity desperately needs exorcisms.. Exorcist Practitioner should be recognized by the medical field as a much needed respected profession, especially now, given the out of control self-destructive turbulence within humanity..

It's as if humanity is now an open air global insane-asylum.. It's as if humanity's world is now 'hell on earth'.. The Arab Inquisition proves it.. It's as if humanity is in process of suiciding to escape the vampire infestation within.. Why is 'suiciding' not a recognized spell-checked English word, given that it's what is happening to humanity..?

I suppose if humanity doesn't know the words, it means to them that it doesn't and can't exist, being essentially mass-narcissism, one of the global asylum's major traits With a small lab, and a little meager funding I could create revolutionary new medicines which would repair brains, minds, psychic vampires, psychopathic narcissists, paranoid schizophrenics, and people who are lost in the thought realms behind fears.. I am able to enter into a fear lost person's mind, and pull them out of their fear and limbo, but it's an extremely dangerous therapeutic project, in that a very strong psyhicish patient could hold me there with it, is why I don't employ this type of therapy for mentally-ill critically-unstable humans..

It's just too dangerous to play there I am able to pull cancer off a patient.. Cancer looks like a 14" diameter black slimy mushroom cap, small sting ray, or suction cup.. Christianity's mindform 'heaven' is infested with those black suction cup cancer disks.. Their black slimy tarry excrement puddles litter everywhere in Christianity's heaven.. Those black vile slimy things stink twice worse than fermented aged putrid soiled month old baby diapers..

No one, no spirit, no soul, could linger more than a minute in Christianity's mindform heaven anomaly.. Somehow those horrid things are living cancer..? I don't have a clue what they are.. Do you..? Kindly educate me as to what they are, and why they are..

Introduction to Energy Work

I noticed that the mindform Jewish heaven doesn't contain those black cancer disk parasites.. It holds seven seemingly dignified monks.. Four yoiung ones, three elders.. I met only seven there..

They play an evil-game with visitors The christian mindform heaven is 7-light years from earth in space.. The Jewish mindform heaven is 3. They are both silly as silly gets.. They are valueless to the freed spirit or soul In topic 'empaths sensitivity to negative spirits'.. Schools should teach how to get control of ones emotions, and teach how to not get possessed by a freed relatives spirit School doesn't teach children anything of value needed to live a good life..

School should teach how to live, love, and respect all life Schools worldwide should teach all the basic life skills, basic magics, all the martial arts, business arts, basic sorcery, how to treat a wound properly, how to maintain reasonable cleanliness, how to treat a woman, how to treat a man, how to treat ones parents, how to treat your neighbors, how to learn restraint, respect, dignity, honor, love, kindness, caring, sharing, honesty, self-control, inner strength, cleanliness, fairness, health, trust, happiness, birth control, pregnancy prevention, disease prevention Right now there are too many humans on this planet for it to support without us killing it..

Releasing chemical energy from carbon-based fuels generally requires combustion like the burning of coal, oil, natural gas, or a biomass such as wood. Thermal energy. Typical sources of thermal energy include heat from underground hot springs, combustion of fossil fuels and biomass as noted above or industrial processes. Kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is movement, which occurs when water moves with tides or flows downstream, or when air moves wind turbines in the wind. Nuclear energy. When nuclear energy is released, it can emit radioactivity and heat thermal energy as well. Solar energy. Energy radiates from the sun and the light rays can be captured with photovoltaics and semiconductors.

Mirrors can be used to concentrate the power. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. Subjects and Methods. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Iman Momken. Dale A. Sylvie Normand. Alexandre Zahariev. Bernadette Lescure. Chantal Simon. Article history. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Background: Short-term physical inactivity affects energy balance and is considered conducive to weigh gain.

Table 1. View Large. View large Download slide. Search ADS. Occasional physical inactivity combined with a high-fat diet may be important in the development and maintenance of obesity in human subjects.

Modern Energy Work

A decrease in physical activity affects appetite, energy, and nutrient balance in lean men feeding ad libitum. How much physical activity is needed to minimize weight gain in previously obese women? Cross talk between physical activity and appetite control: does physical activity stimulate appetite?

Energy and water metabolism, body composition, and hormonal changes induced by 42 days of enforced inactivity and simulated weightlessness. Physical inactivity differentially alters dietary oleate and palmitate trafficking. Calorie restriction modulates inactivity-induced changes in the inflammatory markers C-reactive protein and pentraxin Atrophy and impaired muscle protein synthesis during prolonged inactivity and stress. Efficacy of a gravity-independent resistance exercise device as a countermeasure to muscle atrophy during day bed rest.

Effect of physical inactivity on the oxidation of saturated and monounsaturated dietary fatty acids: results of a randomized trial. Single muscle fiber function with concurrent exercise or nutrition countermeasures during 60 days of bed rest in women. Supine lower body negative pressure exercise during bed rest maintains upright exercise capacity. Upright exercise or supine lower body negative pressure exercise maintains exercise responses after bed rest. Energy expenditure during antiorthostatic bed rest simulated microgravity. Food and Nutrition Board.

Dietary reference intakes for energy, carbohydrate, fiber, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein and amino acids. The use of visual analogue scales to assess motivation to eat in human subjects: a review of their reliability and validity with an evaluation of new hand-held computerized systems for temporal tracking of appetite ratings. Reproducibility, power and validity of visual analogue scales in assessment of appetite sensations in single test meal studies. Energy expenditure by doubly labeled water: validation in humans and proposed calculation.

Influence of delayed isotopic equilibration in urine on the accuracy of the 2 H 2 18 O method in the elderly. Within- and between-subject variation in energy expenditure measured by the doubly labelled water technique: implications for validating reported dietary energy intake. The relationship between dietary intake, exercise, energy balance and the space craft environment. Skinfold thickness versus isotope dilution for body fat assessment during simulated microgravity: results from three bed-rest campaigns in men and women with and without countermeasures.

Energy requirements and dietary energy recommendations for children and adolescents 1 to 18 years old. How active are we? Levels of routine physical activity in children and adults. The effect of graded levels of exercise on energy intake and balance in free-living men, consuming their normal diet.

The effect of graded levels of exercise on energy intake and balance in free-living women. The effect of an incremental increase in exercise on appetite, eating behaviour and energy balance in lean men and women feeding ad libitum. Leptin responses to physical inactivity induced by simulated weightlessness. Issue Section:. Download all figures. Supplementary data. View Metrics.

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Mechanisms of Heat Exchange

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Dietary non-nutrients in the prevention of non-communicable diseases: Potentially related mechanisms. Step down tests are the tasks that most differentiate the kinematics of women with patellofemoral pain compared to asymptomatic controls. Citing articles via Web of Science Association of inpatient glucose measurements with amputations in patients hospitalized with acute diabetic foot.

Association between urinary triclosan with bone mass density and osteoporosis in the US adult women, Genomic and transcriptomic characterization of papillary microcarcinomas with lateral neck lymph node metastases.