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Shame is the feeling that there is something basically wrong with you. The feeling of guilt is about doing something wrong, whereas shame is about being wrong at the core.

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The feeling of shame comes from the belief that, "I am basically flawed, inadequate, wrong, bad, unimportant, undeserving or not good enough. At some early point in our lives, most of us absorbed this false belief that causes the feeling of shame.

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As a result of not feeling seen, loved, valued and understood, we developed the belief that we were not being loved because there was something wrong with us. While some children were told outright that they were not okay -- that they were stupid, bad or undeserving -- other children concluded that there was something wrong with them by the way they were being treated.

Once we establish our core shame belief, we become addicted to it because it serves us in two primary ways:. As long as we believe that we are the cause of others rejecting behavior, then we can believe that there is something we can do about it.

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It gives us a sense of power to believe that others are rejecting us, or behaving in unloving ways, because of our inadequacy. If it is our fault then maybe we can do something about it by changing ourselves, by doing things "right.

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We don't want to accept our helplessness over others feelings and behavior. It protects us from other feelings that we are afraid to feel, and gives us a sense of control over our own feelings. As bad as shame feels, many people prefer it to the feelings that shame may be covering up: loneliness, heartbreak, grief, sadness, sorrow or helplessness over others. Just as anger may be a cover-up for these difficult feelings, so is shame.


Shame is totally different than loneliness or heartbreak or helplessness over others. Shame is a feeling that we are causing by our own false beliefs, but loneliness, heartbreak, grief, sadness, sorrow or helplessness over others are existential feelings -- feelings that are a natural result of life.


We feel heartbreak and grief over losing someone we love. We feel loneliness when we want to connect with someone or play with someone, and there is no one around or no one open to connection, love or play. Many people would rather feel an awful feeling that they are causing, than feel the authentic painful feelings of life.

If you are finding it difficult to move beyond shame, it may be because you are addicted to the feeling of control that your shame-based beliefs give you: Control over others' feelings and behavior, and control over your own authentic feelings. As long as having the control is most important to you, you will not let go of your false core shame beliefs. You are willing to accept that others feelings and behavior have nothing to do with you. When you accept that others have free will to be open or closed, loving or unloving -- that you are not the cause of their feelings and behavior, and you no longer take others behavior personally - you will have no need to control it.

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When you let go of your need to control others, and instead move into compassion for yourself and others, you will let go of your false beliefs about yourself that cause the feeling of shame. Her own muddled feelings of confusion, shame , and fear are what make the essay great and what make the essay her story. Oh, what a shame to take him through the streets in such a helpless condition! It's a shame to see a minister of the Gospel drowning his grief in liquor.

The church of Rome has acted upon this principle, and even Protestants to the shame of Protestantism have followed her example. She must be put to grief and shame , while he, the one on whose head the real sin lay, escaped.

What Is Shame? How Is It Different From Guilt?

Until modern times English had a productive duplicate form in shand. To put someone or something to shame is midc. Shame culture attested by Old English scamian "be ashamed, blush, feel shame; cause shame," from the root of shame n. Related: Shamed ; shaming. In addition to the idiom beginning with shame. It was a shame you couldn't come with us. The lobster emoji depicts the tasty marine crustacean in bright red, with its two large claws, ten legs, and delicious tail. RELATED WORDS humiliation , guilt , confusion , irritation , remorse , scandal , stigma , contempt , debase , ridicule , dishonor , discredit , mortify , reproach , humiliate , disrepute , pang , abashment , mortification , obloquy.

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