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A worshipped object that is usually believed to possess magical powers. Usually associated with shamans.

Sexual fetishism

The good one A sexual fixation s that usually differs from those of the standard population. In other words, something sometimes totally unrelated to sex that turns you on and that isn't enjoyed by the majority of people.

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The sky's the limit. Something that satisfies your needs in a sexual way or in other words, the act of doing something that turns you on.

I got a fetish for being handcuffed to the bed while being sucked away by a girl. Holy shit this ketchup really gets me turned on because of this ketchup fetish of mine. It is only a fetish if all of the following apply: A It is sexual in nature.

Think toes, bondage, and helping people in casts do their household chores.

Having an interest in something because it is pretty or beautiful or is pleasant to the five senses does not automatically make it sexual. It is only sexual if it causes sexual thoughts and physical arousal. If you are turned on by other things as well then it is an interest, NOT a fetish. Since feet seem to be the dominant fetish I will use them for the example. Note: "normal" refers to the societal norms for what people are "supposed" to be turned on by to the exclusion of all else. Beautiful, attractive woman is relaxing on the beach: Man 1: Is aroused by her breasts, butt and feet.

Man 3: Notices and stares at her feet, but is not aroused. Man 1: Does NOT have a fetish because he is interested in and aroused by the "normal" parts, as well as by her feet. Man 2: Has a fetish because he was NOT interested in and aroused by the "normal" things. He was ONLY interested in and aroused by her feet. It was the nganga, or priest, who operated the nkisi and ministered its powers to others.

The empowering substances could be inserted into cavities on the head or between the legs, as well as behind the glass plates. In addition to carved figures, objects including shells, horns, cloth-bags, gourds and clay pots were used as containers for this material. What was attached to the figure was determined by the powers to be associated with it.

The nkisi could be empowered to be a figure of ill-omen or of benevolence which protected against sickness or dangerous spirits. With its attachments the figure is imbued with an empowering spirit also known as nkisi. Nkisi is conceived as a power emanating from the unseen world of the dead, an omniscient force which is otherwise inaccessible to human perception.

When a client required the use of the nkisi, a further ceremony was performed by the priest. An appropriately empowered figure was selected, and through chanting, singing and dancing, the nkisi spirit would be called upon to act. Clients could also add small packets containing hair, fingernail clippings, shreds of clothing or other relics to remind the nkisi of the particular problem or of the person to curse or protect. Figures could also be anointed with the blood of chickens which were sacrificed as gifts to the nkisi. This was thought to make the nkisi aware of the violence that could be expected of it.

The purpose of the mirrored glass was not only to seal the medicinal pack but also to reflect back the gaze of the viewer, completely concealing what lies behind. The mirror symbolises the nkisi spirit's ability to see the human world and the inability of humans to view the underworld.

The glitter of the mirror was also believed to frighten witches and evil spirits away. Figure 2. Detail of rear view of nkisi figure showing contents. Museum Number Behind the glass plate on the back of the Horniman figure Museum No. Value was often given to foreign imported materials such as mirrors, gunpowder, cartridges and nails Figure 2. The Horniman figure has many attachments. These include feathers, hooves, grass-seeds, bells, textile, skin, woven raffia fibre, shells and teeth. The feathers link the figure to the violence of the sky; winds, rain, thunder, lightning, and fire, and to the diseases of the upper body, head, neck and chest.

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The shells are durable - houses of creatures that were once alive, and are synonyms for long life. The teeth are probably human teeth and suggest the ability of the nkisi to attack its victim. The bells are associated with chiefship all over central Africa and indicate the power and authority of the figure. Bells were also put on dogs and symbolise the nkisi's ability to hunt its victim.

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Textiles that were attached to the figures were often strips from the client's clothing, and personalised the request. A further underlying idea of the attached feathers and strips of cloth or skin was that they would flutter during the dance that was part of the ritual, which would help to suggest spirit possession. Raffia cloth was formerly used as currency and one of the reasons it was attached was to identify a thief.

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If someone had money stolen and the thief was unknown, a raffia cloth was attached and the nkisi would know whom to seek out and punish. Such cloths were also attached to hide the nakedness of the figure as it was considered among the greatest insults to stare at the buttocks of minkisi. Skin or leather that was attached was often the skin of animals that served as the diviners' familiars. Nkisi figures are complex objects that offer an endless variety of interpretations within a certain framework of ideas.

However, no definitive reading can be made of such figures, as many of them are undocumented. The rituals for which they were constructed are no longer performed.