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If you are interested in using a song for publication, recording, performance, or other, please contact the publisher of that particular song. All works by Woody Guthrie are held under U. Copyright Law.

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Woody has a few different publishers, just look at the bottom of each lyric and you'll see who to contact. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Anna Canoni at: acanoni at woodyguthrie. Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. Michael Goldsen Music, Inc.

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I'll write and I'll draw and I'll spell you a word, Big "A" and a little "A" and a middle size "A" I'll make you a number, two six and one: And I'll scramble 'em around so you can see them run. Take my pencil, crayon, and brush, Big "B" and a little "B" and a new kind of "B"; I'll spell ten kitty-cats up in a tree, And I'll squish 'em around so you can see.

She directed the feature film Green and is editing a new one called Always Shine.

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Larry and I have moved to Los Angeles for a little while. So, Nick Dawson gave me the option to either go to a pm screening at Sony or a pm screening at Linwood Dunn with a reception to follow. Obviously, I picked the one with the reception because it meant there were going to be snacks. I was tired, and Larry and I had been apart for a few days.

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I feel like a real Angeleno getting excited about a free parking lot. They take my name and let me in and all around me are these very, very old Jews. I really want to make a joke on Twitter about Old Jews Telling Jokes, but I get nervous Nick would get mad at me and that somehow that joke would be a disgrace to the Talkhouse.

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I walk into the screening room. It is very nice.

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I notice that all the seats except for the first two rows are reserved for the producer and for the different actors in the film. They then discuss whether or not Woody Allen will be there. I start to get a really LA vibe. Suddenly people start turning around and scanning the room.

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Anything you do, anything you say is monitored — you say this, you say that. Every social site, everything you say will never disappear. Just say something nice. I find this interaction very troubling. It makes me very uncomfortable. I feel like she is probably from the Midwest. Then a guy from Sony Pictures Classics introduces the movie and points out all the famous people who are in the audience. The movie starts and a couple people applaud for some of the people that the guy from SPC had pointed out were in the audience. I zone out for the first 10 minutes of the movie and start thinking about my own movie, and who I want to cast in this one part.

What does he do every day? What is he thinking about?