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They can come in many shapes and sizes such as generator points, geodes, clusters, tumbled, and many more! For thousands of years, crystals have been the center and supporting pieces to many witches altars. For instance, pyrite may be combined with citrine in a special manner to promote prosperity.

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This listing is for 1 Aventurine Sphere! Green Aventurine is a great crystal for comforting and healing. It works by activating the Heart Chakra in This listing is for 1 Raw Amethyst Geode! Amethyst is a very popular crystal due to its diversity, and high vibrational energy. Often referred to as Clear quartz is the most versatile healing crystal there is, possessing the ability to heal any co This listing is for 2 Double Terminated Obsidian Points! This listing is for 1 Black Kyanite Fan!

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What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I love musicals. The Montgomery brothers have big mouths. Deeply affected by the suicide of a girl she once bullied, Kat turns her life around and vows to become a better person. She takes a stand against bullying and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. They divorced when I was younger. A lot of my old friends in Cali have divorced parents that hate each other. My mom is wise, warm, funny, and a terrible cook. After she and Dad divorced, she moved to Massachusetts and pursued her dream of becoming an artist.

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    Mercy House is a home for runaways, mostly abused teenage girls who got mixed up in drugs and prostitution. My friend Bronwyn and Q [a member of the Brotherhood] tutors there too, as well as some other kids from Milton Academy.

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      BLOG TOUR EXCERPT: The Coven – Fire and Ice (The Coven #1) by Verdell Walker (@verdellwalker)

      What do you find really grates on your nerves? Stuck up, pretentious people who think that they are better than everyone else. The first is Blaze getting hurt — or worse — fighting in the Brotherhood. My second greatest fear is not living a meaningful life. When the woman wears the talisman, the warlock can sense her emotions, be alerted if she is in danger, communicate with her telepathically, and envelop her in a magical defensive shield even when he is not physically present.

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      Born and raised in the South, writing has been her escape from reality for many years.