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Since the year Check out the two amIright misheard lyrics books including one book devoted to misheard lyrics of the s.

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T'pau 's, "China In Your Hand". Suggest Different Misheard Lyrics. It was this thing she had on her skinny hair Troubled in a foreign land. It was this theme she had on a scheme He had told in a foreign land.

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Kung-fu breeze Never brought from the seeds Took the life from a barreled hand. Come from greed Never born of the seed Took life from a barren land.

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  5. Life in a barrel of sand To take life on earth to the second birth And the man without a hand. Eight years ago they upped sticks and swapped the bright lights of London for the lull of the Thames in Henley.

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    But how I missed the bars and all the parties. Carol was born in Merseyside but her family moved to Shropshire when she was seven. It was in Shrewsbury that Carol met Rogers. We were on the same bill, it was one of these hysterically titled young farmers' balls. Carol explains: "They're very popular in rural towns.

    They hosed down a cowshed and had a big Radio 1 DJ playing and put on local bands. I saw Ronnie and thought he was a fantastic singer, a really good frontman and I fancied the pants off him so I hunted him down. I have a tendency to hunt men down and they don't usually get away, just ask Richard," she laughs, gesturing to her husband who's obediently making a pot of coffee in their open-plan kitchen.

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    Decker and Rogers formed T'Pau, named after a Vulcan priestess in Star Trek, and wrote their first two albums from a damp flat in Shrewsbury. Next they got a record deal and moved to London where they remained until they split. Rogers then moved to their recording studios in Monmouth, Wales, where he lives today.

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    The pair have gigged intermittently but this year embarked on a hugely successful 25th anniversary tour. It was nice to shine outside of that bubble. We packed out the big top tent, it was a minute set and the crowd knew all the big numbers. We lived and wrote music together above the Pengwern boat club in Shrewsbury for seven years. But it was also bloody freezing.

    We had to watch telly in sleeping bags. Then one day I saw this documentary about Mary Shelley.

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    I got interested in her, this year-old girl writing a pulp fiction hit that blew the essays and poetry of her contemporaries, and her husband Percy , out of the water. It gave me the idea of writing her story within the wider Frankenstein tale. A year later, in October , we were at No 1. We found out while we were on tour with Bryan Adams in Germany.