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Speaking Persuasively.

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Acquire techniques and strategies for speaking persuasively to a variety of audiences. Presentation, interactive practice including structured exercises, participant presentations followed by group feedback, work-related role plays, and group discussion. Speaking Persuasively Goal Acquire techniques and strategies for speaking persuasively to a variety of audiences.

It is greater than the fear of death. If you are one of those human beings who wishes to convert the adrenalin produced by this fear into excitement, this book is for you.

How To Speak Persuasively

It is your opportunity to read and to understand simple ideas for practice. It is your opportunity to stop fearing and start feeling good, perhaps great, about facing a 'public' and speaking. And this book is for you who realise that speaking is one of the most powerful means of influencing others in business and in life: you who realise that leading others is about understanding and practising persuasive speaking.

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And for you who want to make the most of your speaking opportunities, to make the best of your career or business ventures, to influence your professional or political credibility, or simply to further your study. In the past ten years we have seen presentations in our consultancy that have highlighted the need for a book to help executive speakers and we use executive as a generic term for all those.

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