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Has the impersonal chill of high-tech medicine driven consumers into the arms of charismatic quacks? Or is it the cost of western medicine that makes its competitors look so attractive?

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Do patients seek hope, holism, or just the thrill of rebellion? This book seeks answers to all these questions and more. Comparing the medical systems of China, India, and the west - both mainstream and alternative - Roberta Bivins shows how medical expertise has migrated from one culture to another. From acupuncture in Regency England to homeopathy in the 'Wild West', Bivins unearths the roots of today's distinctions between alternative, complementary, and orthodox medicine, and shows how popular interest in medical alternatives - often of exotic origin - is a phenomenon with a long and fascinating pedigree.

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Health and The New Science. With our Western Brethren the Case. Pragmatism Pluralism and. Subscribe to Annals of Internal Medicine.

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Advanced Search. Medical Writings 7 October Wayne B. Jonas, MD. From Samueli Institute, Alexandria, Virginia.

Structured abstracts of information on newly published books, computer programs, selected Web sites, and other material are provided in this portion of Medical Writings. Bivins R.

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New York: Oxford Univ Pr; ISBN Order at www. Field of medicine: History of medicine and complementary and alternative medicine. Format: Hardcover book. Audience: Individuals interested in the history of medicine and the social dynamics between mainstream and alternative medicine.

Purpose: To describe the history of alternative medicine over the past years. Content: The book is packed with historical detail and astute analysis using examples from mesmerism, homeopathy, acupuncture, and traditional Indian medicine. It also describes the effect of India's importation of Western medicine, and why some practices were adopted and others were not.

Alternative Medicine?: A History

Highlights: Alternative and orthodox medicine have had a long relationship across the globe, and this book gives an excellent historical view. The author illustrates how these practices were adopted and molded by larger forces in society. These forces include patients' and professionals' struggle over control of the body by the relative value given to subjective versus objective data; the