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The batter will not taste like curry, it gives it a nice flavor and color. You can add some panko breadcrumbs if you like.

How to make Amrood Ni Kari Recipe (Parsi Style Dry Guava Curry Recipe)

I added just a handful. You can coat all the shrimp and set aside or do this in batches. I like to have everything done so I can fry without stopping. You can also just coat one shrimp and fry it. Adjust to taste then batter and fry the rest. Fry until golden brown, about minutes for large shrimp. For jumbo-sized shrimp fry for minutes. Before dredging all shrimp in batter, coat one and fry it. Taste to see if you'd like more seasoning or salt.


Adjust seasoning. When ready to fry, test oil by sprinkling a little flour over the oil. If it sizzles then it is ready. Leftover sauce can be used as a marinade for a couple of pieces of chicken or fish.

yummy delight for u: Amrud ki sabji/Guava curry recipe

I still dont see it being added to the recipe list since new recipes being added there makes it easy to peruse. Hi Lakeram, The recipe was added to the list when I published it, hopefully you can see it. It is listed under appetizers. Thanks for your comment! Made this last weekend.

Guava Curry

It was very good. I still have a lot of the Guava sauce left, now trying to figure out what to use the reminder on. Hi Toni, Glad you liked it! Now cover the pan and cook it for another minutes until the guava becomes tender. Once the water starts to boil cook the recipe for another minutes on medium flame and turn off the flame.

Your Guava Curry is ready. Garnish it with Coriander leaves and serve with naan, parantha or chapatis. Please rate this recipe:.

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This an error message. Newsletter Subscribe to our Nishamadhulika newsletter. Your name E-mail address Weekly Monthly. I added a little more liquid, but that was the only chage. This recipe is very flavorful. Would be delicious on just about any type of protein, maybe even tof I really love this guava barbecue sauce that a local Cuban restaurant makes that sadly went out of business.

Guava Curry

So when I saw this, I was so excited! This sauce was a great barbecue sauce, but mi Followed the recipe almost exactly - used ground ginger instead of fresh and sriraccha instead of the pepper which I didn't have. It is a bit sweet, but I prefer sweet BBQ sauce. This is a very nice, very fruity BBQ sauce.

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We found this recipe reminding us of Jamaica, and that's a good thing! I followed the recipe as written, except I used Scotch Bonnet pepper powder We generally lean toward vinegar based sauces and away from sweeter ones but I had a package of guava paste to use and found this recipe. It's exceptional, has complex flavors and is easy to mak I made it, but tweaked it to have more of a far East flavor.

I omitted the cold water, scotch bonnet peppers, and cut back on the lemon juice..

I then added Dragonfly Sweet soy sauce, Thai c So good, followed the recipe exactly except for I could not find a scotch bonnet pepper so I threw in a jalapeno and it had a little kick. Also I probably put a lot more guava paste than the rec Its exotic fruitiness goes well with chicken, turkey, duck and even game.