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It deserves a large readership, both within and beyond academe. Holsti makes a compelling argument that while "foreign policy is not conducted by plebiscite," the question of how others see us is an important research and policy question. Not because we want people to like us; but because it helps us in this world strategically, economically and morally.


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Products Site. Michigan Publishing University of Michigan Press. As anti-American sentiment grows abroad, the U. Description In terms of military and economic power, the United States remains one of the strongest nations in the world. All rights reserved. The article takes you inside the home, which may look old on the outside, but has been fully modernized within.

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Here are a few details that caught our eye…. As Others See Us is an occasional feature that publishes what media outside of Nyack say about the people and places in the Lower Hudson Valley. Read more.

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You may recognize some of the places in Instructions for a Funeral, the new short story collection from David Means. And Means, of course, is a Nyack resident.

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This is Nyack, you might think. In a recent interview with another Nyacker, Sam Schieren, for Guernica Magazine, Means says that the location that you may think is Nyack is actually an imagined place that only resembles Nyack. The article is a keyword whirlwind of everything you need to know about Nyack. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU.

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Email Address. Just before a gathering of relatives, Jared, 16, falls into a swamp polluted with toxic waste; soon after, he discovers that he can read minds, learning--to his horror--that outwardly perfect cousin Annelise is a monster who's already responsible for the death of one fancied rival and the attempted suicide of another.

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Grandma, who has also fallen into the swamp, enlists Jared and another cousin in a byzantine plot to unmask Annelise by covering her in swamp muck and then distributing copies of her conveniently incriminating private journal. Problems with chronology and unlikely incidents--e.

A weak story from an author who's done much better. Kirkus Reviews Issue: Oct. Email address:.