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There are no fewer than 4, coins in the collection: gold, 2, silver, and 1, bronzes. Several studies have been made of the contents of the coin cabinet, not the least of which resulted in the catalogue produced in the s by the French numismatist M.

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This work is remarkable in many ways, but some attributions have changed in the meantime. It is poorly known to the general public, which is more easily attracted by unique works of art than by reproducible objects created through the use of technology. It is also poorly known to researchers, who do not realize that it is one of the most important numismatic collections in France.

Unfortunately, we have very few contemporary documents that mention the coins. The history of the collection is very enigmatic, and the determination of its origins can only be made through conjecture. Some specimens appear to be connected to known finds. The coins of Tiberius are worn, whereas those of Vespasian and Titus are in better condition, although they too appear to have seen some circulation. Perhaps some ancient coins found in excavations were given to him in order to obtain his support.

The foreign coins principally of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as some earlier issues of Germany, Saxony, the Palatinate, the German ecclesiastical and lay princes [Fig. However, while this explanation is reasonable for a large number of the coins, it cannot explain them all. Forty-five out of foreign coins have origins outside of Europe. Some specimens do not belong to this group and appear to have been acquired through other means.

Other evidence seems to corroborate the hypothesis of separate acquisitions.

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There is a receipt for payment to Rollin and Feuardent, dated May 30, The architect Daumet, who was inter alia an agent of the duc, bought for the collection three Greek vases in bronze. The evidence for this sale permits us to suspect that there may have been other purchases Cazelles , The absence of a paper trail for any coins purchased from Rollin and Feuaredent may be explained by their lesser value. The Greek vases, for which we have the receipt, sold for 20, francs in the period, a little less than 4, U. The origins of the coin cabinet of Chantilly are very complex.

Monseigneur le comte de Paris, de jure Jean IV de France

As for the coins, there are many reasons why they should be considered a treasure worthy to be known. First of all, there are a number of exceptional specimens present. The left facing imperial bust is nude, wears a helmet, and carries a spear in the right hand and a shield with the left. Probus has been cast as a hero and made into a ruler with superhuman qualities.

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This type of representation, designed to express the power of the emperor, was particularly suited to the period of troubles in which it was produced, as it gave the impression of security. A sestertius of Titus struck to commemorate the apotheosis of his father Vespasian Babelon, ; RIC also stands out among the Roman coins. This piece is remarkable for its excellent preservation, rarity, and the typology of the divinized emperor or a statue representing him holding Victory and riding in a quadriga of elephants.

Les collections – Château de Versailles

This image was only used for this series and for a coinage struck by Tiberius to commemorate the consecration of Augustus see RIC 56, 62, However, the Roman imperial period is not the only one illustrated by remarkable specimens. It bears a facing bust of the emperor wearing consular robes, holding in his left hand a cross and in his right a mappa a piece of cloth used to signal the beginning of chariot races in the circus.

The representation of the emperor as consul can be traced directly to ancient Rome, which Constantinople superseded. Warning : our books are listed on other sites, the book can be sold before confirmation of your reservation, and we can not guarantee its availability.

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The duke challenged Prince Napoleon, whose refusal to meet him excited great indignation in France. The same year the Literary Fund of London invited the duke to preside at their annual dinner, on which occasion his speech also excited attention. Shortly before the elections for the National Assembly on Feb. His candidature was successful, but he did not return to France until after the law banishing the members of the Orleans family was repealed on June 8.

His election was confirmed the same day, but in consequence of an understanding between him and M. Thiers, he did not take his seat in the Assembly until Dec. Previously to this, in Oct.