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For example: "A Camila no le gustan los gatos ni los perros. Learn more about these related Spanish grammar topics.

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Me gustan los caballos. I like the horses. No me gustan los gansos, sino los caballos. My room is not dirty, it is clean. Sounds kinda pedantic.

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Wait a minute. When the alternative contains a conjugated verb , we need to use sino que instead of the plain sino :. Grammar junkies call these nonfinite forms , but we can just call them to-verbs and -ing verbs :. The to-verb in the first sentence is hablar to talk and the -ing verb in the second one is buscando looking. These are the only two verb forms that use sino —every other verb form uses sino que. It has two subtly different meanings that serve to tone down what comes after them: somewhat and rather.

I feel somewhat nervous because of this business. In your place, I would rather think about the profits that await us. When the thing we negate is implicit, sino means except :. No quiero sino tu amor.

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No quiero nada , sino tu amor. A much more common alternative is to just use excepto or otra cosa que :. No quiero otra cosa que tu amor. When the negative statement starts with no… solo , it indicates that a partial list is coming.