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Ashley Lauretta Ashley is a journalist based in Austin, Texas. June 4, No Comments. June 17, No Comments. June 3, No Comments. Never Miss a Post! Enable Notifications No Thanks. Click the 'Allow' Button Above. You're all set. Which is a tribute to the popularity and to the integrity of Ruby Walsh, this fact that so many of us just regard his Paddy Power ads as a form of promotion for the game in general - conveying this sense of an industry in which everyone is pulling in the same direction, the runners and riders and the backers and the layers.

But it is also a tribute to the genius of the corporations, that they can create that impression, because, of course, the backers and the layers are not actually pulling in the same direction here. Indeed when Ruby fell at the last fence on Benie des Dieux, his "banker" of the meeting, the owner Rich Ricci for it is he explicitly called on the "trolls" to leave the great man alone, and not to repeat the abuse he received when Annie Power also fell at the last in In that moment, the "trolls" could only see Ruby as the bookie's pal, playing his part with Paddy Power in the ads, forgetting that he had also been the punter's pal on countless occasions.

So perhaps this would be a good time for Ruby to step back, as they say, from this advertising game. Betting may be inextricably linked with horse-racing, but it is now inextricably linked with football too, and it would not be a good look if, say, Harry Kane became the public face of Ladbrokes, even if he was only having a laugh - you're more likely to have a retired old pro like Sky pundit Paul Merson, who has done gambling ads, though he spoke last week about his addiction being out of control again.

A current star of the Premier League may have the name of a betting company across his shirt, his club can have an "official betting partner", but still it would look strange for a top player himself to be front and centre, and it mightn't even be allowed.

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Because they have this thing called the Advertising Standards Authority, which last week banned an ad for Skybet featuring Paul Merson's colleague, the great Sky presenter Jeff Stelling - it was decided that the use of Stelling, famed for his knowledge and expertise, "gave an erroneous impression of the extent of a gambler's control over betting success".

They do that kind of thing in England sometimes, they have these "watchdogs" on the case, and even the odd rule or regulation - but of course, we don't really go in for any of that here. So it's entirely up to Ruby himself whether he wants to associate his magnificence with the company which used the image of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently, without his permission, leading the Gunnar to declare that "they are going to have a big, big problem with me… if there's anything I should not have anything to do with, it is a betting company".

But then maybe I'm asking too much - I have noted that betting corporations are churning out the odds on all varieties of Brexit, but that when I wrote in that "there will be no Brexit", favouring instead the No Brexit Brexit, I couldn't find odds on that anywhere, even from Paddy Power. And the reason I couldn't find any odds on that anywhere is that there were none, anywhere.

Because nobody in the entire world had apparently considered that possibility… nobody that is, apart from me. So I feel a bit like one of those lads they put in the paper holding up the docket which won him grand for a 50 cents accumulator - except without the grand.

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Sinn Fein has seven MPs - yet one of the several dubious explanations for their abstentionism is a claim on their part that even if they took their seats, it would make no difference anyway. And sure, at that rate, you might ask what's the point of this politics thing at all, or indeed, of life in general? So I was having a look at the ad for Brady's ham that has them doing their hammy take on Come out ye Black and Tans, and while it is rollicking stuff, I still felt that it's not there that we should be looking for the real signs of the resurgence of nationalist eejitry.

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The true source is that remarkable free pass that Sinn Fein has been given on their refusal to do something - anything - that might help Ireland at this difficult time at Westminster. And it's remarkable not just for Sinn Fein's bogus reasoning, but because at times the bogus reasoning has actually been done for them by others, some of whom call themselves "journalists".

I have heard these people dismiss any pressure on Sinn Fein in this area with the weary air of sophisticates who can hardly be bothered to put into words their disdain for those who can't seem to get it into their heads that abstentionism was in the Sinn Fein manifesto and everybody who voted for them understood their position on it. So by the same token, everyone knew that Trump wanted his Wall, and he got elected - so there's no point arguing about that, is there?

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Likewise David Cameron had the Brexit Referendum in his manifesto, so how can you find fault with the man for going through with it? Fianna Fail or indeed any "normal" party would be slaughtered if they were sitting at home pontificating when they could be making a difference on Brexit, regardless of what they promised their followers in some manifesto that nobody read anyway.

Yet Sinn Fein sails on, untroubled by hard questions, or even easy ones. But with the new millennia, the Pink Palace of the Pacific was showing its age.

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New standards in hospitality accommodations and modern high technology needed to be designed into a building constructed before there were building codes. This was to be done without affecting the unique character that is the Royal Hawaiian. To do something like that, you need to assemble a special team.

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To be asked to join a team like that is an honor and a responsibility. How many of those might you get in a lifetime? Know when to run! In this case, hele to an island paradise.

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The work was incredibly complex. The building is structural clay tile and Hawaii is an active seismic zone. Many skills no longer exist on the islands.

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Accessibility and life safety are now part of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, yet practically invisible with the new and historic finishes. At one point, it seemed impossible. But, King Kamehameha I believed this location was special, a heiau, and his royal grove of coconut trees defined the area. And maybe it is a special spot.

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Good vibrations. When they opened the Royal Hawaiian in , they held a special Gala Celebration and a local ukulele player named Bill Tapia played as part of the event. Some 82 years later, when the renovation was completed, another Gala was held on March 7, And the hana hou? The year-old Bill Tapia played the ukulele. If you have been fortunate enough to complete design projects across a wide range of geography, you may have noticed something. There are challenges based on location. I think most architects and engineers get that.

These are cultural differences, right? But what happens when the invasive species is human? You know what happened? Know when to walk away. Except that sometimes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Know when to run. In the case of opportunity, you may want to run towards it, not away. A hui hou, know when to run!