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In and , a three-part Angel solo feature was published as a back-up strip in Ka-Zar 2 and 3 and Marvel Tales Angel and fellow X-Man Iceman were transitioned into a new series called The Champions , which ran from to Series creator Tony Isabella had wanted to do a series about Angel and Iceman traveling together on the highway, in the vein of Route 66 , but the editors told him to make it into a full team book.

Angel returned to the X-Men briefly in Uncanny X-Men , officially returning to the roster in issue before once again leaving in issue Afterwards, the character, along with fellow founding X-Men Beast and Iceman, joined the roster of the Defenders , as part of a short-lived "revamp" of the title, in which the series was renamed The New Defenders. Angel would stay with the title, as the group's leader, for the book's last three years of publication — The series was canceled in to free up Angel and his fellow X-Men to star in X-Factor , which debuted in February.

Angel remained in the book until issue 70, which was the last issue before the book was revamped with an all-new roster. During X-Factor 16—24, the character is presumed dead after losing his wings and apparently killing himself in a plane crash. Angel was dramatically revamped as a character, given a new costume, blue skin, and metallic wings which could fire blades.

He first appeared as Archangel in X-Factor 24 January According to X-Factor writer Louise Simonson and penciler Walt Simonson , the Archangel revamp was motivated in part by their feeling that Angel was a Mary Sue being wealthy, handsome, and adored by women , and in part by the fact that, due to the inflation of superhero abilities, Angel was underpowered compared to other characters in the Marvel Universe.

Angel was added to the cast of the Uncanny X-Men title and appeared in that series and its companion series X-Men vol. In , Marvel also published a one-shot story simply called Archangel , which was written by Peter Milligan. After Chris Claremont replaced Austen on that title, the character went away for several months before reappearing in the pages of another Claremont-written series, Excalibur vol.

He continued to guest-star in the Incredible Hulk title during the events of World War Hulk and then returned to the Uncanny X-Men through issue while also appearing in X-Force vol. After his personality was stripped, he appeared only as a background character, one of the students at the Jean Grey School in Wolverine and the X-Men —13 until he graduated, but now spends most time off-panel at Worthington Industries.

He attends Phillips Exeter Academy in his adolescence when his feathered wings begin to grow from his shoulder blades. At first, Warren feels he is a freak and aberration, but he soon learns that he can use his wings to fly and help people. When there is a fire in his dormitory, he borrows some props from the school's drama department, dresses up as a heavenly angel, and rescues his friends.

He soon learns that he is in fact a mutant. He dons a mask and costume, calls himself the Avenging Angel , and becomes a solo adventurer, before being recruited by Professor Charles Xavier for the X-Men. Warren's status as a wealthy playboy, as well as being an outspoken individual who chafes at the notion of being told what to do, is the subject of much tension within the X-Men.

While pursuing Sauron in the Savage Land , Angel is attacked by pteranodons and falls to his death. He would have remained dead if not for the "Creator", who is Magneto without his costume.

Magneto provides the necessary medical treatment needed to revive Angel, and provides him with a new blue-and-white costume. Around this time, Angel publicly reveals himself as a mutant after discovering that not only has his uncle, Burt Worthington who goes by the name of the Dazzler — though he is in no way related to Alison Blaire, a later mutant heroine and brief love interest for Warren in her own comic series who also uses the name , murdered Warren's father, Warren Worthington, Jr.

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He is kidnapped by the Morlock leader Callisto , who intends to force Angel to be her lover. Storm , Nightcrawler , Colossus , and Sprite arrive in time to stop Callisto from cutting off Angel's wings believing that without them, Angel will be unable to flee from her. Storm fights and defeats Callisto for the right to be the leader of the Morlocks, effectively freeing Angel in the process. Angel considers retirement following the collapse of the Defenders, but the discovery of Jean Grey alive changes his mind.

Jean Grey is furious at the increase in anti-mutant hysteria in the two years she has been missing, and opposes the X-Men's decision to align themselves with the villain Magneto. To appease Jean's desire for action, Warren organizes X-Factor. X-Factor's formation begins a period of upheaval in Warren's life.

Cameron Hodge abuses Warren's trust and portrays X-Factor as "mutant hunters" for hire, further fueling anti-mutant sentiment. It explodes in the air as the rest of X-Factor watch helplessly from below. Seconds before the explosion, Warren is spirited away by the ancient mutant Apocalypse. Apocalypse offers to restore Angel's wings if Angel will serve him as one of his Four Horsemen. The wings can fire the metal feathers as projectiles.

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Apocalypse gives Worthington the title of Death. He makes Worthington the leader of his Horsemen after Worthington beats the others in a fight, and gives him a drug that remove his reservations to follow Apocalypse's dark plans. Although freed, Warren refuses to rejoin X-Factor, feeling that he has changed too much psychologically to be a hero.

He seeks out Candy Southern, but finds that she is missing. Warren later meets and becomes romantically involved with Charlotte Jones , a New York City Police officer and single mother. After rejoining the X-Men, Archangel's brooding behavior lessens, after Jean reveals to Warren that his wings which Warren believes have a mind of their own have actually been operating off Warren's own unconscious desires for violence.

After Psylocke is eviscerated by X-Men prisoner Sabretooth during an escape attempt, Warren and the X-Men track him down and capture him, but not before he is able to badly damage Warren's metal wings. Eventually, the metal wings shatter completely, revealing that his feathered wings have been growing back within them and have broken them apart from the inside.

Angel is one of several X-Men who are present when Gambit 's culpability in the events of the "Mutant Massacre" is made public by Magneto, which turns him against his teammate. Following the death of Jean Grey, Warren and Paige take an extended leave of absence from the team. In Generation M , Angel fakes having lost his wings in order to capture the Ghoul , a deranged serial killer who uses his retained mutant powers to murder ex-mutants.

Angel joins with fellow former Champions member Hercules , Namora , and Amadeus Cho in order to calm down the rampaging Hulk. Angel is part of the team that investigates the new mutant birth in Alaska. Angel is later seen flying over San Francisco, going to meet with Hepzibah , Warpath , and Iceman, when he stumbles across an area that looks as if the s never ended.

He contacts Scott and Emma, asking them for assistance before suffering the mind-altering effects of the zone, which are revealed to be caused by Martinique Jason. Thankful for the assistance and for the idea of having real superheroes in their city, Mayor Sinclair then talks to Cyclops and Angel about helping them resettle the X-Men in San Francisco.

In X-Force vol. During the attack, Wolfsbane savagely rips Warren's feather wings from his back and runs away, taking the wings with her.

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Wolfsbane later delivers them to the Purifiers , who are seeking the Apocalypse Strain, the techno-organics which comprise Warren's wings. The Purifiers use the Apocalypse Strain to modify an army of Purifier agents, giving them the same metallic wings that Archangel once had. X-Force attacks Archangel, who eventually asks for relief from the pain of losing his wings and transforming into Archangel. Once the battle is over, he reverts to his normal Caucasian, feather-winged appearance. He comments to Wolverine that he can still feel the metal wings inside him, and that they want to come out again.

According to Elixir, Warren's transformation is permanent, implying that he is fully capable of transforming back into Archangel again at any time. In an attempt to understand what was done to both Wolfsbane and Angel, the pair of them are placed in a room together, where Rahne is forced to gaze at Warren. The mere sight of him causes her to become murderous once again, and she attempts to rip the wings from Warren's body once more.

The sight of a psychotic Wolfsbane, as well as the fear of having his wings torn from his body again, causes a defensive reaction in Warren, reverting him back into his violent Archangel persona. From then on, Angel takes dual membership with both the X-Men and X-Force, though Cyclops forbids Angel from telling the rest of the team about the return of his Archangel powers.

Beast reacts in anger that Angel has not told him that his "Death" powers have returned, creating tension between the two friends. Angel knows telling Beast would expose the latest incarnation of X-Force and effectively end Cyclops' latest tenure as leader if the truth about his personal black ops squad became public knowledge.

During the X-Club's trip to in order to discover the origins of the modern mutant race, Angel transforms into Archangel a number of times to help further their mission. In the "Dark Angel Saga", the "Archangel" persona of Warren, which was secretly created when he was first transformed by Apocalypse into his Horseman of Death, has finally taken over his mind, and he plans to be the heir to Apocalypse, bringing Ozymandias , Dark Beast , the Final Horsemen , Autumn Rolfson , and her son Genocide as his army to destroy humanity.

In the aftermath of the explosion of Apocalypse's citadel, Warren is seen by the members of X-Force walking in the snow. Psylocke, shocked that he is alive and apparently free of Apocalypse, runs up and embraces him. This Warren then reveals he had no idea who Psylocke is and appears to have amnesia. Warren has his normal white skin again but seems to have retained his metallic wings.

Following the Dark Angel Saga, it is revealed that Warren had indeed died and his soul departed for the afterlife, with his Celestial-mutated body now hosting an all-new personality with its own soul. He lost leadership of Worthington Industries and became a student in Wolverine's new school for mutants. Although the new entity, who has chosen to retain the same name of Warren Worthington III and the code name of "Angel" is making efforts to be integrated, it is clear that he has no memory at all of the original Warren Worthington's friends and acquaintances, as his discussions with Iceman demonstrate and how he turned away former lover Psylocke.

When Wolverine's legs were damaged Warren tried to fix them with a "miracle". When he failed he wanted to try it again but Wolverine wouldn't allow him, so he and a few other students went to the casino on Planet Sin. There they took the device that damaged their headmaster's legs so it could be used to heal him.

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While doing so he forged a friendship with Evan, a clone of Apocalypse. Warren tried to prove that he truly was a real angel by flying to heaven but he failed and accepted the fact that he was mutant. While falling he was saved by Evan and revealed that he could see the essence of people when he looked at them. Evan asked him what he saw when he looked at him and despite seeing only the image of Apocalypse, Warren told him that he could see nothing but goodness in him. Warren left the school with Bobby and Rachel to help his fellow mutants in the battle against the Avengers.

In an apocalyptic possible future, an aging Frank Castle warns the present-day Deadpool of the "son of Archangel".

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As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event, Angel has mysteriously reverted somehow to his pre-LifeSeed blue-skinned Archangel form, and appears as a member of Magneto's new Uncanny X-Men in order to protect mutantkind at all costs. His mind had also changed, having become nothing more than a silent and mindless predator controlled by Psylocke. Under her psychic leash, Archangel became a heavy hitter in Magneto's X-Men.

Psylocke and Magneto travel to Green Ridge, Colorado to investigate reports of an up-and-coming preacher who looks identical to the original Angel. They discover that he is indeed the Angel who was created by the Celestial LifeSeed and he is attracting a cult of religious fanatics around him. Clan Akkaba are constantly harvesting Angel's rapidly-regenerating metal wings in order to prevent the Death persona from fully possessing Angel and grafting them into his clones, creating a mindless clone army of blue-skinned Archangels.

The silent Archangel who is a member of Magneto's team of X-Men was merely the first such clone who retained trace memories of the original Angel and thus managed to escape to join Magneto's X-Men. Magneto and Psylocke are captured, but Psylocke easily escapes.

She gets into a fight with Fantomex, who was sent by Magneto as back-up with Mystique, who herself freed Magneto. Magneto at the time gave up on being a hero, as the rest of the X-Men had either disbanded or fled to Limbo, but then was inspired by Angel to restart his own version of the Uncanny X-Men. In the present, a chastised and repentant Angel explains to Magneto and Psylocke that he and the silent Archangel are ultimately two half-parts of the same one being, so they physically combine into a new blue-skinned persona.

This new Archangel being is unsure of who or what he now was, but was determined to find out. When Beast decides to travel back in time to recruit the original X-Men to stop Scott committing mutant genocide, [75] Angel accompanies his teammates into the future, but initially prefers to return to the past rather than remain in such a twisted present. Even after his teammates vote to remain until they have saved the future, Angel expresses curiosity about what has happened to his own future self, as no reference has been made to his present condition.

Together, the two heroes are able to defeat the terrorists and capture Madame Hydra.

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Frustrated after seeing what will happen to himself in the future, the younger Angel defects from the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and joins the older Cyclops' new team of outlaw X-Men. After the X-Men go to war against the Inhumans over the fate of the Terrigen , Angel joins the rest of the time-displaced X-Men in hopes of finally returning them to their own timeline. However they discover that they aren't from Earth 's timeline and with no way of figuring out which timeline they're from, they become stranded on Earth After a series of adventures - which included the discovery that they actually were from the true past and the X-Men they had witnessed were actually the disguised Brotherhood of Mutants attempting to change history - [87] the X-Men are forced to return to the past when they are attacked by Ahab, a mutant-hunter from the future, and a younger version of Cable who feels that his future self has lost his way.

Part of young-Cable's efforts include surgically removing Warren's new cosmic wings and replacing them with the wings Mimic copied from Warren in the past. Warren's primary power is that of natural flight , due to his large feathered wings. His wings have superhuman strength, and they have a very flexible skeletal structure that enables him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. His bones are hollow, his body processes food much more efficiently than a normal human body and does not store any excess fat, and he possesses a greater proportionate muscle mass than normal.

As a result, his strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, reflexes, coordination, balance, eyesight and hearing are at their peak. Elements of his anatomy are comparable to those of birds, especially birds of prey. His eyes can withstand high-speed winds which would damage the average human eye. He can breathe at high velocities or altitudes, and he can cope with the reduced temperatures at high altitudes for prolonged periods of time, giving him a greater-than-normal capacity to endure low temperatures in areas such as the Arctic.

The strength in his natural wings can easily break a man's arm or leg, or even put someone through a wall. While he generally flies below the height of clouds, Angel can reach almost twice this height with little effort. At his absolute maximum, he can reach the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight — about the height of Mount Everest — but he can only remain that high for a few minutes. Although flight is as natural a mode of transportation for Angel as for a bird, he can only fly nonstop under his own power for around half a day.

He has undergone heavy training with Professor X , especially in mastering his flight indoors. Snipes reportedly caused difficulty during filming, including frequently refusing to shoot scenes, often forcing director Goyer to use stand-ins and computer effects to add his character to scenes.

Co-star Patton Oswalt alleged that Snipes would spend much of his time smoking marijuana in his trailer, and that he became violent with Goyer after falsely accusing him of racism. It has also been alleged that Snipes refused to interact with Goyer or his co-stars, and would instead communicate with them through his assistant or the use of notes. In the DVD special features, [4] Goyer talks about how cities are often multilingual. Goyer used Esperanto and its flag as part of the fictional city where Blade is set.

Hannibal King is at one point seen watching the William Shatner -starring Esperanto language film Incubus on television; one reviewer remarked that it was an "an unintentionally apt reference" considering first-time director "Goyer's grasp of directorial fundamentals such as when to tilt the camera and when to shoot in close-up is about as strong as Shatner's fluency in Esperanto.

A soundtrack containing hip hop music and electronic music was released on November 23, by New Line Records. In , Snipes sued New Line Cinema and Goyer, claiming that the studio did not pay his full salary, that he was intentionally cut out of casting decisions and the filmmaking process, despite being one of the producers, and that his character's screen time was reduced in favor of costars Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. The consensus reads: "Louder, campier, and more incoherent than its predecessors, Blade: Trinity seems content to emphasize style over substance and rehash familiar themes.

It's all kick-ass attitude and style without any substance to back it up. Yet, where the first two Blades satisfied on a visceral level, this one doesn't. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blade: Trinity Theatrical release poster. Goyer Lynn Harris. Blade by Marv Wolfman Gene Colan. Ramin Djawadi RZA. Main article: Blade: Trinity soundtrack.

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Film portal. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved Slant Magazine. Archived from the original on Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved July 16, Created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. Blade characters Marvel Anime. Live-action theatrical films based on Marvel Comics. Ant-Man Ant-Man and the Wasp Daredevil Elektra Deadpool Deadpool 2 Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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