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Log in Subscribe Newsletter. Welcome to LearnEnglish Learn English online using our high-quality resources to quickly improve your English. English for the workplace. My last holiday. Learn how to write about your last holiday. Reported speech 1. Do you know how to report what somebody else said? Streets and roads. The mystery of the sand.

Activities , Assessing learning. Assessment for Learning activities. Here are some AfL activities to try with your learners. The months of the year. All over the world we have unique names for the months of the year, often with historical or cultural references. Is slavery a thing of the past. This lesson helps to encourage awareness of slavery, historical and modern day.

Refugee poster project. Unsung heroes. Online safety. Online safety for teenagers.

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It is important that online safety is discussed with teenagers who might not always be aware of dangers, especially in a world in which Your year in review. This activity for teenagers and adults at CEF level B1 and above asks students to imagine that they are a famous international or national Lesson plans , Lesson plans.

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Every year as Christmas approaches, thousands of charities launch appeals, asking for donations. Entrepreneurs are Great. This lesson plan for teachers of older teenage and adult students level B1 is about entrepreneurship. Students will develop speaking and A Boyhood Home.

A class magazine.

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Class projects can be an excellent way to focus the whole class and get them working together towards a common goal. A class survey.

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Doing surveys can be a useful way of getting your students to interact, produce question forms and collect and analyse real information. This lesson plan for teachers of teenage and adult students at level B1 and above is based on the theme of Regional Geography.


A dark and stormy night. The main focus of this activity is on developing writing skills, but it's also good for developing listening speaking and reading skills A food festival. This lesson plan for teachers of teenage students at level B2 is about food festivals. Students will focus on their listening skills in A Generation of couch potatoes.

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Theme: Health, fitness, lifestyles Lexical area: Sports, recreational activities, frequency adverbs Cross curricular links: Personal and Featured Readers. Featured Areas. The books contain easy-to-follow communicative activities in simple English. They are written by experienced teachers who are familiar with the problems of struggling with limited resources, and they give clear methodological guidance. Lots of hands-on activities.

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Easily accessible resources. Can be used between elementary and intermediate levels. Aimed at higher primary and secondary. Oxford Basics for Children. Cambridge Books for Teachers 2. Activity - ago gamecards.

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Let's Go Fourth Edition. English for Primary Teachers. Cambridge Copy Collection.