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In " Damocles Part 2 ", McCreary launches the "Damocles" bomb onto the valley, destroying it and leaving Earth uninhabitable forever. The gas station is located within Doah. It is the place where Clarke treated her wounds after she stepped into the bear trap and lived there with Madi. Abby treated the prisoners in the gas station.

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Abby also treated Kane at the gas station when Vinson attacked him. The Gas station is also seen in " Nevermind ", it is where Clarke finds her dad. The Church seems to be the gathering of most prisoners in Season Five. Shaw also said used to be an altar boy in a church like this one. Clarke, attempting to communicate with the Ark survivors near the valley The view of Eden from space.

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Satellite map of the Valley The valley in Season 5. Snow in the valley.

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The destruction of Shallow Valley. The entrance to the village.

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The Eligius prisoners exploring the village. The dead Shallow Valley clan members. The church 1 of 14 Add photo.

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Set during the American Civil War , the episode opens with two Confederate soldiers. They have been assigned to scout on the Union army that is marching into the valley below. Sergeant Joseph Paradine Gary Merrill hears the army approaching, but suddenly the sound stops. He decides to descend into the valley to see the cause for himself.

His companion refuses to accompany him. When Paradine gets into town, he finds the army there, but all of them are motionless, as if frozen in time. He tries unsuccessfully to wake them. Finally he comes across an old man named Teague Vaughn Taylor , who is unaffected by the strange phenomenon. Teague claims to be a "witch-man" and says he used a magic spell to freeze the soldiers. Paradine does not believe him, so Teague casts the spell on Paradine, freezing him.

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When Teague lifts the spell on Paradine, he brags that he could stop the entire Union army in this manner, ensuring the success of the Confederacy. Paradine asks why he doesn't, and Teague replies that he is dying. He gives his book of spells entitled Witchcraft to Paradine, encouraging him to use it, but when Paradine looks in it, he realizes that using this magic requires one to align himself with Satan.