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One of the most fundamental things every new photographer should learn is how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO interact to produce an exposure. This great video will introduce you to the three parameters and how each of them determines your overall exposure. Coming to you from Apalapse , this helpful video will show you how the three fundamental exposure parameters interact to produce an image.

Photography for Beginners: A Complete Guide (Updated )

Quite often when you're shooting, you'll have to make both a creative decision in how you want to combine the three to make a shot and a practical decision that your shooting environment imposes on you, and the successful photographer is one who can balance their creative impulses with the environmental limitations. That's why it's so crucial to become so familiar with the settings and their effects on your photos that they become instinct and you can quickly dial them in in any situation, as a camera's auto mode doesn't know your creative impulses and simply tries to create a balanced exposure.

Personally, I think one of the most important lessons is to remember that it's always better to have a high ISO photo that's sharp than a low ISO photo that's blurry.

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Don't trade off so much shutter speed that you introduce camera shake or subject blur. Check out the video above for the full rundown. Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer.

Understanding Exposure: The Exposure Triangle with Mark Wallace

An alternative way of remaining at a relatively low ISO such as instead of is by lengthening the exposure time. The next setting you need to manually adjust is the shutter speed. I tend to begin with a shutter speed of approximately 25 seconds and make adjustments depending on how the image looks. I do this to get as little noise as possible. By using an even longer exposure such as 5 minutes , the motion becomes even more obvious but you might notice that the image is beginning to look better again.

The camera will have a hard time using its autofocus when it gets dark.

The Exposure Triangle for Beginners

This is the last manual setting, I promise! Print out this article or write down some keywords and go out with your camera.

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Those who are regular readers here on CaptureLandscapes already know how important I consider a tripod to be for landscape photography. This is also the case for night photography. A tripod is absolutely essential since we are operating with shutter speeds anywhere between a few seconds to several minutes. This should go without saying but a flashlight or headlight will make it considerably easier to navigate in the dark.

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Night Photography is, as you see, quite different than daytime. Have you been experimenting with Night Photography? Share the result with us in a comment below!

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