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By the age of six, he was fluent in reading English, French and Latin, was gaining a firm grasp of music, and he rode and shot with enthusiasm.

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Charles' ambition and desire for military success led him to plan an invasion of England, in order to capture the throne for his father, from George II. After a brief period in France following a failed attempt to gain support, Prince Charles landed in Scotland on 25 July He quickly gained support from the Highlands and his army successfully fought General John Cape's men.

After the victory at the Battle of Prestonpans, Charles and his army attempted to continue to London.

The new depiction of the famous historical figure was created by a forensic artist

They were forced to retreat back to Scotland, after receiving reports of overwhelming armies prepared to defend the city. Charles did not give up completely and continued to lead his men into battles. However, after the disastrous forty minute defeat at Culloden Moor, Charles was forced to spend the next five months as a hunted man. It is not completely clear how Charles spent these months, although it appears he disguised himself as a 'Mr Sinclair', a ship-wrecked merchant, and later on as a lady, 'Betty Burke'.

Eventually, Charles was rescued from Scotland by his brother, and shipped back to France who, although they were still not prepared to support Charles' bid for the throne, agreed to protect him - if only to continue their feud with England.

10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

He was forced to spend the rest of his life moving around Europe in a range of guises. He had a daughter, by his Mistress, Clementina Willeinshaw, in October , but the relationship ended in - amid tales of jealousy and violence. By the age of 45, Charles had few supporters and was excluded from his father's will. When does Wimbledon start? Dates, schedule, how to get tickets.

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Who Was Bonnie Prince Charlie? - Expedition Unknown

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