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In , stress accounted for three times as many absences as back pain International Stress Management Association. There is a raft of self-help books out there that can give you guidance on how to overcome stress and perform at your peak. So why should you read this one as opposed to all the others? This collection of workplace short stories is written from experience and inspired by our clients.

These stories are based on real life scenarios and interventions, in a way that protects and respects our client confidentiality. However, these stories will resonate with many of you and give you tips and techniques to help you overcome common, as well as complex, problems. It will also make for an interesting and exciting read. Real life situations and real life interventions, written with our first-hand knowledge. Hopefully you will be helped to see that the small investment in these interventions saves long term costs, helping to enhance the bottom line considerably.

I feel confident that you will find something in here that will have the power of unleashing positive changes in your work and home life. Din e-postadresse: Ikke deg? You attach two small electrodes to the palm of your hand. Sounds are relayed through earphones to gauge your relaxation level. Taking your own pulse is also a biofeedback method. Feel your pulse at your wrist or on the side of your neck.

Count how many times you feel your pulse beat in 10 seconds. Multiply that number by 6. This is your 1-minute pulse rate. Take your pulse before and after doing a relaxation technique. Your pulse rate should be lower after you do relaxation exercises. Use this when you are obsessed with negative thoughts.

Stage actors rehearse their lines before a play. You can rehearse how you want to feel during events, etc. Doing this can help you relax when the stressful event really takes place.

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Follow these steps:. For the next minute or so, think that you are really taking part in the event that causes stress for you. Picture the event once again. Picture as many details as you can. What is the setting?

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What are you wearing? Who else is there? This helps to calm you down. Studies show that having a pet, such as a dog or cat, appears to cut down the effects of stress on health. Rank order daily tasks. When this happens, accept it until changes can be made. Talk with a friend, relative, or member of the clergy. Someone else can help you see a problem from another point of view.

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Take a walk, read a book, visit a museum, or take a drive. Leaving a situation for a short time helps you develop new attitudes. Laughter releases tension. This will soothe and calm your nerves and muscles. Focus on the calmness of the music. When the music ends, you should feel more relaxed.

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Add to your stamp collection. Buy flowers. Picnic in the park.

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Tears can help cleanse the body of substances that form under stress. Tears also release a natural pain-relieving substance from the brain. For any of the problems listed below, call your doctor or health care provider. You will get advice on what to do. Spirituality Can Help You Cope. Think Positive! Home Living Healthy. Success Over Stress Basics. Stress is the way you react to any change good, bad, real, or even imagined. What is Stress? Prevent Burnout.

Relaxation Exercises. Thought Control. Tips to Manage Stress. Reasons to Contact Doctor. These are ways the body responds to stress:. Tips to Help Prevent Burnout. Do these daily or at least every week. Breathing Exercises. Breathing exercises promote relaxation in 4 ways. Deep Natural Breathing Steps. Sit in a chair, arms at your sides, legs uncrossed. Note any tension in your muscles. Hold the air in for 3 seconds.

Purse your lips and exhale through your mouth. Make a relaxing, whooshing sound. Focus on the sound and feeling of deep breathing. Continue for 3 to 5 minutes.

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Purifying Sighing Steps. Keep your shoulders erect. Let out a big sigh, making a sound of relief as the air leaves your mouth. Continue to sigh 10 to 15 times, one after the other. Note: If you are prone to hyperventilating, do not do this breathing exercise. Close your eyes gently. Expect to feel very relaxed. Progressive Relaxation Steps. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Focus on any muscle tension you feel, but do nothing about it.

Make a fist with each hand. Keep breathing slowly and deeply. Imagine that you feel an energizing warmth flowing through your body. Slowly open your eyes. Thought Stopping. Isolate the stressful thought. Close your eyes. Briefly focus on the stressful thought. Count to three. If the thought returns, repeat steps 2 to 4. Go back to your normal activity. You should feel better.

Close your eyes and unwind.

Release all the tension in your muscles. For a minute or two, focus on feeling relaxed. Focus again on feeling relaxed. Imagine feeling calm as you handle the stress-causing event with success. Imagine a positive outcome. See your boss tell you that you did a good job, etc. Sip it slowly and savor its soothing warmth and aroma.

This takes the focus off of you and puts it on the needs of others. Reasons to Call Your Doctor or Provider. Stress and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Slow Down! Budget Your Time.

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