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In fact, we have an unprecedented opportunity to do so. Shining a light to spur action on nutrition. Malnutrition is a universal issue holding back development with unacceptable human consequences. Yet the opportunity to end malnutrition has never been greater.

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Malnutrition is a universal problem that has many forms. No country is untouched. It affects all geographies, all age groups, rich people and poor people, and all sexes. It is a truly universal problem. Progress to tackle all forms of malnutrition remains unacceptably slow. There has been some progress in reducing childhood stunting — which is gradually declining — but still In this chapter, we highlight three areas that have emerged in recent years as critical for the burden of malnutrition: the need to improve the prevalence data on micronutrient deficiencies, to take a new approach to addressing malnutrition in all its forms during crises, and to build on the emerging focus on malnutrition among adolescents.

The chapter provides insights into the state of play and identifies some elements of progress that could be built on into the future. An exclusive crowdfunding site, sig-impact. San Diego USA. CCAs offer an alternative to the incumbent utility company. Construction is planned to start in late In Lagos, Nigeria, solar is becoming a popular investment. The grid-connected system will provide more reliable energy for the hospital and help reduce cuts in power during blackouts. Any surplus energy will be feed back into the grid.

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To reach this commitment, they are constructing four biomass fired combined heat and power plants with a total capacity of MW and have developed an incentive programme to help community members purchase and install residential solar PV systems. Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin Email.

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Aberdeen, Scotland. As the stratosphere cools down, and the atmosphere heats up, there is a warming-cooling dynamic effect that causes ozone loss. Due to this ozone loss, the ozone layer depletes and leaves the ground wide open for ultraviolet radiation to reach our atmosphere.

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This can easily be seen in the ozone hole in the South Pole. The Ozone Hole. Heat waves are also a direct consequence of climate change. They mean more frequent wildfires, longer droughts, and deaths. Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Stronger hurricanes, storms, snowfalls, hailstorms, and sandstorms can also be attributed to consequences of climate change that will intensify due to radical temperature changes.

These consequences and others may not last centuries to become real, but some may only take a few years. Here you can take a look at the contributions from these sources over time. Energy supply sector GHG emissions by subsectors.

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Source: IPCC. To reduce the effect of this sector on carbon emissions, it is necessary to lower the energy intensity by enhancing vehicle and engine performance and substituting oil-based products by natural gas, bio-methane, biofuels or hydrogen. S Global Change Research Program, released in November , has announced an alarming top date to make a significant impact on carbon dioxide reductions.


A range between 1. The report addresses remarkable impacts that have already been seen in American ground related to wildfires Northwest , droughts North and Southwest , hurricanes South , floods South East , water and transportation failures due to heavy snow, heat waves, and soil erosion Midwest. Based on these results, the US report focuses on the imminent need to reduce the amount and speed of future climate changes by reducing GHG, replacing CO 2, and emitting fossil fuel energy sources with zero-emission technologies such as geothermal, wind, biofuels, hydro and solar.

As one of the most commonly available, accessible, and feasible renewable energy options, solar panels are one of the main drivers in the reduction of carbon emissions across the globe. We can estimate the reductions in carbon emissions by using solar panels thanks to the IRENA calculator. The latest data available on the tool is from and still we have an idea of the great contributions of solar energy into the market.

Experiences in the US have shown that around Germany was the greatest contributor in that year with 29 MT avoided and over 35, GWh produced.

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This can be translated into 18 million tonnes from coal sources, 3. As solar energy keeps growing every year, these numbers have already surpassed the estimated values.

As a reference, nearly GW of installed capacity were available in , but in around GW of installed capacity are available worldwide. One of the best ways that most of us can contribute to the fight against climate change is for more people to hire solar companies to install solar panels on their homes.

Solar energy presents a set of advantages that can be used to offset carbon emissions and investing in solar for your house will also help your wallet.

Part 2: Restoring Forests and Other Ecosystems

Using solar lights and other solar powered home products all help towards reducing our carbon emissions. The main drawback from using fossil fuels as a source of energy is that to generate electricity, we need to burn them, which leads to high carbon dioxide emissions that contaminate our planet and accelerate climate change. You can see below, the amount of CO 2 produced when a fuel is burned as a function of the carbon content.

Pounds of CO 2 emitted per million British thermal units of energy. Source: Energy Information Administration. On the contrary, one of the intrinsic advantages of solar panels is that they are a sustainable and clean source of electricity production, therefore they emit zero CO 2 because the process to generate electricity is done at the molecular level without the need to burn any component with carbon. Fossil fuels are sources of energy that exist because of decomposed plant or animal matter at high-pressure levels that accumulate underground over thousands of years.

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Since planet Earth has millions of years of existence, you can imagine the amounts of accumulated matter. However, despite their abundance, they are still exhaustible sources of energy. In other words, once we extract them all, there will be no more electricity. And it takes millions of years to accumulate the amount of fossil fuels that we will consume in years.