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Having them. Keeping them. I meandered through my school years from groups to groups, never really having one group, or even one person that was considered THE one. But if someone approaches me, I jump all over it.

But it never happened. I was always there for them, their shoulder, their pillar. I brought them up from the pit of despair. But when I needed them, they were never around, or told me to suck it up. It felt like they wanted to keep me down, which made them feel better about themselves, so I gladly welcomed it. Even the strongest support beam can hold only so much weight before it buckles. Over time, the steel cracks and buckles.

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Eventually the whole thing fails. And your life tumbles out of control. This has been me over the last month. I can only support the weight of two people for a few years before I crumble. I am recovering, rebuilding those steel support beams. Getting myself back up to keep strong for myself and my husband. I asked for help from my friends. Even though the only friends I have are online friends, I cherish that friendship. Their positive attitude, their prayers, the way they listened.

What is a table with only one leg?

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The more support pillars you have, the sturdier you become, right? I want to thank them for allowing me to lean on them when I need it. Because I tend to fall into my old way of thinking if I am not constantly re-enforced. Does that make me needy? Yesterday, I spent a good majority of the day watching the live stream of the Red Bull Stratos project. I was so excited about this. I mean, come on, my dad is retired US Air Force. I grew up with tactical fighter jets all the time! The SR Blackbird! I sure do miss it.

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September Goals:. Due to some life issues, the beginning of the week had been very un-creative. Started reading, does that count? So, for October, I pledge to keep up with the cheering and the writing. No need to take a month off, right? Top Log in 59 mySQL queries in 1. Archive for October, War is coming, and Ava must make a choice: die or become Death I was privileged to read and review her first book, Nether Bound. So, without further ado, I give you Bonnie Rae.

I would be honored if you shared it forward! Like this: Like Loading Join the Conversation. Leigh Anne posted on November 5, Sounds like an awesome read. The cover artwork is fantastic and if you were interviewed by Jamie, that's awesome…. Cheyenne Campbell posted on November 5, I agree, that cover is just gorgeous. So excited for Bonnie! I really enjoyed reading this as an earlier draft…. Andrew Patterson DyadicEchoes posted on October 30, I love the cover of Nether Soul so much!

Am I A Victim? About a year or two ago, someone used my Gmail address to sign up for Facebook. Or so I thought. That T-shirt is so appropriate now. Faced again with challenges that seem insurmountable, Gameknight will sift through the chaos to find a solution to the mystery that faces them; the disappearance of all the crafters. But now, because of his experiences on the last server, Gameknight is faced with an overwhelming sense of fear that will ravage his soul and make him doubt his courage and self-worth. Facing Malacoda will be the greatest challenge of his life, but it will be nothing compared to the challenge of facing his fears.

This will cause uncertainty and doubt will gnaw away at the very fabric of his being as Gameknight has to stand up against the greatest terror imaginable, his worst nightmare. The lesson of this book is to face your fears and focus on the now instead of the what if.

I don't know why I can't accept him as a love interest I mean, I do.. Netherworld is still about Kara and UGH! They are just getting used to everything being mundane for them especially Kara when they sucked back into the supernatural world. The one thing I liked about this book, again, was that Kara didn't have complete control of her magic.

She had to learn how to recontrol it or whatever.

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The one thing I didn't like.. It was annoying how she used to struggle with it but then picked it up like a natural. This book also just really annoyed me. Not with the whole David love interest thing.. I'm glad that she could finally defeat things and stand on her on I'm still praying that David is a fluke and she will wake up and realize that he isn't the one..


I don't know if I will continue to the next book. Mostly because this book annoyed me endlessly. It's like everything went downhill in this book. I'm just disappointed in myself for continuing and in this book for continuing. Feb 25, Jessica The Psychotic Nerd rated it liked it Shelves: bought-this-ebook , read-in , released-in , indie , series-books , paranormal , pov-girl , angels-demons-and-more , have-ebook-and-read , not-quitestars.

I didn't think it was that long since I read the last book, but I guess it's been five years! I remember the concept of the angels and the afterlife being really interesting and I remember how after reading the last book I really wanted to read the next book! I guess that took a while. This book did not really impress me all that much and maybe that is because I'm a bit tired of paranormal books.

I kept losing interest in the story and the plot felt like it dragged. There's an interesting plot to this book, with the characters venturing into the Netherworld, and there were plenty of new plots introduced, but I just couldn't bring myself to care. I didn't feel attached to the characters and the main villain in this book acted like such a stereotype that I did not feel the threat. I liked this series, but I feel like I've outgrown it.

I don't really feel the need to continue the series.

Jan 18, TaQuanda Taylor rated it really liked it. I liked this book but there was one thing that bothered me towards the end. From the beginning Kara struggled to control her power but suddenly she can use it at will? I'm glad that she was able to defeat the demons and escape but with the way her power had been acting it was a little unrealistic.

Sep 12, Valery rated it really liked it. Definite progress! There were still a few blunders here and there, but nothing that affected the storyline. Grammar was a bit better, though there were still some errors, like whole for hole, etc. And the tenses didn't switch back and forth. Plus, I enjoyed the storyline. Though I was a little worried at first, because it was supremely slow, but it turned out well and made me want more.

I just wish the cliffhanger endings were crafted a bit better. For my clean readers: Includes language, viole Definite progress! For my clean readers: Includes language, violence, and descriptions of gore. Dec 10, Heather Hunter rated it liked it. Not my favorite book in the series.

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It took me some time to get through Still enjoyed the characters and I'm looking forward to reading the next book. Sep 10, Barb VanderWel rated it it was amazing. I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads Amazon. And letting everyone know about it. So i gave it a 5 Stars. Kara is back in the 4th book in the Soul Guardians Series.

In this book, she travels to the Netherworld, home to the Demons. Though she is an Angel, Kara is able to travel to the Netherworld, when one of her friends is kidnapped. While she is there, Kara discovers something that makes her question herself, and puts her determination to the test. This book was more disappointing to me than the last. I felt as though Kara was stumbling her way through the story rather than actually doing Surprise! I felt as though Kara was stumbling her way through the story rather than actually doing anything about her circumstances.

She did have a few moments, but her lack of confidence and ditsy way of going through the motions lost my interest before I was half way through the book. This was once again over pages which was way to long to enjoy.

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I give this book 1 star. If I hadn't been so close to finishing the series, I would have never finished reading it. I would not recommend this book. The plot would have been great, but once again the story was poorly written and too drawn out to enjoy.