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It was very helpful to prepare subject from basics.

Had a great experience in learning subjects like Control System, Network Theory, Analog Electronics by Dhande sir as he provides deep knowledge of the subjects. It was helpful to do overall analysis of my performance regarding preparation.

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EC-AIR- 42 Arjun Kulshrestha. IN-AIR- 44 Umesh sir and Sakshi mam encouraged me a lot as well as the content provided by them is the best. Vishal sir also guided me during my preparation. Gaurang Mishra.

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EE-AIR- 60 I thank Dhande sir for giving my preparation for Gate a kickstart. I am primarily focused on my research work and was not interested in the exam. Also, a lot of tricky questions were asked in the test series offered by Gate Academy and it gave me the necessary confidence for the exam. EC-AIR- 1 I thank everyone who supported me during my preparation especially my family, friends and offcourse Dhande Sir without his motivation I am not able to secure such a decent rank in Gate Civil CE-AIR- 32 I myself have given test series from other institutes but the questions are either a notch above the required level or completely out of the box.

When things started to go awry in the end, yet again the panel discussion and Dhande Sir's speeches guided me to the shore. If you can hold your ground during tough times and find a mentor like Dhande Sir any situation will be a cake walk. EC-AIR- 64 I always wanted to be in that top list of Gate toppers. In order to achieve this I have really taken lot of efforts. I use to watch videos of Umesh Sir on Youtube these videos really helped me to clear most of my concepts. I always wanted to join Gate Academy but couldn't since I was working in a private company but these videos on Youtube really helped me.

EC-AIR- 97 Which saves my valuable time. Youtube videos are really helpful for me, it develops some new tricks to solve the questions. EE-AIR- 99 Their test series really facilitate my hard work to come out as flying colours through this tough exam. EE-AIR- 88 Ruschenbergers Voyage round the World Sadi Selections from by Falconer Dunlops Latin Anthology. Bonapartes List of Birds of Europe and America Victim the Caucasus Western Spencers Travels in Dupotet on Animal Magnetism.


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