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Jake and his crew agreed to assist Nanny Nell locate Hook, who was grow more furious at his bumbling crew tangled with in the Jolly Roger rigging when Jake and his friends arrive claiming they had a surprise for him. However Hook did'nt feel like being trouble by the sea pup, until he spot the familiar face of his childhood nanny, welcoming her aboard his vessel ever so delighted to see her again.

Nanny reveals to Hook that she was sent by his mother to get his ship in ship-shape order. With Nanny Nell taking care of both Hook and the Jolly Roger Smee began to feel that his services weren't needed and decide to slip away aboard the rowboat to find a captain that need his help. Unknown that Smee was even missing Captain Hook marveling at Nanny Nell work was more determined to claim the giant gold doubloon he set sail for Danger River.

Meanwhile Jake and his crew bump into Mr. Smee rowing away and ask him what was trouble him. Smee informs the sea pups his deli ma but Jake insist Smee can't leave and with out his guidance Hook is sure to get into trouble.

Smee had been fearing that Hook would enter that dreadful place searching for treasure, there was no treasure within the river but the prison of the legendary sea monster known as the Groogar sealed behind a golden door. Jake and his crew accompanied Smee set sail after Hook. I am talking about Pinterest.

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I spent many afternoons making strawberry mice, Angry Birds fruit arrangements and rainbow pancakes. Oh, and my personal favorite… food cities.

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I once had a little one who had basically no interest in eating. But he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. Sprinkles would zap him a rainbow cupcake out of thin air, and he would eat those…. Like an old cardboard box into outer space. Have you also found that no matter what cool things you buy for your kids, they end up wanting to play with the box or the packaging? I once helped a 5 year old I nannied build a castle out of some boxes his new toys came in and he played in there from morning until lunch.

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Nannies can make a great fort out pretty much anything. Nannies are great at carrying armloads of… everything. I mean everything. Babies, groceries, dry cleaning, diaper bags, and a much needed Starbucks…. Sorry, I am reliving it. Sometimes you just have to do the laundry, make dinner, assist with homework, and bake those 2 dozen snicker doodle cookies for the kindergarten bake sale….

But I am still working on that. Nannies have an unbelievable sixth sense for lying. Maybe even 2 miles.

Nanny Nell

Yes, I do know it was you who ate all of the cupcakes off the bottom shelf of the refractor and smeared frosting all over the cupboards. No, Mr. A great show for k and pre-k and their families. In Jill and the Beanstalk , it's the fairytale with a twist which deals with the choices we each must make in life. Includes Daisy he cow. This story is available with a teacher's educational packet for grades K In Rosarella , be part of the popular Cinderella story one difference Rosalita plays the part of Cinderella and as an audience the puppets ask you questions about the choices everyone makes.

Let your child choose who the prince will marry? Will he choose the ugly sisters or Cinderella as his bride? In The Enchanted Forest , a king protects the fabulous creatures of his forest from an evil force. This show lends itself to customization as you choose which creatures should be in the forest. Show includes Knights, a dragon and a half man half beast see photo.

This show is great for a "Go Green " or earth day theme, as the knights want to cut down the trees and litter. The frog prince Gives another fantastic twist to a well-known tale.

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Will the princess find the real frog? The Queen decides to have a competition. She invites all the creatures of the kingdom to the castle to compete in various activities like running, flying, jumping, singing and much more to win the coveted prize. This show brings together many favorite marionettes from other shows to compliment the summer reading theme " On your mark, get set, read". IF you want to see videos of this you can go to the facebook page to see princess Emerald puppet. This show is great for larger audiences but is more affordable than " The Three Singing Princesses" and is a shorter progam around 30 minutes long.

Join princess " Krystal" and fairy Godmother "Glitter" as they tell stories and sing songs and teach the crowd how to be knights and princessess and princes. The show includes 3 short hand puppet stories. Get to meet a fairy puppet and a dragon puppet and a unicorn puppet among other things. We also have a one person version with either a princess or a fairy. Brand New for Charlotte Dore portrays the entertaining Nanny "Mary Puppets" with her carpet bag of puppets, props , toys and games. Taking inspiration from the beloved nanny stories of the past come enjoy adventures of charming fantasy.

A spoonful of sugar might actually start talking to you.

And what can you buy for Tuppence a bag these days? Let pirate Rachel Skullcap visit with a selection of pirate themed puppet stories " The Pirate and the Parot" "The Pig who would be Pirate" and " The Brave princess" plus additional pirate stories if requested. This show includes glove puppets and one marionette and includes an old fashioned style puppet booth. Ideal for all ages. For larger audiences and bigger budgets try our brand new show!!!! A musical featuring 3 singers , masks, puppets and audience participation. Presented in collaboration with "Stiletto Singers".

Three princesses use music to help them in their journey to find their dad.

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Full 45 minute version ideal for outdoor events, school assemblies and theatres. When she arrives in the heart Cairo she goes to the bustling market. There she meets a merchant who sells her a beautiful amulet. Little does she know that it was found by a dog in the desert and it belongs to an ancient Mummy.