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I said to Lucy, looking over your left shoulder can you see where the kerb cuts into the bottom of the rear windscreen? Keep it there whilst reversing in a straight line and aim for it to be back in the same position once you are around the corner and have straightened up. I asked her, looking at the line of the kerb, where do you think is the point of turn?

Reverse around a corner to the left

She said, where the kerb starts to curve. Which point of the car needs to be in line with that first curved kerbstone? The rear wheel. We judged the point of turn together. Lucy told me this was a sweeping corner and suggested she might only need about a quarter of a turn initially. Throughout the reverse I encouraged her to judge for herself how much or how little she needed to turn the wheel.

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We confirmed the observations to ensure her safety and then had another go. The third practice was on a different corner, which Lucy carried out near perfectly with very little prompting from me. By this point she was positively beaming and it was obvious to me that Lucy felt she had learned far more in these three reverses round corners than she had on previous lessons relying on reference points. She had taken responsibility and it had given her a real sense of achievement.

Reference points do have some value but to teach them to every pupil without first giving them the opportunity to have a go at judging things for themselves, is to put them at risk when they are out driving on their own. GDE Visualisation 9.

GDE Driving under pressure GDE Scaling fear GDE Managing Anger GDE Overview 2. GDE Self-evaluation Skills 3. GDE Self-awareness 4.

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GDE Taking responsibility 5. Even with a lot of towing experience, you may not end up with your caravan exactly where you intended. Don't worry — just pull forward a short distance and reverse again. It's easier to make these small corrections than it is to perform a right-angled turn and hit the precise point you were aiming for. If you see the caravan looming large in one of your wing mirrors and you want to straighten up, just turn towards the side where you can see the caravan. If you want to turn more sharply, steer away from the caravan. A quarter of a turn should be enough.

With some cars, it's possible to cheat a bit by using a trailer reversing aid. Different systems vary in their sophistication and exactly how they work, but what they have in common is that they steer the car for you as you reverse, so there's no need to turn the steering wheel in a counter-intuitive way to begin the manoeuvre.

The driver sets the direction of the turn using the mirror adjustment switch in the case of VW's Trailer Assist and controls the car's speed. These systems work well, but it still takes some judgement on the part of the driver to choose the right position from which to start the turn. Another option is to have your caravan fitted with a motor mover. These allow you to move the caravan by remote control. Most motor movers use a small electric motor and rollers acting on the caravan's tyres.

Simply unhitch the caravan from the car and let the mover do all the hard work. Reversing a caravan isn't easy, but it should be within the capabilities of most drivers, with a little practice. And if you really can't get the hang of it, or you would simply prefer to make your life easy, you can invest in a motor mover. Next in our towing guide, find out what the speed limits are when towing a caravan. In part 5 we consider what's best for towing, petrol, diesel or hybrid.

How to Drive a Car in Reverse Gear - Autoblog

Catch up on part 1, 'how to choose a good tow car'. And don't miss part 2 on outfit matching. So, you want to go touring? There's lots to learn and it can be hard to know where to begin — let's start with our expert's caravanning basics. Caravan holidays are perfect for wheelchair-users — here's how to choose or adapt a caravan and find accessible tourist destinations, says Vera Whalley.

Driving test changes: the new instructions examiners will give

Get the low-down on caravan servicing with our expert, to give you peace of mind that your tourer is safe and ready for another year of wonderful holidays. PCP is a new way to buy your next tourer. Read on to find out what it is and how it works — essential reading if you're looking at caravans for sale! Sammy Faircloth explores options for transporting bicycles safely when caravanning.

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Tony Brown offers essential advice on breakaway cables and why they're essential, in our series of everyday fixes for your caravan. Brighten up the caravan kitchen with new LED lighting. LED strips are simple to fit and make meal preparation much easier, says Nigel Hutson. Seasoned caravanner Sammy Faircloth offers expert advice for those who are new to foreign travel with their caravan.

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Sign in Register. Worried about reversing your caravan? You're not alone. Here we come to your rescue with our top tips, to help you get the skills you need. There's lots to contend with and it can feel like an alien experience at first. Do you have a clear view?