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This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English. Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document. We Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of www. Please be advised that our translations may contain errors. Please read this explanatory word about our translations.

Not logged in Create account Log in. Future Of Mankind. Attempts on Billy's Life Interviews with Billy. Contributing Content Glossary. Wiki tools Special pages. Page tools. Userpage tools. Categories Contact Reports. Namespaces Page Discussion. Page actions View View source History More. It can also refer to a castrated male goat. Category : Contact Reports. You have already endeavored for quite some time around the interests of Jmmanuel and also clarified the things around his tomb site. So you know, just like I do, where his tomb site is.

Recently, archaeologists and others step into appearance, claiming that they, with great probability, have found the tomb. Does that correspond to the facts? Entspricht das den Tatsachen? Dass nach dem Grab resp. This would be the case and would have happened with certainty, if the tomb cave had been found. A new malicious cult would have arisen from this, which would have taken on even worse proportions than what is the case today with the alleged birth place of Jmmanuel in Bethlehem. Nevertheless, false and misleading research will continue to operate, namely into the third millennium, where for a longer time, it will be erroneously maintained that the tomb site of Jmmanuel was actually found.

And just concerning this tomb cave, in which you found the scrolls of Judas Ischarioth, a few more things will happen in the coming time — around the middle or the end of the last decade of this century — which will confirm my words. You will become acquainted with a very interesting and enthusiastic young man, who will strive for these things when you inform him about the tomb site and about the destruction of the same. Currently, he is still in his younger years, but in the course of time, he will become a very well-known man with respect to extraterrestrial missiles and all things associated therewith.

Yet this will only happen with difficulty and on difficult detours, which will be due to your wife, who has already worked for some time in secret as well as in open form against you and your mission and who regularly carries out traitorous things that cause you and the group members harm and strife.

Those are some pieces of news again. But may one ask, who this mysterious man will be — I mean, from where he comes and what his name will be? Das sind ja wieder Neuigkeiten. Offenbar hast du ganz ordentliche Zukunftsschauen betrieben oder bist gar in die Zukunft gereist. Darf man aber fragen, wer dieser geheimnisvolle Mann denn sein wird — ich meine, woher er kommt und wie sein Name sein wird?

I am surprised. With certainty, it arose from his explanations that he was in no way religious and, therefore, was no religious faith-bringer or religious revolutionary. Actually, he was a revolutionary, he said so himself, but not in the sense of a religious form but rather in relation to the true teaching of the spirit, as this is also clear from the Talmud Jmmanuel.

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He said that he was very unpopular with the superiors, the rulers as well as the scribes, etc. He did this in such a way because on the one hand, this was his mission that he had to fulfill here since ages ago, across different personalities and across different reincarnations of his spirit form, and on the other hand, because this was also the desire of his parents, Mary and Joseph, who did not hold to the old-traditional and falsified teachings.

Joseph had already learned the craft as a carpenter from the ground up with his father, who had already originally placed a ship-carpentry on the legs. And as Jmmanuel said, he, too, was very independent and autonomous, was an expert of reading and writing, and earned his living through the spreading of the spiritual teaching, for which he received donations, which he did not administer himself, however; rather, he let these be administered by one of his disciples. Er sagte, dass er bei den Oberen, den Regierenden sowie bei den Schriftgelehrten usw.

Then you should also know that it was in no way the Jewish people who bore the guilt for the fact that Jmmanuel was sentenced to death by the cross. In fact, it was such that the Roman garrison ruled in Jerusalem at that time, and its laws possessed validity. Only the Jewish scribes and the Jewish leaders were actually guilty of the fact that Jmmanuel was sentenced to death; although, a huge misunderstanding also contributed to this, when Jmmanuel was asked the question as to whether the accusation was correct.

And it was precisely this misunderstanding that was the deciding factor for the guilty sentencing. At the same time, the Jewish people themselves had nothing to say here because they were forbidden to interfere in any imponderable court matters, etc. But as always, it was also the case with those who were authorized that under them, there was a certain percentage of the mob that was strongly greased with pieces of silver from the Jewish scribes and elders, as well as from the synagogue big shots, etc.

Thus, it was the paid-up and fired-up mob that cried out for crucifixion; therefore, the Jewish people bore absolutely no guilt for this. In fact, it was also the case that the actual process was carried out by the Jewish elders, priests, scribes, and other public officials, with the chief priests possessing great power. They were, indeed, the main ones who wanted to dissuade Jmmanuel from his mission efforts, and as I said, by all of their available means.

And precisely from this arose the hatred of the Jews, to which millions of Jews and Jewish friends fell victim in the Second World War, through the inhumane and degrading madness of the Final Solution. What is still to be said concerning the trial before Pilate probably needs no great explanation, for the whole thing was just a formality, in order to satisfy the Roman right and law. But what is to be said in relation to the first trial by the Jewish officials — who partly consisted of chief priests, scribes, and elders, who influenced the rest — it was, indeed, the case that it was an effective process, even though this has long been challenged by various sides.

Sfath taught me all this. Das alles belehrte mich Sfath. All this is vehemently denied, however, by all sorts of scientists and would-be scientists, as well as by would-be know-it-alls. In diesem gesamten Zusammenhang fehlt jetzt eigentlich nur noch die Reise Jmmanuels nach Kashmir in Indien und sein dortiges Wirken sowie sein Ableben im Alter von rund Jahren und seine Bestattung.

That will also continue to remain so, for know-it-alls and wrong scientists, etc.

Synonyms and antonyms of Fahrensmann in the German dictionary of synonyms

Das wird auch noch weiterhin so bleiben, denn Besserwisser und Falsch-Wissenschaftler usw. Thanks for your information. Now, the spirit form — respectively what the person designates as the soul, which is capable of wandering according to Christian and other religious faiths, even the so-called soul-wandering — is denied, especially by medical science and by many other would-be knowledge directions, as well as its ability to be reincarnated.

How long will it be until the incorrigible ones acknowledge the fact, as it is even set forth by the spiritual teaching, that the spirit form actually exists and is arranged into reincarnations? Die Geistform nun resp. With great certainty, the twentieth century will bring no scientific insight relating to this.

However, it will look different after the turn of the millennium, as a look into the future of a related form has proven. One asked about Glenn Miller. He was a jazz musician who disappeared one day during the war, without a trace, and was declared as missing. Can you give any information about this? Because to this day, it is still puzzling as to where this Glenn Miller disappeared.

Dann werden wir ja sehen. Man fragte nach Glenn Miller. About that, I can explain a few things to you, as it concerns a man who was a musician and, thus, one who falls into our art records.

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Glenn Miller was inadvertently killed by his own people, that is, by allied forces, on his way from England to France. He flew his aircraft very low over the English Channel, as American Lancaster aircraft dropped their surplus bombs into the English Channel, without the crews noticing that beneath them, a smaller aircraft crossed their flight path.

This aircraft, in which Glenn Miller sat, was hit by the dropped bombs, upon which it exploded, was torn into the smallest pieces, and then plunged into the sea. The small pieces of debris were scattered hundreds of meters, while Glenn Miller was completely torn apart into the smallest particles. This is the real truth, which has no relation at all to the false story that Glenn Miller, for indefinable reasons, died in the arms of a prostitute in Paris. Unfortunately, this misrepresentation had also been circulating in our archives, which also could have resulted in misunderstandings, to which even our people could be forfeited, if they would only examine a few facts and not the whole complex.

Thus, I am glad to hear your confession. A strong feature of yours. Ein flotter Zug von euch. What I still wanted to report to you is that I received copies of your five novels from Ptaah, which I could not refrain from reading and I find them very good. And because I know very many things from your life, I have naturally also established that you worked various experiences and events out of your life into the novels, whereby you have certainly undertaken alterations and stylizations standard to novels.

I've known for a long time, as I just said to you, that you have led a very adventurous and often dangerous life. Also, in the course of your younger years, you were bound three times with female companions in an open and unofficial matrimonial form There's nothing to be said against it, my friend, also when old memories thereby break through, as has already happened through your words and releases aching in me. I have overcome the sorrow and the sadness, therefore only an ache still surfaces when the memories come.

Ah - how - I would ask you Ah - wie - ich wollte dich fragen The first time it happened in Algeria, as I sealed an open union with Samira, an Arab girl, and hauled through the desert with her, away from her family, in order to return to Europe. It then happened that in a small oasis Samira was bitten by a poisonous snake and died from it a short time later. In the small nameless oasis there was neither a doctor nor any people, only three palm trees and some scrub as well as a moist area in the sand that I grubbed out, thereafter some water collected in the trough.

I spent some time yet mourning in that place, thereafter to press on further and return to Europe, where I was not, however, held long, so consequently I made my way again on unknown ways in the Middle and Near East, therefore to Arabia and later to India. A year and a half after Samira's death and entombment I got to know Nadja in southern India, an Indian girl who belonged to the Hindu religion, which was in stark contrast to Samira's religion of Islam.

Then it happened - the time of the monsoon just came -, that somewhere a severe storm raged, whereby in the shortest time the river swelled and raged loose and indeed just as I climbed high into a tree on a hill to acquaint myself with the nearer and further environs. At the same time Nadja found herself in the hut and preparing a meal as I saw out from the tree how the foaming flood of the river raged about with monstrous gurgling and roaring.

Being openly attentive thereon, I saw how Nadja stepped in front of the hut and let out shrill scream. That was the last that I saw and heard of her because two or three seconds later the raging water shot away over the little hill where the hut and Nadja stood to tear them along with, and let them disappear into, the flood Therefore you don't have to recount more, as it's enough for me to know that your third companion, Angela, lost her life through murder in a small oasis in the Iraq desert, as you have described it in one of your novels.

Somehow I find it good that you have partly written out these events, also when you had to partly alter them into a novel. Thereby it helped me very much to process everything if it's not also the case that I could forget it, as I could not forget many other things, situations, occurrences and events. So you are certainly correct when you say that mourning and pain are always still present, yet they are even no longer in the manner as at the time of the events, as I fell into the deepest abyss.

Whereto unfortunately still further pain and mourning as well as disappointment will come into being because you cannot avoid the coming things and events, [being] much betrayal and envy, falseness, lies and deceit, as well as the betrayal of love and trust and other things, as also not your obligation, because you must bear everything so you can fulfill your mission. But I want to say to you, whereby you must already be prepared from today on, so that you are armed and will not fall to pieces, because there will be hard events and situations that you have to face.

Ich will dir aber sagen, worauf du dich schon von heute an vorbereiten musst, damit du gewappnet bist und nicht zerbrichst, denn es werden harte Geschehen und Belange sein, denen du zu begegnen haben wirst. But meanwhile, for my part, I know you very well and know that you will withstand everything, because, through work, you have achieved skills to confront the things rationally and always to step out against things with logic and reason, and indeed as well then when you know in advance what is coming, as if it encounters you unexpectedly.

Alright — enough about that. May I still ask you something? Unofficially, his sex-sect, which it is in truth, calls itself the Neo-Sannyas movement. This, after his sect movement broke apart, when his long-standing confidante and mistress, Ma Anand Sheela, whose other name is Sheela Silverman, left Raijneeshpuram and America with a few followers in , so more than a year ago, but after this, she was already extradited to the USA this year and was charged with an offense.

The question now: what does this sex-sect wether [1] continue to do? Darf ich dich noch was fragen? Er funktioniert ja mit seinem Rudelsex herum, womit ich Gruppensex meine. Inoffiziell nennt sich seine Sexsekte, die sie wahrheitlich ist, Neo-Sanyas-Bewegung. Die neuen Verantwortlichen der Sekte werden Rajneeshs Lehren systematisieren, die aus rund mitgeschriebenen Lehrreden bestehen werden. At the same time, a practice of piety will be introduced, which will also include a calendar of festivals and have a systematic development of a centralized organizational structure.

While Rajneesh has been preaching a spontaneous teaching until now and will also do so in the new movement, those who are responsible for the continuation of the sect, however, will make it a form of institutionalized religious community and teaching. Thank you for your explanations.

But now, another question in reference to the GDR. In what year will this be?

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Jetzt aber nochmals eine Frage in bezug der DDR. In welchem Jahr wird das sein? The peaceful revolution will begin in October of and will lead to the "Fall" of the Wall on November 9th.

Die friedliche Revolution wird im Oktober beginnen und am 9. On the 31st of August, the Unification Treaty will be completed, which will lead to the final dissolution of the GDR. Am Also dear thanks for this information. The originator should be a namesake of the Indian sitar artist, Ravi Shankar. What comes from this? Was ergibt sich daraus? It concerns the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as he likes to be called, who wants to have had an enlightenment in , but this corresponds to an untruth. Es handelt sich um den indischen Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, wie er sich zu nennen beliebt, und der eine Erleuchtung gehabt haben will, was allerdings einer Unwahrheit entspricht.

Nevertheless, the method is good and wholesome, for the breathing exercises have preventive effects; for example, the risk of stroke and the risk of neurological diseases and diabetes, etc. A sect remains a sect, and every sect is founded on false teachings, to which unstable and irrational people fall victim, who, unfortunately, are very often found among the academics, officials, and artists, etc. But for this, he will be called to account around the turn of the millennium by the so-called International Court of Justice.

You actually tell me more than I wanted to know. Du hast mir aber nicht gesagt, wo das eigentliche Center der Sekte sein und wie das genannt werden wird. The country is India, of course; however, up to the turn of the millennium, about countries around the world must come to terms with the fact that they are overflowed with more than 1. That's a lot. Thus, erroneous teachings are the best props to find followers and believers of all walks of life and to bind these to themselves.

Vielen Dank! Bei neuen Kommentaren via E-Mail benachrichtigen. Bei Antworten auf meinen Kommentar via E-Mail benachrichtigen. Mich nervt es schon das die erste Gruppe die es durch den Raid schafft sich bei jedem im game verewigen. Ganz ehrlich ohne diesen Raid kann das Game nicht mehr viel bieten.

Du verstehst es anscheinend nicht oder kannst nicht lesen. Ob wir random leutchen es schaffen oder nicht ist aber bzw. Warum denke einige das man als Random nix hin bekommt. Ich kann alle Solospieler gut verstehen. Eine Garantie ist das alles nicht. Randnotiz: Wir sind wirklich alt. Ja ihr habt bezahlt. Aber nochmal als Solospieler muss einem bewusst sein auf gewisse Dinge in einem Multiplayer Online Spiel.

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Les dir mal den Text durch. Ohne Vorbereitung absprachen usw funktioniert das nicht. Mach das mal in einer Random Gruppe. Das ist ein Raid. Spielt ich Solospieler auch Heldenhaft allein? Ich trolle auch keinen.

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Ich spiele Multiplayer Games weil ich mit anderen zusammen spielen will. Wenn mir der Clan nicht passt geh ich wieder raus. Man bietet dir also als Solospieler immer die Wahl an. Wenn man dies aber verweigert und sich dann hinstellt und sich beschwert, frag ich ernsthaft wer hier trollt?!

Wie du schreibst das ist deine Sache und du hast dich dagegen entschieden. Stellst dich also hin und sagt ich mach was ich will So viel zu sozialer Kompetenz. Aber zumindest bin ich ein ehrliches Arschloch. Nichts desto trotz kann sich jeder melden der den Raid laufen will. Wir benutzen Discord und spielen auf PC. Hab grad noch deinen anderen Beitrag gelesen. Glaubst du in unserem Clan hat jeder immer Zeit? Entweder du bist on oder nicht. Ich glaub hier haben viel Leute eine falsche Vorstellung von einem Clan. Abgesehen davon machen andere MMOs, wie z. Das hat auch nichts mit sozialer Kompetenz zu tun.

Lach der beste von allen. Und wenn dann nur im Story Mod. Jammern is halt immer viel leichter. Und keiner redet davon das er Hardcore Spieler ist. Da sind wir wieder bei ich will aber. Bin hier raus regt euch halt noch ein wenig auf. Ich muss sagen du sprichst mir aus der Seele. Genauso sehe ich das auch.. Ja und das zeichnet the division eigentlich aus.. Wiegesagt eigentlich vertragsbruch. Richtig geil! Kein MM und jetzt? Added mich und wir rocken den Raid! Bis bald in TD2. Vorweg ich jammere nicht sondern es ist eine Feststellung. Meine Motivation war bis jetzt der Raid und so geht es mir und meinen drei Kumpels.

Vier sind eben vier zu wenig, auch wenn man vielleicht im Raid mit random agent scheitern soll sollte man wenigstens die Chance bekommen. Kleine Clans, Solospieler etc sind damit aussen vor und mir hats die Motivation total gekillt! Jepp mir auch. Wiegesagt schon lange geiles built zusammen war auf Einzige motivation war noch nemesis das habe ich nun auch schon lange.. Nein das nicht. Das gleiche haben wir bei Einzelschuss Waffen wie Gewehre und Pistolen. Vor dem Update war das alles nicht und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das dies beabsichtigt war. Die ganzen alten raids von WoW kann man solo laufen.

Selbst alter Worldbosse werden solo gelegt. Also ich habe mit TD2 u. Soviel zu dem vorher gemachten Versprechen von TD2. Wenn das nicht mal tolle Aussichten sind. Lasst doch die Leute entscheiden ob sie mit ihrer Gruppe oder mir randoms den raid spielen. Bin auch einer der sehr viele spielstunden in the Division 2 nachweisen kann, aber diese Entscheidung kann ich nicht verstehen.

Bei uns im Clan sind wir zur Zeit 2 mich eingeschlossen die anscheinend Interesse am Raid zeigen. Oder ich hab ihn noch nicht aktiviert, find aber auch nix bei den Einstellungen. Alles eine Frage der Organisation. Danke Amok. Allen Anderen sei hier gesagt: Unser Clan 8 nette u. Das kriegen wir einfach nicht hin.. Aber deswegen nach MM im Riad schreien. Wo gibt es denn so was? Selbst wenn man in Gruppen spielt… Ich habe eine Community, aber das 8 Leute gleichzeitig ein Spiel wie Division spielen wollen passiert praktisch nie. Mein Build ist optimiert etc.

Dann mit dem Argument es sei zu schwer… Ich wage das stark zu bezweifeln. Wenn die einen auf WOW machen, dann sollten sie es auch richtig machen. Seh ich auch so! Bei uns sind auch nicht immer alle gleichzeitig Online. Das wird halt vom Chef organisiert und fertig. Aber Nein! Sry aber da in dem Spiel nichts wirklich anstrengend ist werden wohl wirklich viele Spieler die Lust verlieren wenn ihnen der Zugang zum RAID verweigert oder sehr stark erschwert wird. Das hier ist aber halt kein anderes Spiel. Mein Gott das ist ein Online Multiplayer Spiel. Und danach jammern wenn man mit Randoms den Raid nicht schafft.

Spielt den einer von den Solisten hier Heldenhaft solo? Entweder ihr entwickelt eine soziale Kompetenz oder lasst es bleiben. Aber sich hinstellen und sagen ich will trotzdem, aber sich auf nichts einlassen wie einen Clan oder Mitspieler. So funktionierts halt nicht. Und komm mir jetzt nicht mit deinem soziale Kompentenz blabla , den gerade diese besitzt du nicht. Es ist deine Entscheidung was du mit deiner Zeit machst und meine was ich mit meiner mache. Freunde suchen, Clan erstellen, den sozialen Aspekt des Spiels nutzen.

So muss ich mich aber vorab zu etwas verpflichten. Es gibt absolut keine Abwechslung. Dann kommt ein neuer Inhalt und was ist, ich werde mehr oder weniger Ausgeschlossen bzw dazu aufgefordert alles anderem dem Thema unterzuordnen. Von daher geh ich davon aus das durch diese Entscheidung von Massive die Spielerzahlen einbrechen werden.

Alle wollt Ihr Krieg spielen und habt keine Ahnung davon. Wisst ihr wie schnell in einem realen Gefecht eine Truppe von 8 Mann auf Null reduziert ist, wenn auch nur ein einziges Truppmitglied aus der Reihe tanzt und Egoshooter spielt? Also ich zock auch sehr viel und intensiv.