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Tom Breen has published a thoughtful and generous review of The Wanderer on the Muzzleland Press blog:.

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This is an extraordinarily accomplished first novel, and readers of weird fiction have much cause for celebration at the prospect of a second. The review can be read here. John Harrison and Helen Marshall. The event is free, but ticketed. There are more details here. Paulo Brito puts some thoughtful questions about writing practices and influences to me over on his blog, here. Here are a selection of the reviews that have appeared online for The Wanderer. You can start playing it, here.

But be warned, you may never sleep easy again…. There is a Goodreads giveaway of The Wanderer running till the 1st December. Two signed copies of the book are available. You can find out more details and enter, here. Here are some photos from my reading with Douglas Cowie and Neil D.

Stewart, kindly taken by Raph Hoermann.

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There are a handful of songs on The Wanderer soundtrack posted yesterday, songs particularly apt and potent, but, in the main, I find vocals and strong rhythms and melodies , too distracting for reading, writing, and editing. The following is a short playlist of songs that particularly resonated. Most of the pieces on the eldritch soundtrack to The Wanderer posted yesterday could be described as drone works. This music has an incantatory power. Drone, repetitive and glacially solemn, yet emotive, with ghost melodic and harmonic progressions, is a kind of alchemy; it mingles, in its crucible, the ritualistic and the affective.

The effect of this is transmutative: drones fire the imagination, summon into being that which does not exist. Stewart, author of The Glasgow Coma Scale , talented authors both. The event is free. A heartrending yowl in plangent prose. Including an eerily retrospective one. That post is here.

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I found out it was pretty much impossible not to cheat, at least a little, but also that the first book that came to mind pretty much dictated the list — the chain of associations was strong… On any given day the list might have turned out differently. Then we went to the pub for more quaffing. With booze. Many, many libations poured down throats in honour of Bacchus. Would be lovely to see as many of you as possible there.

Please RSVP, as it would be good to have an idea of numbers. The event is at UCL, When the California University of Pennsylvania hung the exhibit in Fall , Steve spoke on campus to an auditorium filled with middle-schoolers, a graphic design class, and the university trustees. Cal U filmed this celebration of Lasting Light. Taylor or Tsikumu, sacred lofty Pueblo peaks, and by sleight of hand snatched passing ideas, phrases, images, potters emotions and molded and shaped them into sentences which began to tell how it is that Pueblo potters think, feel, and create.

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With well-told stories, rich detail and a lifetime spent researching, Trimble sheds light on the people—both legendary and contemporary—and the places behind this remarkable art form. The prose sings and the photos shine. A magnificent book indeed! When you hold a Pueblo pot in your hands, you feel a tactile connection through the clay to the potter and to centuries of tradition. You will find no better guide to this feeling than Talking with the Clay.

Through dozens of conversations, Trimble records stories and dreams that span seven generations and more than a century, revealing how potterymaking helps to bridge the gap between worlds, between humans and clay, springing from old ways but embracing change. In this newly revised, expanded, and redesigned edition, Trimble brings his classic into the 21st Century with interviews and photographs from a new generation of potters working to preserve the miraculous balance between tradition and innovation.

Trimble's book remains the book that Indian art gallery owners recommend when they send a new enthusiast home with a piece of Pueblo pottery. SAR Press , 20th anniversary expanded and revised edition, Nor is it good only by comparison: it is a superb book.

It combines the traditional concerns of ethnography, ethnohistory, and prehistory with a newer one of letting native voices speak for themselves. It may well become one of those classics that stay in print forever. This book does an immense service to all those interested in modern reservation life and the future of indigenous cultures, and in the prospects of the American way of life in general.

Fifty Indian nations lie within the modern American Southwest—communities sustained through four centuries of European and American contact by their cultural traditions and ties to the land. In The People , Stephen Trimble provides an introduction to these Native peoples that is unrivaled in its scope and readability.

Trimble first worked in Southwest Indian country in , photographing and interviewing for a slide show at The Heard Museum in Phoenix about contemporary Southwest Indian people. Trimble spent ten years visiting reservation communities, making friends and speaking with dozens of Native people. In The People , he provides enough historical background to make his rich coverage of Indian country today even more compelling. Even more satisfying are the stories of less prominent Indian peoples like the Hualapai, the Paiute Tribe of Utah, the Quechan, and the Yavapai.

They have been missing something fabulous. It ought to be in the pack of every desert camper and every off-road recreationist, just to teach them respect for what they use so freely. It ought to be on the seat of every car that starts across from Salt Lake to Reno, or vice versa, to give even seventy-mile-an-hour travelers some notion of what that apparently monotonous sagebrush ocean contains of the diversity and mystery of life. For the Great Basin, it's all there under one cover, lavishly and lovingly served up in text and picture.

Waterton Adventures: Hiking Red Rock Canyon

The Sagebrush Ocean summarizes a vast amount of information in a text of synthesis and celebration. Trimble mixes eloquent accounts of personal experiences with clear explication of natural history, and his photographs capture some of the most spectacular but least-known scenery in the western states. He introduces concepts of desert ecology and discusses living communities of animals and plants that band Great Basin mountains—from the exhilarating emptiness of dry lake-beds to alpine regions at the summits of the 13,foot Basin ranges.


This is the best general introduction to the ecology and spirit of the Great Basin. University of Nevada Press , 10th anniversary edition, From the powdery peaks of Mount Ogden to the dramatic formations of Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park, from the historic architecture of Salt Lake City to the native peoples of Utah, photographers Mulligan and Trimble beautifully capture the diverse landscapes and cityscapes of Utah in all seasons in 91 color photographs. Pulling this off would be the measure of its success.

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Trimble and Smith have done it. They have captured Salt Lake: its solemnity, its humor, its bright neighborhoods, its brilliant winters, and the clean lines of the mountains that surround it. A remarkable album of photographs, many of which rise to the level of visual art. Browsing through the pages of Salt Lake Impressions is the next best thing to actually being there.

This book shows a Salt Lake City and its surrounding landscape of mountains and desert that represents both the destination seen by tourists and the community lived in by residents. As photographers, Scott and Steve have an eye for the unique and iconic. As Utah residents, they know about neighborhoods and secret glens of open space and tucked-away installations of public art. Longtime local journalist Holly Mullen provides a witty and pointed introduction to this affectionate photographic tribute to a great American city.

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